Sunday, May 12, 2019

TWQQF ch 65.1 - The Fight of Face

“What? Three beast tamers…?”

The girl’s trembling voice reminded everyone of this fact once again. Mixed emotions flashed passed their faces. The statuses that they were so proud of were worthless in front of the Cheng’s father and son.

This moment, Cheng Biyuan felt that he had finally redeemed himself.

The Cheng’s has three beast tamers, they were destined to rise within Dafeng.

Once they have thought of this, the four there gasped. They looked not only alarmingly at the Cheng’s, but deep respect and fear. They knew full well that nobody could stop them from rising. Not even the top most sect, temple, palace, and valley wouldn’t dare to lift their fingers against three beast tamers.

“Well, is it you three’s turn now?” Cheng Xiao Xiao looked directly at the deacons of the Long’s, the Xue’s, and the Xu’s. Her tone was not stern, but still made the three felt disturbed.

How were they so looked down on by others? They have always enjoyed special status everywhere they go, now being treated like this made them angry, but they dare not show it.

But, being from powerful families from Dafeng, they still have their pride and self-esteem. More importantly, the pride of their clans. If they retreat without fighting, it would reflect poorly on their families, and they couldn’t let that happen.

Xue Xingchen and Xu Yiyang subconsciously looked toward Long Yuze. Afterall, the Long’s were the head of all the families, so they were looking to him to take the lead on the situation.

Naturally Long Yuze understood what they were thinking, but he also wouldn’t be able to take down mythical beasts. Afterall, he was only a martial spiritualist. He had seen what happened to Mu Qingtong, who was also a martial spiritualist. It was obvious that he wouldn’t flare any better.

But a fight was inevitable. Long Yuze took a step and cupped his hands at Cheng Biyuan. Respectfully he said, “Master Cheng, I asked for a match with you. Regardless of outcome, we will still compensate any loss that the Cheng’s had suffered.”

Everybody understood what he meant. He only wish to fight Cheng Biyuan, not the mythical beast.

Cheng Biyuan glanced at him then looked over at this oldest daughter and asked for her opinion with his look.

Cheng Xiao Xiao lifted the corners of her mouth slightly. It’d work to their advantage to ask for compensation after he had defeated all of them. Smiling she said, “Dad, we wouldn’t want to disappoint Mr. Long.”

As though he’d understood what she meant, Cheng Biyuan nodded and accepted Long Yuze’s challenge, “I have long heard of the Long’s specialty ‘Eighteen Transformation of the Proud Dragon’. I do hope Mr. Long can give us a demonstration.”

“Please, Mr. Cheng!” Long Yuze turned a little pale, but maintained his politeness.

The clueless Ning Xunzong was ecstatic. Without thinking he shouted out, “Mr. Long, teach him a lesson for us!”


A huge slap to his face and the earth rocked. Ning Xunzong was sent flying like a piece of garbage and landed some ten feet out.

Quick and ruthless! Thought everyone.

And everybody’s gaze landed on the 14-year-old eldest boy of the Cheng’s.

The pupil of a martial master couldn’t even put up a fight at all and was smacked right into the air!


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  1. *uck that ning boy!

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