Friday, May 3, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 6.1 - Taken Advantage Of

Qin Luo was running like a mad man in an open field under the burning sun. Suddenly things turned dark, turned out it was a beautiful silver pheonix flying above his head, it’s enormous body blocked almost the entire sky.

Qin Luo was running out of breath and the silver pheonix began its dive; the turbulence generated by it’s almost 1,000 kilometers wing span made Qin Luo rocked back and forth and difficult to move forward.

The phoenix was above Qin Luo’s body and it’s massive tail struck down directly on him. When it’s tail was lifted again, one could see a man-shaped hole on the ground and poor Qin Luo had been pressed entirely into the ground!

The phoenix did not let him go, it lifted him out of the hole easily with it’s claw, then pressed him down again with it’s tail…

Then a third time… and a four… and many, many more times!

“HELP!” screamed Qin Luo as he sat up abruptly, drenched in his own sweat.

“Oh shit, that was such a realistic dream!” said Qin Luo as he wiped away sweats on his forehead, still trembling from his nightmare, “That phoenix was so crazy, treated me like it’s seat cushion and tortured me over and over again!”
And a few seconds later, he finally noticed something was off about hi, “Eh? Who took all my clothes off?!”

Hastily he flipped over the blanket covering his lower body. Oh shit! Even his pants were gone!

More importantly, the pad he had been sleeping on under the blanket had a small patch of bright red blood stain! And his ‘lil Qin Luo did not seem remotely as perky as it used to be in the mornings.

“What? Have I hurt sister Chen Yun inadvertently? But how come I have no recollection whatsoever? That’s so stupid of me?!” Qin Luo regretted about getting drunk, “Man, I kept my virginity for 18 whole years, and lost it in but one day in this Plane of Gan Yuan….”

“But what’s with all these bruises on my body? It looked like I have been beaten up by somebody!” Qin Luo touched his bruises all over his body and looked very confused, “That must be quite violent! But the other party was a violent girl, not to mention she just had the gu diao leg which doubled her strength, I guess it all  made sense….”

After he got dress, Qin Luo lifted the tent cover and stepped outside. He saw Chen Yun practicing her choreography not far away.

“Well, that’s odd. According to all the novels I have read, usually women have hard time even walking after their first time. But she looked quite active the way she was wielding her sword. Perhaps women in Gan Yuan weren’t quite the same as women on earth....” thought Qin Luo as he leaned against crooked tree, “I didn’t get a good look last night, I must pay more attention next time….”

Suddenly Qin Luo turned pale as he thought of another mortifying possibility: perhaps it was the pheonix that had hurt him? Or, he took advantage of the phoenix??

The more he thought about it, the more likely that seemed. The dream that he was way all too more realistic!

He never thought he’d be as awesome as Xu Xian or Ning Caichen1 one day!

Wait a minute, he was way more awesome than them, okay?

The more he thought about it the more confused he got, finally he gave up thinking about it altogether. Whatever, it’s all water below the bridge now. Why worry about it?

Chen Yun finished practicing her set of choreography and turned around. Her eyes met that of Qin Luo’s. She blushed, let out a slight humph through her nose and left.

“Wow, this girl has some bad temper!” smiled Qin Luo bitterly as he shook his head, “Oh right, it’s almost noon, why aren’t the others up yet?”



1.            Fictitious men who had bedded mythical / fantastical creatures. A fairy and a ghost, respectively, in this reference.


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