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TWQQF ch 67.2 - His Hope

The villagers were familiar with the School of Divine Condor establishment. It was the most prestigious college in Dafeng. Every graduates from there were famed. Being able to be accepted into School of Divine Condor was the dream of every youth.

For them villagers, it was almost impossible to be accepted into School of Divine Condor, unless they were able to demonstrated unusual talent. Otherwise, it was but a pipe dream.

Liu Danhuang blushed. Embarrassed, he said, “Uncle Cheng, if Zheng Yuan and Zheng Bin will be attending School of Divine Condor. May I please go with them as their assistant?”

“Ugh….” Cheng Biyuan was speechless again. He saw the hopeful look fom the young boy in front of him. He had no heart to crush his dream but he had no choice but to speak the truth, “Danhuang, I understand. But, you are mistaken. Zheng Yuan and Zheng Bin will not be attending School of Diving Condor.”

From the eyes of a commoner, School of Divine Condor was an unreachable place. But Cheng Biyuan looked beyond that to the most prestigious place on the continent – One Sect, One Temple, One Palace, One Valley. That’s where he really wanted his children to attend.


Danhuang was disappointed and the others shocked. They didn’t understand why he’d say that.

Cheng Biyuan looked at the young man in front of him and didn’t want to disappoint him, so after a pause he said, “Danhuang, being ambitious is a good thing. It will, however, be very challenging to start learning martial art at your age. Most would not want to take that on, so….”

“Uncle Cheng, I understand. I was being ridiculous!” As though all his spirit had been removed from his body, Liu Danhuang slummed in his seat listlessly.

Looking at him like that, Cheng Biyuan wasn’t sure if he should be angry or find it funny. Scolding him smilingly, “What? You are giving up already? You so readily give up your ambition?”

“Uncle Cheng…” asked Liu Danhuang dumbfounded.

Cheng Biyuan shook his head helplessly, “I will be honest with you. Our family are cultivators. We can help you out if that’s what you desire. I can take you in as my disciple. Why don’t you cultivate with Zheng Yuan and Zheng Bin whenever you have free time going forward? How does that sound to you?”

“Oh! That will be great, uncle Cheng! I’d love to!” Liu Danhuang was so happy he almost jumped up into the air. He nodded frantically in agreement.

“You…” Cheng Biyuan busted out laughing and shook his head. He took another look at Liu Danhuang and frowned, “But…”

“Uncle Cheng, what’s the problem?” Liu Danhuang was nervous all over again.

“Your situation at home!” Looking at him, Cheng Biyuan said in a deep voice, “Cultivating takes a long time. If you want to be good at it, you must spend a lot of time on it. I’m afraid that will be difficult for you!”

Liu Danhuang’s family is not very well off. No only did he help out his mother on some chores around the house, his father, Liu Dachun injured one of his legs while hunting a year ago. He was much help around the house. Liu Danhuang had pretty much taken over the responsibility as the master of the household. If he’s cultivating, then what about his family…?

“Dad, it’s time to eat!”

A clear voice emerged from the kitchen, Liu Danhaung looked up at the slim figure coming out with the kitchen carrying dishes in her hands. He balled his hands into fists and a look of determination from his eyes.

(End of Book I)


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