Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Transmigrating With a Cleaver ch 12.2 - Are You Hungry, Little Thing?

The rainbow went faster and faster. The little, red cat started illuminating rainbow colors as the rainbow became lighter and lighter in color until it finally disappeared altogether.

Qin Luo was closed to tears, “I thought you said it’s only for mystical beasts…”

“Oh, I think I left my stove on at home. Gotta run!!” The young man turned pale and started dashing away. He quickly disappeared around the corner of the street , “SEEEE~YOOOUU~LAATER~~”

“Oh damn, he just ran straight away now that he has 2x speed?” said Qin Luo as he stomped his feet in annoyance. “Don’t ever let me see you again!”

When the little orange cat landed on it’s feet again, it ran straight toward Qin Luo. It’s simple and straightforward look was quite cute. Qin Luo scooped him up, and the kitty was already licking him with its soft, pink tongue.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. That tickles! Hang on! Are you hungry, little thing? Oh yeah, you are a cat and not a dog, oh good, oh good….”


11:30 PM, a lot of mercenaries had already gathered outside of the old church in the 13th district. They were not far from the start time of the mission.

The military had set up a very strong line of defense outside the church, led by a captain with his 300 or so men.

When Qin Luo, carrying the little orange kitty with him, arrived with Chen Yun, they could spot Lancelot from far, far away.

Well, they didn’t exactly look for him on purpose, but he was wearing a golden armor that looked like 1,000 watt light bulbs in the middle of the night, and the extra bright LED ones to top. It was impossible not to spot him!

All Qin Luo could see was $$$ in front of his eyes. “Dang! That fool’s armor looks like it’s worth a lot of money, maybe I will be able to find an opportunity to pry a piece of it off to trade in for money… maybe his entire team will be annihilated… all their gears look fancy!”

Standing nearby Lancelot was six of his teammates. One of them was the short man they’ve met in the morning. Three of them were big, stocky men, plus a long-hair man with a longbow on his back, and a woman in a white robe.

The short man was cloaked in an all-black outfit, with two daggers adorned by jewels. The three stocky men have on their backs overly huge swords, all of them in uniformly grey armor. They weren’t as showy as Lancelot’s, but one could still tell they weren’t of low-quality.

Only those in the knows would know that the long-hair guy’s dark-grey long bow was no less valuable than Lancelot’s armor. The plain-looking bow was made out of the single horn of a Xie Zhi, a high level mystical beast. Rumor had it that one could add lightning ability to it, making it priceless.

The woman in the white robe seemed very cold. She had in her hand a silver staff and a very intricate, four-winged angel badge on top of her prominent bosom, a tell-tale sign that she was a high-level white mage!


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