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TWQQF ch 63.2 - The Cheng's of Emperor City?

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The name immediate grabbed the attention of the other three. Let it be Mu Qingtong or Su Yiyang. Everybody stared at Cheng Biyuan intently. Long Yuze paused for a second upon hearing the name. The more he looked at Cheng Biyuan, the more surprised he was. This master Cheng in front of him did bear some resemblance with the Cheng’s in Emperor City.

Everybody in Emperor City had heard of Cheng Biyuan. He was once a well known genius. Rumor had it that he started cultivating when he was four; completed all preparatory steps by five; achieved martial apprentice by the time he was seven; martial scholar by eight; martial master by nine, and martial spiritualist by ten. This kind of talent shocked every one and words traveled far. After all, it was almost impossible to achieve one level in one year, except Cheng Biyuan had proven everyone wrong. Everybody called him the demon.

However, he did not become an elite under the world’s attention and his family’s hope. An unexpected event took place when he was ten.

After achieving martial spiritualist, he wasn’t able to gain another level for three years. For his age, even being a martial spiritualist would still make him a genius.

Nobody expected what happened when he was 14 – when he was training outside, he was injured and nobody know by whom. He almost died and what’s worse was that his cultivation started declining, from martial spiritualist to level 1 martial scholar. He was no different than any other person who practice martial art.

It was for this reason he was labeled as a loser by the Cheng’s family. Everybody looked at him with disgust.  Cheng Biyuan, the eldest of the Cheng’s went from bringing honor to the family to the shame of the family, turning into the laughing stock.

Of course, every one knew that something else happened at the Cheng’s four year’s ago. Everybody sort of caught wind that Cheng Biyuan had separated from the family and disappeared with his wife and children!

The Cheng Biyuan was almost forgotten by everyone since he was no longer a genius so even though most had heard about his departure, nobody paid it too much attention. That was why it had not occurred to anyone that Cheng Biyuan was associated with the Cheng’s in Emperor City.

Now that Cheng Biyuan was standing in front of them, and that Xue Xingchen and Lung Yuze thought that he looked somewhat familiar, they had finally recalled the Cheng’s at Emperor City.

Mu Qingtong looked at Cheng Biyuan again and nodded subtly. He had never met Cheng Biyuan before, but he was certainly this was the Cheng Biyuan of the Emperor City’s Cheng’s family.

Even the students from School of Divine Condor was surprised. They have more or less heard of Cheng Biyuan in the past; but nobody expect the one standing in front of them was the same person. Everybody was shocked.

Hearing Xue Xingchen’s words, Cheng Xiao Xiao paused from a second and so happened to notice her father’s body tensed up. She immediately realized that he was, indeed, part of the Cheng’s in Emperor City.

Finally finding out the family history, Cheng Xiao Xiao was genuinely surprised. She never would have guess that her parents belong to one of the top seven most powerful families in Dafeng.

It was starting to look like their days going forward would be more and more exciting!

Under the sharp look of these people, Cheng Biyuan nodded slightly and said, “Yes, I am Cheng Biyuan. The Cheng Biyuan of Willow Village!”


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  1. Still, I don't understand why his family hated him so much? Is it something like you would better die than come back crippled?

    1. It's a world where 'might is right' plus they live in an extended family where they have all the main and branches mixed up together. You're only worth if you're useful. (Honestly most CN novels focus on this stuff is getting tiring.)

  2. Family politics is always so murky.

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