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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 14.1 - Small Head Is Also A Head

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Rumbling sound came from beneath the old church. Lancelot arrived at the entrance of the secret passage right when the first zombie dashed out of the tunnel. It lunged at him with it’s fanged teeth.

The zombie’s size was much bigger than that of a regular human being; it’s entire body was blood red and hairless. The foul smell coming from it’s mouth made one want to throw up. It’s big buggy eyes have no eyelids over it. The entire zombie looked like a skinned frog.

Lancelot lowered his face shield and swung his sword at the zombie,  slashing it directly into two halves.

More roaring sound came from the secret passage way, one after another the zombie started to pour out of the tunnel. All of the mercenaries pulled out their weapons and started fighting the zombies.

When Qin Liu and his team arrived at the secret passageway, the first batch of the mercenaries had already entered into the tunnel. The floor was littered with bodies of zombies with their brain core removed.1

“Man, these zombies are gross!” Qin Luo took a glance at one and almost couldn’t handle them. He secretly decided that he would avoid melee with them. He certainly didn’t want to start throwing up midway through a fight. That would make him look very bad!

Walking 400 – 500 meters into the secret passageway, other than mountains of zombie bodies, they finally encountered the first dead mercenary.

It was a young man about the same age as Qin Luo. Fear and hopelessness was all over his slightly childish face. He was leaning crooked against the wall, having only his chest and brain remaining. His guts spilled all over the floor…

Qin Luo shook his head and felt sad for him. He said in his heart, “Bro, remember not to rush so much in your next life….”

They walked another several hundred feet or so and the passageway opened up suddenly. They have entered an underground cave that was so huge they couldn’t even see its boundaries.

The top of the cave was embedded with countless glowing crystals; they lit up the magnificent underground city like it was broad daylight.

Most of buildings in the city were collapsed; even the city wall were half crumbled. But from the looks of it, one could imagine its grandiosity back in the days. This was a city that could rival the Ning Zhou!

Qin Lin looked up, the crystals above him was neatly aligned, looking almost like a symbol of sort!

When the three of them were still 4-500 meters from the entrance to the city, lots of cries came from an open area in the front of the city entrance. The well-trained mercenaries divided up into small units to surround and conquer the zombies.

A swordsman with a shield positioned himself in the front to take the damages, archers and spearers busied themselves with cutting off their heads. One by one the zombies collapsed. Behind each team was a designated person to collect the brain cores.

Lancelot’s team surrounded the largest group of zombie and have the most accomplishments. With a white mage on their team, they could attack aggressively with no fear of getting injured. Unless some of the teams that have no white mage to heal them.

Another loud roar and more zombies came pouring out from the city. A few weaker groups immediately started to struggle. Only Lancelot’s team and a few others were still handling it in stride, but they could no longer afford an extra hand to retrieve brain cores anymore.



1. I am sorry, YEARS of anatomy I have NO idea what the * is “brain core” (or “brain nuclei” for that matter). My translator friend, Kitty, who got me into this had informed me that is a Chinese zombie thing. So let's go with that.


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