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TWQQF ch 68 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (1)

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Why did a webnovel has volumes? The best I could figure out was that the author went behind paid wall starting chapter 68 (what a random number). And because of that, her word count per chapter shot up to 4x - 10x that of her old chapters, with an average of 7x in length of her previous chapters.  I could, unfortunately, neither increase my translation speed 7 folds nor dedicate that kind of time daily to match that kind of increase in length. As such, here are some of the changes that you will be seeing: 1) chapters will no longer be broken up into 2 even parts, but instead, each part will remain roughly the same length as before, but broken up into more parts per chapter; 2) chapter numbers will no longer have a subpart after them, but will continue on (68, 69, 70, etc). Instead, the part numbers will be added after the title of each chapter. 3) any parts shorter than the original part length at the end of each chapter will be released as a little bonus part for the day. Meaning, at the end of each chapter, there will likely be an additional small part being released on the same day.

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After lunch and a brief break, the villagers went back to work, leaving the Cheng’s in their courtyard.

“Xiao Xiao, what are your plans going forward?” Cheng Biyuan had gotten used to asking his daughter for her opinion.

Hearing that, everybody looked toward Cheng Xiao Xiao. Lifting her brows a bit, she replied, “Dad, we just pass our days as usual. We don’t need to concern ourselves with drama elsewhere. As long as they don’t affect us, we don’t need to pay it any attention!”

“Don’t pay it any attention?” Cheng Biyuan wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry upon hearing her words. “That will be impossible. We went a little overboard this time. School of Divine Condor and the seven top families aside, even those from the nine most powerful sects as well as One Clan, One Hall, One Palace, One Valley will be onto us. I’m not sure we will be able to handle them.”

“Oh, so many big shots!” grumbled Cheng Xiao Xiao. She hadn’t expect so many powerful players out there. What’s with the nine top sects, and the ostentatious One Clan, One Hall, One Palace, One Valley. That’s certainly not a concept that she could grasp.

Honestly, she couldn’t really comprehend any of these powerful forces. All she ever wanted was to guard these few acres of land and live a peaceful life with her family.

“Dad, I feel that let it be the sects or One Clan, One Hall, One Palace, One Valley, they are all very remote issues. We can put them aside for the time being. I think we should be less concerned with those from School of Divine Condor or the seven largest families from Dafeng, but more concerned with those from the Cheng’s or mom’s family. Those will be trickier ones to take care of.”

Afterall Cheng Xiao Xiao was from the modern time. She was well versed with drama within a family. Especially in ancient times when morals were strict and one must respect their elders. Any misstep will bring about scandals from the whole world.”

There would inevitably be different kind of characters among a large family, especially the stuck up elders. One couldn’t hit them, scold them, or kick them out, but to bow to their every whim. Any misstep would cause one’s reputation to be dragged through the mud. These were the worst type of people to handle.

Cheng Biyuan and Mrs. Cheng both paused after hearing their daughter’s words. Not in a million years would they have guessed that their daughter’s biggest worry was their families.

Cheng Biyuan finally returned to normal after a long while. He looked at the wistful-looking Mrs. Cheng and looked more and more somber himself, “Xiao Xiao, we will go on with our own lives. Whether it’s the Cheng’s in Emperor City or your mom’s family the Luo’s from the City of Yan, they don’t have a whole lot to do with us!”

“Dad, how is that possible?” Listening to her father’s irrational words, Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but to shake her head, “Dad, as soon as words got out about us, I am certain they will be paying us visits. On top of that, I can say for sure once they know for certain you are part of the family, they will be asking for you and mom to rejoin them.”

“Preposterous!” Shouted Cheng Biyuan in a thunderously voice. Little Lan Lan to one side was so scared she went and hid inside of Mrs. Cheng’s arms and looked at her angry father with fear.

Mrs. Cheng gave him a stare and patted the scared little girl. The two brothers just bit their lips and didn’t say a word, but one could see the hatred they have toward the Cheng’s on their faces.

Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t know what exactly happened in the past, but one thing she was certain about was that the Cheng’s were probably not very nice people. They couldn’t even accept their own kind, how good could they be?

Realizing that he had lost control, Cheng Biyuan quickly regained his composure. Still looking angry, he said hatefully, “They had made it abundantly clear that we have no more ties to them. From now on, live or dead we have nothing to do with them. Not to mention that they are the very cold-blooded type that had no problem taking out members of their own family. If they dare come here, I certainly won’t let them off easily!”


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  1. Wow
    She might actually be retarded
    She thunks this world gives a damn about morals lol
    Literally everyone theyve met have been bandits and thieves
    And so what if people call them unfilial?
    They dont need them, they grow their own shit