Wednesday, May 8, 2019

TWQQF ch 63.1 - The Cheng's of Emperor City?

There’s no such thing as the most idiot person, there’s only more idiotic person!

Cheng Xiao Xiao finally understood this saying. She briefly glanced at the self-righteous Ning Xunzong and ignored him. She looked directly at the coughing Mu Qingtong and said, “Say no more, bring your best. We accept the challenge!”

“Cheng Xiao Xiao, you think we are afraid?” said Xu Zhengyang angrily, he couldn’t stand being looked down by Miss Cheng.

“That’s ridiculous, all we wanted was one mythical animal to play with. And you want to kill us?”

“It was the Cheng’s who started first. This is ridiculous, show us what you got!”

“Bring it on. We are not pushovers. Instructor Mu, we are not afraid of her, or anyone else!”

“Instructor Mu, they are going too far. Let’s teach them a lesson!”

“The Cheng’s aren’t good fellas. They injured three of ours first, now they injured Instructor Mu and shidi Huang!”


The students of School of Divine Condor started shouting. Cheng Biyuan was looking more and more upset. Cheng Xiao Xiao showed no visible emotional change. She casted an amused look to Mu Qingtong, her meaning was obvious.

“Shut up—” Mu Qingtong shouted, an inhale and started coughing violently again until he spit out a mouthful of blood and the shouting students finally quiet down.

Long Yuze, Xue Xingcheng, and Su Yiyang watched the drama unfolded quietly. They had to sigh, these self-righteous students. They wouldn’t admit to their own ill behavior but to try and blame all faults onto others. Nothing good would come out of that. They couldn’t even gauge fairly the current situation that they were in. This was not going to end well.

An beast tamer. Could they afford to offend a beast tamer?

Forget about these people right here, even the nine top families wouldn’t causally offend a beast tamer. They would kiss up to them. And these kids were so clueless!

“I never said you wouldn’t dare. I am hoping you would!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao laughed coldly. She was not concerned about these people. She turned and looked at the three quiet individuals and said nonchalantly, “Mr. Long, Mr. Xue, and Mr. Su, what’s your take? Is it same as theirs?”

“Our people were at fault first, we will take the punishment Miss Cheng sees fit!” said Long Yuze with a bitter smile.

Xue Xingchen took a step forward and cupped his hands at Cheng Biyuan, “You must be master Cheng. I am Xue Xingchen from the Xue’s family in Emperor City. Our servants had acted out of bounds. I sincerely apologize for their behaviors and we will compensate for any damages that they have caused!”

“Master Cheng, I am Su Yiyang from City of Huang. I apologize and will pay for your damages!”

Cheng Biyuan responded to their gestures and his look lingered on them. He was surprised that four of the seven most powerful families from Dafeng made their appearances. This would get messy.

Suddenly, Xue Xingchen looked up and down Cheng Biyuan. He pondered for a bit and asked, “Master Cheng, this might sound a bit abrupt, but I have a question for you. Are you familiar with Cheng Biyuan from the Cheng’s in Emperor City?”

Cheng Biyuan!


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