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TWQQF ch 61.2 - Battle of Anger (2)

“Your people robbed almost all of the mythical animals in my farm. I am giving you one incense time, if I am missing even one of them, nobody is leaving Willow Village. Try if you dare!” She turned away from the darkened faces and told her brother, “Zheng Yuan, stay here and guard. Anyone try to make a move, feel free to take care of them!”

“Yes, big sister!” replied Zheng Yuan loudly.

Cheng Xiao Xiao turned around and walked away!

By now, everybody had been noticed of the events at the range. Looking very concerned, they all rushed toward the back of the house.

“Bastards! You are asking for it—”
An angry roar startled everyone who were playing with the mythical animals next to the range. A shadow came from far to near, it was Cheng Biyuan rushing back from Willow Village.

He had been staying on guard at Willow Village and had found out that all the visitors had came to his house instead. He worried that his daughter wouldn’t be able to handle them all so he returned to check on the situation.

He didn’t expect that before he even arrived at his house, he could hear distress calls from all sorts of mythical animals. And that’s when he realized that everybody had already divided up all their mythical animals. How could he not be angered?

Livid, he unsheathed his sword directly as he charged toward the crowd!

Everybody turned toward the sound and as they realized that that Cheng Biyuan didn’t even announce before he attached, they were angered too. One shouted brazenly, “You are asking for it—”

Before he could finish his words, a dim, black silhouette approached, a silver flash from the sword in board daylight turned into lightning. It appeared only after the light from the sword!

“You bastard—”

An angry roar from Cheng Biyuan, he twisted his sword and, all of a sudden, all the air in the immediate area was suctioned out, leaving a vacuum section!

The sword danced around like cherry blossom, surrounded his opponent!

The flowers from the swords were pretty, but it’s attack forceful. It made one felt that while it was pretty, it was also very horrific and dangerous! Not to mention that Cheng Biyuan didn’t hold back at all, everybody there was shocked.


Everybody thought that at the same time, but nobody warned anyone else verbally!

A strong pressure came down at him, the smile on Huang Zijian’s face froze. He finally realized that he was no match to his opponent and started to regret!

Unfortunately he had no time to regret, the sword flowers continued to fly around him, cold and ominous lights surrounded him.


“I said STOP—”

The few rushing back from the back of the house just arrived in time to witness this and shouted.

Cheng Biyuan let out a humph. Of course he wasn’t going to listen to them. His sword danced and weaved into a sword net, completely covered his opponent and he was about to dealt out the last fatal strike!

The black-faced Mu Qingtong realized it was one of his students that was about to be slaughtered. Immediately, he leapt and summersaulted into the air. Unsheathed his sword, he was taking on Cheng Biyuan.

“Oh? Two on one? Think I will be scared?” Cheng Biyuan detected his move and ordered, “Come out, Xiao Mang1—”



1.     His nickname for his pet, means “little python”.


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