Monday, May 13, 2019

TWQQF ch 65.2 - The Fight of Face

Everbody was stunned!

When Cheng Zheng Yuan appeared, he didn’t exude a strong presence. Everybody only noticed the azure wolf king. But everybody realized their mistake when they saw the slap.

Perhaps he was not yet well versed as a beginning martial scholar, but the skill was certainly there! His play made other re-evaluate the skills of Cheng Biyuan.

Cheng Zheng Yuan was not intimidated by the looks. With a bit ferocity, he looked at the crowd, “Anyone else not convinced, do stand out. I will gladly have a match with you!”


The crowd was silent. Even though they know that he was but a beginner martial scholar, but nobody was able to met his vicious gaze and they all turned away when he looked at them.

“Hrm…” said Cheng Zheng Yuan. He didn’t shout out anymore, but if someone were to come up front, he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the person on either.

Cheng Biyuan casted him an approval look. But he knew full well that nobody stood up not because they were necessarily afraid of his son, but that other than those injured, the rest of the students of School of Divine Condor were intimidated by their mythical beast. And as for Xue Xingchen and Xu Yiyang, they were martial spiritualists after all. They would never stand up and fight his beginner martial scholar son.

Cheng Xiao Xiao, standing to one side, had also figured this out. She cared even less about these people.

Long Yuze didn’t look too happy. His casted a sharp look at all the students of School of Divine Condor, warning them to stop being so arrogant.

Then, turning back to Cheng Biyuan with a serious look, said, “Mr. Cheng, please!”

“Okay!” replied Cheng Biyuan, exuding a powerful presence.

The three Cheng’s sibling who were standing nearby back away to over three feet away and everybody looked intently at them.

Cheng Biyuan and Long Yuze’s gaze met in midair and immediate ignited a spark. Long Yuze, surround by chi, shouted, “Pride dragon descending from the sky!”


Under everybody’s watch, Long Yuze leaped out like a thunder, his chi palpable. The sword in his hand drew a blinding, shivering cold light and, like a giant dragon, aimed straight at Cheng Biyuan.

“Good one!”

Cheng Biyuan was not surprised by that. A loud cry from him and the earth shook. The scary ambiance returned. When Cheng Biyuan leaped into the air, the entire atmosphere was twisted.


Without any frilliness, Cheng Biyuan swung his sword straight at his opponent. The two swords met in midair.


When the two swords collided, their glaring lights from them looked as though it was going to tear the sky and earth in halves. A horrific chi exploded outward with the two of them as the center.

“Oh no!”

Loud cries could be heard from the crowd and everybody backed away quickly. This was Cheng Xiao Xiao’s first time watching such an exciting fight in person. This was much better than any movies she had watched before.

Silence. Immense silence!

Everybody stared intently at the two in the air. The incredible fight made everyone forgot everything else except the fight.

Everybody was rooting for someone and hoping for the desirable outcome.


All everyone could hear was the metallic clanging noises made by the two swords. Suddently a voice rang next to Cheng Xiao Xiao’s ear, “Young mistress, master Cheng was a pretty skillful swordsman!”

“Yuteng, do you think dad will win?”


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