Monday, November 11, 2019

TWQQF ch 259 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (10)

Eleventh Elder turned around, looked straight at him and asked, “Cheng Xing, I never did figure out. I left Emperor City and decided to be as far away from this shameless family as possible, why wouldn’t you let us go? What have we ever done that made you want to hunt down my entire family? Were you all made out of rocks? You couldn’t even let your only family members live? Are you still humans?”

The more he talked the more angry Eleventh Elder got. He eyes were red from anger and he asked, “I, Cheng Yu, had never done anything that hurt the family. Quite the contrary, I have always been dedicated toward the family. All of your, everything you own, we were the ones who had earned them and brought them into the family. We have fed you all, we raised you all to adulthood. Now that you are grown and are capable, you chased after me with your knives and swords? And you wouldn’t even spare any of your aunties and cousins. Are you all monsters?”

TWQQF ch 258 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (9)


With a flick of his finger, a sharp qi shot out, traversing the distances of several thousand miles.


In the blink of an eye, where the qi from his finger hit, the sword that was carefully-forced and sturdy like steel immediately split into two and flew out of the young man’s hand!

“Who was it!”

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 56 - Building A New House (4)

Why was she thinking about that person again? Gu Ye frowned her little nose a little bit and expelled Icy Face’s cold image from her mind before continuing onto her journey.

The hidden guard followed the diva from afar and felt his stomach tightened seeing the black bear about twice her height not too far from her; and a giant snake with diameter thicker than his arm swam under her feet; and a pack of starving wolves ran away from her with their tails behind their hind legs….

TWQQF ch 257 - Fighting Among Themselves; The Gu's Are Coming (8)

They have been having these crazy fantasies way too often, and they almost never ended well.

Now, no matter how fantastic they sounded, he wouldn’t fall for them anymore.

Speaking of the Luo’s of Yin, Tian Feng had another shred of hope inside of him. Cheng Xiao Xiao certainly would go and visit Yin at some point, right?

Somewhere in the Dafeng’s mountain ranges.

A mystical crane flew slowly through the air and on it’s back, a grim looking young man. He was, indeed, the genius mathematician Mo Xuanzun!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Resplendent Apothecary ch 55 - Building A New House (3)

At the end of the day, what did a three-year-old child know? Of course he learned that from some adult. Gu Ming was so angry he was about to snatch the bun back. Outside the room, the clan leader and the elders all heard it clearly and they shook their head nonstop. Gu Xiao took a look at the short and stubby child and his snicker grew colder.

The next day, the reconstruction of Gu Xiao’s house commenced. This is the down time for farming so every free labor in the village came to help out.