Monday, May 27, 2019

TWQQF ch 77 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (10)

Second elder faked a few coughs. Once he got everyone’s attention, he said, “If the mystical well is real, then, Biyuan and is two sons are all beast tamers? If they are real beast tamers, how come they never let that showed before?”

His words were superfluous, that was the same question that everybody had in mind. Of course, that was precise reason why they were sitting there. They all wanted to know whether Cheng Biyuan and his two sons were really beast tamers.

Everybody there were very familiar with Cheng Biyuan’s life story. They knew full well how he had been wronged and the kind of humiliation that he had gone through. So, if he truly was a beast tamer, why did he have to endure all those?

On top of that, his two sons were born under everybody’s watch, and they have known them their entire lives. So how did they suddenly become beast tamers?

Of course, they wouldn’t think that those from School of Divine Condor, or the Long’s, or the Xue’s, or the Xu’s were lying. Given their status, there were no reason for them to. Not to mention that all the news negatively impact their reputations. For those who enjoys elite status, their reputations are the number one thing, so all the more they wouldn’t not be leaking rumors of this sort. Which left them with only one possibility….

That Cheng Biyuan was, indeed, a beast tamer!

The thought of the term “beast tamer” made all of their blood boiled. They have experienced all the benefits when their family rose from the lowest tier to the top. However, ever since Cheng Biyuan was ruined, the Cheng’s reputation had suffered greatly and things were never the same again. In addition, the Cheng’s had paid almost one-third of their net worth to the Luo’s over the Cheng Biyuan and Luo Yuqin incident. No matter how you look at it, the Cheng’s status had fallen to the very bottom in Emperor City.

If Cheng Biyuan and his sons were truly beast tamers, even if his cultivation level was low, this was still no small feat. After all, nobody said a beast tamer must be a martial art master. Even if one was just mediocre, nobody would dare cross a beast tamer.

Everybody understood this clearly. But knowing how they had treated Cheng Biyuan and his family, everybody was upset and regretful. But no amount of distress or regretfulness would do them any good. What they need to do was to figure out how to have Cheng Biyuan rejoin the family!

That was the main purpose of today’s meeting.

Everybody looked occupied with their own thoughts, but they glanced repeatedly at the senior elder and master of the household. They were the ones who insisted on banishing Cheng Biyuan and his family way back when. Now they wanted him back, was that possible?

Yes, everybody had the same question on their minds. Was that possible?

Cheng Biyuan was no longer the pushover that he once was. After being abandoned time and again, would he still be grateful toward the Cheng’s?


Secretly they’ve all asked themselves, if it were them, to be perfectly honest, there were no way they would be willing to rejoin the family!

“Never mind if Cheng Biyuan and his sons are beast tamers. The first and foremost item right now, is to figure out what is going on with Cheng Biyuan and Willow Village. We’d need to first figure that out before we figure out our next move!” said number fifth elder, breaking the silence.

Third elder nodded, “Right, there’s no use sitting around speculating about what is going on. No matter what, let’s first find out what is going on. If it’s just a beast tamer helping out Cheng Biyuan, that’s a whole different story!”


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