Thursday, May 16, 2019

TWQQF ch 67.1 - His Hope

“Dad, why should I be worried? Do you really think they will get along with us amicably if we didn’t treat them the way we did? They will never come back to bother us again? You think that’s possible?”

Is that possible?

Cheng Biyuan remained silent. Of course he understood that these people would not give up. Or he should say that they will be back again, soon. And there will be more in terms of numbers and they will be more powerful!

Looking at her two siblings happily gathering up the loot, Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled, “Dad, I don’t mind if they show up more often. The pressure will help the brothers to grow stronger and faster.”

Cheng Biyuan looked up at his sons and said, “You are certainly right about that!”

Yeh, Xiao Xiao…”

“Dad, big sister…”

Mrs. Cheng and Lan Lan, who had been hiding inside the house came out. Mrs. Cheng looked at her husband, she wanted to say something but she didn’t.

Cheng Xiao Xiao walked up to her, held her hand and smiled, “Mom, what’s the matter? We are okay!”

“I know!” Mrs. Cheng nodded. Through the window, she had been watching the entire event as they unfolded.

She looked at Cheng Biyuan with worry in her eyes, tenderly she asked, “Yeh, you alright?”

“Yuqin, I am alright, don’t worry!” Cheng Biyuan smiled. Pointing at his sons, who were running towards home with armful of stuff, he said, “We’ve got pretty good loot. C’mon, let’s go home!”

Little Lan Lan stretched out her arms and gave a big smile, like a spoiled child, she said, “Daddy, hug…”

“Oka, hug!”

Cheng Biyuan bent down and picked up his young daughter and the whole family returned to the courtyard. As to the ranch and vegetable garden that was now a mess, those were left for Yuteng to take care.

After they have returned home, the villagers who were helping out have also returned. The morning had passed and it’s already time for lunch.

Cheng Xiao Xiao followed Mrs. Cheng into the kitchen to help with the cooking. Cheng Biyuan stayed in the courtyard making the villager helpers comfortable.

The men sat around and drank tea and chitchat. Liu Danhuang was quiet since the Cheng’s brothers were inside the house, he had nobody to chat with.

“Brother Cheng, we have a question for you!” said Liu Sanzhen with an embarrassed look.

Cheng Biyuan put down his tea cup, looking at the villagers that were humming and hawing, he smiled at them, “Sanzhen, Hanlin, what would you like to ask?”

“Brother Cheng, we are curious who were those visitors today?” asked Liu Sanzhen eagerly.

“Them?” Cheng Biyuan was a bit surprised, although he did figure that it was a matter of time before they ask about it.

Seeing that Cheng Biyuan hasn’t responded right away, Liu Hanlin asked cautiously, “Brother Cheng, I seem to have heard something about School of Divine Condor. Were they visitors from School of Divine Condor?”

The mentioning of School of Divine Condor dragged Liu Danhuang back from spacing out. His usually somewhat silly face beamed unusually, his eyes sparkled as he looked at Cheng Biyuan.

Cheng Biyuan looked at their faces and nodded. If they have already heard, there’s no need for him to lie anymore.

“For real, Uncle Cheng? Are you sending Zheng Yuan and Zheng Bin to School of Divine Condor?” asked Liu Danhuang, a little worked up.

“Ugh?” Cheng Biyuan casted him a curious glance, judging by his excitement, he couldn’t help but to ask, “Danhuang, you want to attend School of Divine Condor?”

Never mind Cheng Biyuan, even the villagers casted him odd looks. Finally Liu Hanlin reached out and patted him on his shoulder, “Good boy, never thought you have this kind of ambiton! Awesome, awesome. This is much better than us!”


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