Saturday, May 4, 2019

TWQQF ch 61.1 - Battle of Anger (1)

Judging by the way the Cheng’s sibling look, they certainly were not kidding!

Xue Xingchen and the lot were speechless. They were using the precious spring water to irrigate the bamboos in order to transform the bamboo forest? This kind of boldness couldn’t even be afforded by the nine top families! Except maybe for the four most powerful – the famous sect, temple, palace, valley – who else could be able to accomplish something like this?

Momentarily, nobody knew what to say. Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t care less what they were thinking, “You have any other questions?”

“Ugh, Miss Cheng, the spiritual water is very precious for those of us who cultivate, do you think we can come to some sort of arrangement…”

Just when Long Yuze was about to get to his main point, Mu Qingtong cut him off abruptly, “Miss Cheng, I represent the School of Divine Condor to propose purchasing the spiritual spring from you. No matter what you ask for, you can go ahead and bring it up!”

Everybody could feel the bullying coming from Mu Qingtong, especially Long Yuze, the one who was interrupted. His look darkened and he stared at him with murderous look. Everyone could feel his anger.

It was extremely rude to interrupt someone like that, but backed by the School of Divine Condor, Mu Qingtong had no fear for the Long’s.

The Long’s was certainly a big family in Emperor City, but they didn’t remotely measure up to Divine Condor. Even the Xue’s and the Su’s, Mu Qingtong didn’t feel that he need to pay any of them any attention.

The public in general had a lot of respect for the School of Divine Condor, and those at the school also take pride in that. Naturally they assumed Cheng Xiao Xiao was just like any other person. What they didn’t know was she had no idea what was School of Divine Condor and had just heard about them recently. Unfortunately Ning Xunzong was her first encounter with Divine Condor and that had left a bad taste in her mouth.

It was because of that, when Cheng Xiao Xiao heard his words, she casually casted him a glance and said coolly, “Buy from us? How do you propose to do that? You plan on taking it with you? Or you are evicting us and taking over our place?”

“Well…” Of course Mu Qingtong could tell the sarcasm and coldness in her voice. He felt a bit awkward. Naturally he intend to have them move away, but it was a bit difficult to say it out loudly.

Cheng Xiao Xiao ignored him and looked at the other three. Smiling lightly, she asked, “Mr. Long, Mr. Xue, and Mr. Su, what about you? What are your thoughts?”

“I just want the spiritual and I hope you will be will to sell it!” continued Su Yiyang. “Of course we are also interested in your mythical animals and food, we hope we can come to some sort of agreement!”

“Yes, Miss Cheng, same for the Xue’s, we will definitely pay you a fair price!”

“We’d like to purchase from Miss Cheng as well!”

As they were talking, Mu Qingtong’s face progressively darkened more and more. Xu Zhengyang next to him was infuriated, he shouted, “You wish! Have you forgotten that us School of Divine Condor were the first to discovered the mythical spring? We have first dip as purchasing anything. You guys should just back off!”

Completely arrogant, just what one’d expect from someone from Divine Condor!

Cheng Xiao Xiao had completely placed them onto her black list. A hint of smile on her face and a cold look across theirs, “Oh? Just because you said you are going to buy so we must sell? Why should we? Had too much garlic lately? You breathe stinks. Such conceit disgusts me!”


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