Friday, May 31, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 15.2 - The Giant Zombie

Lancelot couldn’t care about his appearance anymore. He dropped and rolled away on the ground and narrowly avoided the tragedy. Yet the knight next to him wasn’t as lucky….

Another shrill from being eaten alive echoed in the cave. The mercenaries were mortified and all started running toward the entrance of the secret passageway.

The short thief quickly helped Lancelot up and the long hair guy fire a shot and an arrow wrapped with lightning aimed at the giant zombie’s eye with great speed.

The giant zombie didn’t even try to get out of it’s way. A crisp clank and the arrow bounced off of it directly, leaving just a little bit of blue electric current on the eye….

“Retreat! Retreat!” Lancelot felt hopeless. If the arrow made from Xie Zhi’s horn were not able to do any damage to the giant zombie, his team did not stand a chance.

 “The military did not mention anything about a giant zombie. What have they been doing?” shouted Lancelot in his head.

Honestly it wasn’t the military’s fault. Their initial troop of 1,000 soldiers had already lost half of their men and retreated way before the giant zombie showed up.

The giant zombie locked onto the long hair man as his next target. His giant palm reached toward him with a swirl of wind. Long hair man remained well composed. With an elegant side leap he avoided the giant arm and than drew another arrow with ease!

Watching from afar, Qin Luo let out a sound of admiration only to see the long hair man grabbed by another hand from no where and tossed the red and bloody mouth along with his bow.

During this time, all of the mercenaries had already ran outside the reach of the giant zombie. The giant zombie let out a serious of angry roars and pulled its body over the city walk to go after them.

As it turned out, the giant zombie only had the upper half of it’s body. Even without it’s feet, each time its arms push it advanced some 10 or so meters. Much faster than the mercenaries running away awkwardly.

But before it was able to crawl a few meters, a fuzzy furball bit it on its waist!

It was only after seeing the giant zombie let out a loud screech when Qin Luo remembered he had forgotten to take the little orange cat back…

It was very unfortunate that the giant zombie was not instakilled by little orange cat. Groaning loudly, it reached out its giant hand and smacked on it’s own waist.

Little orange cat avoided the smack with ease and bit the giant hand instead. The giant zombie let out another loud screech.

“The little cat is that powerful?” Chen Yun’s mouth was now the shape of a “O”.

“Of course!” said Qin Luo proudly as he raised his 98K. When your enemies are down it’s the best time to keep them down. Now was his golden opportunity to live that motto to its fullest. He must live up to his reputation of a head-blowing white mage!

“BANG!” A bullet brought about a big mist of blood on the head of the giant zombie. Its thick skin was no match to that of the powerful energy bullet!

Qin Lou was ecstatic, he continued to fire at will.

Inside the spacious underground cave, the still shaken up mercenaries watched on as the man and the cat continued to torture the giant zombie….


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