Friday, May 10, 2019

TWQQF ch 64.1 - Sweeping The Enemies

A simple sentence and everybody understood what he was trying to say.

He was, indeed, from Emperor City, but that was in the past and he has nothing more to do with his past life.

Long Yuze and Xue Xingchen were both from Emperor City, but they were merely deacons and elders, they had never met Cheng Biyuan before and were therefore not able to recognize him right away. But now they were certain that he was related to the Cheng’s.

Once they have arrived at this conclusion, they couldn’t help but to marvel. Who would have thought that the Cheng Biyuan who went from genius to useless was actually a beast tamer (everybody assumed Cheng Biyuan was the beast tamer). If only the Cheng’s would find out about this, would they regret banishing him from the family?

“C’mon, do your best. Otherwise, nobody is leaving!” Cheng Biyuan gave an icy cold look to everyone presence and made the announcement sternly.

He couldn’t sit tight anymore. Everybody just thought they could just come to his place and do as they please? Never mind that some wouldn’t even admit to their own wrong doings, even if they had apologize he would still be angry.

“Whatever do you mean, master Cheng?” Long Yuze wasn’t too happy about that, he had already apologized!

Xue Xingchen’s lips moved and looked at Cheng Biyuan with a complicated look. Su Yiyang wasn’t looking too good either, softly he asked, “Master Cheng wanted to take it out on us?”

“Cough, cough, cough…” coughing like someone with tuberculosis was Mu Qingtong. Coughing and wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth and with anger in his eyes, he urged, “Master Cheng, we are all… cough, cough… from Emperor City. You don’t want to go that far. We still might run into each other in the days to come.”

“Bring it!” said Cheng Biyuan coldly.

Cheng Xiao Xiao understood how her father felt. Never mind that he had been suppressing himself for the longest time already. Just this one incident, these people came here over and over again. If he was still greeting them with a smiley face, that was not friendly, that’d be downright idiotic.

She stood there indifferently and said not a word.

That had enraged not just the ones from School of Divine Condor, but also Long Yuze, Xue Xingchen, and Xu Yiyang. The event did not unfold the way they had expected. It was evident that Cheng Biyuan’s strong stance annoyed them. At this moment in time, they wanted to teach him a lesson.

One should choose their battles wisely, and this was one of those.

All the entitled students from School of Divine Condor stared angrily. They looked at Cheng Biyuan as though he was already dead. If it wasn’t the presence of instructor Mu Qingtong, they would have rushed him already.

“Are you guys cowards!” watching their reactions, Cheng Biyuan shouted.

“Fellow colleagues, I am not going to take this anymore!!”

One student shouted and charged at Cheng Biyuan with his sword drawn. He seemed to have forgotten the instakill that just happened not too long ago.

“C’mon, everybody! No way they can take us all!”

“Right! Anyone who dare insult the School of Divine Condor must die!”

“Fight to the death! Teach them a lesson!”

“We will avenge instructor Mu and shi xiong Huang!”

As the war cries mount, the guards of the Long’s, Xue’s, and Xu’s all received hidden signal to charge Cheng Biyuan at the same time.

Gushes of wind in the air, silhouettes attempting to have the Cheng’s father and daughter surrounded.



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  1. I don't get it? Of course they want to punish the School of Divine Condor, but why are they antagonizing the previously neutral parties as well? Those three hadn't done anything to harm the Chengs at all until now.

    1. Yeah, as the chapter pointed out they had already apologized and everything.

    2. They apologized, but they still kept the stuff they took, so i think we are supposed to assume that it was only lip service

    3. Those representatives of capital city familie did not take anything.

  2. Why did he want to make everybody his enemy just because his pent up emo? Just think a little about your family, dude...even if your daughter is a beast tamer, she is just a little girl, no? I'm disappointed by this father attitude...

  3. Why does it seem like every other chapter is broken now?..

  4. Chapters 64.2 and 65.1 can be accessed thru Novel Updates; all of their links seem to be working...

  5. What is the dad on to be so angry at those 3 guys that didn't do anything? The condor group deserves punishment, but the other guys did nothing but stand there.