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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 8.1 - Nurses Are In High Demand

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“A nurse?” Chen Yun was dumbfounded, “What kind of profession is that? You are not even a woman, can you produce milk?”1

Qin Luo didn’t know how to respond to that and he replied, “Not that kind of a nurse. I mean healing. Do you get what I mean by that? The kind that deals with blood!”

Chen Yun finally figured out what he meant, “Oh, so you are a white mage. You have healing power?”

Qin Luo proudly snapped his fingers and a green light surrounded her entire body.

Enveloped by the green light, the little beauty felt that her weariness dissipated quickly…

Lots of people coming and going at the mercenary guildhall, but most of them were concentrated inside the mission hall. Whereas the side hall where mercenaries register barely had anyone inside. A chubby old man slept in the chair with his head facing upward.

“Uncle Zhong, wake up!” said Chen Yun as she knocked on the table, “I brought a new guy to register!”

“Oh, it’s Xiao Yun!” The chubby old man wiped away his saliva and slowly sat up, “Who wants to register? What’s his name?”

“Qin Luo.”

“What profession?”

“Nur… white mage!”

“Oh?” Chubby old man looked up at Qin Luo, “We haven’t have any mercenary registering as a white mage in a long time. Young man, are you a white mage?”

“No,” Qin Luo smiled, “I am not a white mage, nor do I have a badge. But I have healing power!”

“Really?” Chubby old man’s eyes beamed, “Why don’t you help me treat my back then? The girl from the House of Flowers almost made me break my back last night….”

Oh you lewd old man, tsk!

Qin Luo continued his friendly smile and said, “Okay, you watch carefully!”

He pulled out his Xuanyuan cleaver and pointing it at the sky in a crooked away, shouted loudly, “Heal!”

His loud shout almost made the chubby old man fall off his chair.

As ostentatious as his performance was, a green light appeared right away and swiped away chubby old man’s back pain!

The chubby old man was dumbfounded!

There were only a handful of white mages out there, but he has still seen their healing power a few times.

Usually white mages produce white light, and the injuries heal progressively. They didn’t remotely measure up to Qin Luo’s green light!

The chubby old man was troubled, even high level white mage didn’t have ridiculous healing speed like his, how should he rank him?

Testing water, he asked, “Even though you don’t have a badge, but since we are in dire need of a white mage, I can make you level 4, what do you think?”

“Lev… level 4?” Chen Yun, standing nearby, was utterly dumbfounded. She was aware that Qin Luo’s healing ability was very powerful, but didn’t think he was going to go directly to level 4!

This was actually the limit of the chubby old man’s authority. Anyone being awarded level 5 or over must pass the test of the elder’s committee!

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