Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 15.1 - The Giant Zombie

Qin Luo was adamant that he would not be pulling out any brain cores of the zombies. Chen Yun had no choice but to take on that tasks, and You guarded nearby.

Qin Luo aimed at a far away zombie and suddenly the little orange cat by his feet mewed and scratched his pant legs.

“What’s the matter?” Qin Luo looked down at the ball of fur, “You want to kill some zombies too?”

The little orange cat seemed to have understood him and nodded.

Qin Luo scratched his head, “Don’t be silly, you are so small that you’d be crushed with one stomp!”

The little orange cat didn’t like that comment very much. It mewed some more and bit Qin Luo’s shoe.

“Aw crap!” Qin Luo’s face dropped, “That damn mysterious merchant. He didn’t even give me an instruction or anything. How do I control this pet?”

Right after he was done talking, he was startled by the icons that appeared in front of him out of nowhere!

“What the heck is this?” Qin Luo examined them closer. All the icons seemed to be related to pet skills. They even have the names of the skills, “Attack, Retreat, Alert, Berserk, Cute… Cute-sy. What the heck. How’s that a skill?”

Seeing how his Adivon (brand of sneakers) were about to be chewed through, Qin Luo quickly selected “Attack”.

“Please choose a target first!”

“Why does it feel like I am playing a game?” Qin Luo didn’t know what to think. He then turned and look at a group of zombies farther out.

“Meow~!” The little orange cat started running toward the zombies on its little feet. It’s speed was actually quite impressive.

The little ball of fur bumbled it’s way to a zombie before it leaped up and bit it on its ass.

Qin Luo facepalmed. This pet was too much like its owner….

The zombie let out a loud screech and fell on the ground, never moving again.


Little orange cat continued to kill left and right among the zombie group. Naturally, the owner must try to step up his own game as well. Qin Luo lifted his 98K and turned on the head-blowing mode.

You also waved her twin swords and ran into the zombie crowd. The weaker Chen Yun had no choice but to continue carving out brain cores.

The two human plus a cat decreased the number zombies quickly and the pressure was lifted off some from the rest of the mercenaries. Right when they were about to take a breather,  a loud angry roar came from inside the city!

Followed by the sound of houses collapsing one after another. A few seconds later, a giant black shadow appeared on the top of the city wall.

Qin Luo could see clearly from afar. The dark shadow was half of the body of a giant zombie, who were just now lifting it’s giant palm to grab the mercenaries!

The knight in his silver armor closest the entrance of the city wasn’t able to run away fast enough and was grabbed by the giant zombie. He was swallowed in one swift action!

Mixing in the painful scream of the knight was the sound of metal and bones being torn apart. The giant zombie looked around for it’s next food with it’s blood shot eyes as it chewed.

Lancelot turned pale. The giant zombie swallowed a teammate of his in an instant; they didn’t even had the chance to try and save him!

Lancelot in his golden armor immediately attracted the attention of the giant zombie. It reached out its hand toward Lancelot. It’s giant, fan-like palm stirred up a gust of strong wind.


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