Sunday, May 26, 2019

TWQQF ch 76 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (9)

“That’s right, have them go home at night. Less hassle for us!” Mrs. Cheng was about to raise both her hands and feet in agreement.

Cheng Biyuan’s mouth moved but he dared not rebut her. Cheng Xiao Xiao just found the whole thing funny, “Mom, that’s not possible. This is only temporary. We are going to need more and more help as time go on. We can’t do everything ourselves, nor will we be able to do it.”

“Hmm, I guess that is true!” Mrs. Cheng understood that a large family employs many servants and guards; every one of them help out with chores around the house. There no other way a large family can function.

“Dad, you can relate these requests back to Patriarch Liu. Let’s go check out the location, the draft up the blue print. Then we can have the villagers help us with the construction!”

“Okay! Whatever you say!” replied Patriarch Liu after hearing all of Cheng Biyuan’s requests.

In the days that followed, the Cheng’s and the Willow villagers slaved over the housing project. As for the youths from Willow, anyone who were interested in practicing martial art was accepted. After some testing, they were divided into two groups – a group of students by name, and another group of official disciples. Several dozens of young men became Cheng Biyuan’s first batch of disciples.

People from the outside were still recovering from the shock of what happened at the Cheng’s. When the leaders at School of Divine Condor found out that the ones that they sent out muddled up things worse than before, they wanted to have them all strangled.

Not only that the Cheng’s has a mystical spring in their possession, and they also have three beast tamers. All these were invaluable, even School of Divine Condor couldn’t afford to offend someone like that. Yet the people that they sent couldn’t possibly had offended the Cheng’s more.

The dean of the school pounded his chest and also spit out blood from regret.

Regardless, they couldn’t just pretend nothing had happened. After some discussions, the associate dean, along with four instructors, would be heading to Willow one more time along with some one hundred or so genius students.

The reactions of the Long’s, the Xue’s, and the Xu’s aside, Cheng Bihua, from the Cheng’s also situated in Emperor City, was lying immobile in bed, groaning and moaning, “Impossible! Utterly impossible! They can’t be beast tamers! No! No! No! I refused to believe. I refuse! Refuse!

“Something is wrong. I am sure of that. That garbage, how could he be a beast tamer? Ha ha ha ….” Despite being in excruciating pain, he let out a maniacal laugh, “The useless garbage whom I have broken all of his bones turned out to be a beast tamer? Ha ha ha ha ha…”

“Ridiculous! Just ridiculous! Ha ha ha ha ha…”

The laugh got progressively more maniacal. All the servants and maids turned and ran away. They didn’t want to be caught having to serve the crazy young master!”

Inside the living room sat the Cheng elders. None of them were looking very happy. The entire living room exude a sense of gloom and doom.

After a while, a more senior elder began to talk slowly, “Master, what are your thoughts? Do you still think that the rumors about what has been going on in Willow are fake?”

“…..” Head of the Cheng household remained silent, with his eyes half closed.

The three elders exchanged looks, “We weren’t sure if they were true before now. But now that the instructor from School of Divine Condor, along with the Long’s,  the Xue’s, and the Xu’s all attest to the fact that they were true. If we still insist that these were just baseless rumors, then either they are idiots, or we are the idiots!”

“Cough, cough, cough…”


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