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TWQQF ch 59.1 - Big Deal (3)

He wanted the attention, but he didn’t expect that his opponent wouldn’t even pay him any attention. He looked pissed off, but before he could say anything, his instructor shot him a look and he knew better and swallowed his words.

“So you are the Cheng’s maiden – Cheng Xiao Xiao!” said Mu Qingtong as he gave her a long, meaningful look.

“You knew I am, why ask?” said Cheng Xiao Xiao coldly, “So what’s with coming here with all these people?”

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TWQQF ch 58.2 - Big Deal (2)

A troop of horses approached with great speed and leaving a trail of dusts behind them. Through the window, she could tell the one at the very front was Ning Xunzong!

Seeing him all lively again, Cheng Xiao Xiao lifted the corner of her mouth and a cold look flashed past her eyes.

The noises outside startled those inside the courtyard. The mother and the sibling screamed. Cheng Xiao Xiao ran outside with flours all over her hand.

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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 5.1 - Hugging Left and Right

The rapid-talking female voice confused Qiu Luo. There was an upgradable system attached to this cleaver? Was this like the legendary buy-one-get-one-free deal?

“Oh, that smells so good!” came a mesmerizing voice from the woods that startled the two.

Before the voice completely dissipated, an young girl in a white dress walked out of the woods elegantly.

TWQQF ch 58.1 - Big Deal (2)

“Big sister, big sister!!” Running back, Cheng Zheng Yuan found his sister in the vegetable field. Wiping away the sweat on his forehead, he said, “Big sister, there are a lot of people coming our way. Over 100! And they are about to enter the village!”

“Oh…” Cheng Xiao Xiao slowly stood up, looking nonchalant. She had already knew about that and didn’t care. Looking at her younger brother, she smiled, “No rush, so they came. We have nothing to be afraid of!”

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TWQQF ch 57.2 - Big Deal (1)

“Well, I really didn’t think about it that way,” said Innkeeper Zhu with a bitter smile.

“Regardless of what’s going on at the Cheng’s, Chief Shao will arrive in the next couple of days. We should focus on thinking how best to bring Chief Shao to the Cheng’s and make the introduction!”

“That wouldn’t be an easy task. The Cheng’s aren’t exactly a friendly bunch!”

“That’s why I am asking you to come up with some ideas!”

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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 4.2 - The Cleaver Levelled Up

“Yes, you go!” Qiu Luo has secretly decided that he would help Chen Yun earn this money. Then this little beauty would be so appreciative that she just might marry him… kekeke…

Out of the blue, Chen Yun asked, “By the way, how did you kill the gu diao today? You dissembled such a ginormous mysterious beast in such a short time. Do you know the dissembling spell of a dark mage?”

“This…” Qiu Luo felt a bit uneasy, “Would you believe me if I said I didn’t really understand how it happened?”

TWQQF ch 57.1 - Big Deal (1)

Cheng Biyuan picked the mammoth python per Cheng Xiao Xiao’e recommendation. Under little Yuteng’s training inside the dimension, this python had already evolved once. It wasn’t exactly a dragon or a water dragon just yet, but it was still no match for your regular mammoth pythons.

Cheng Xiao Xiao felt much better after each and every single family member received a pet. Afterall, they were expected quite a few visitors to show up in the days to come. The pets would play a vital role in protecting them.

In addition, Cheng Xiao Xiao had little Yuteng distribute their several hundreds of small snakes in Willow Village’s surrounding area to track any unusual movements.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 10.2 - There's Something In The Water

“What’s not right?”
“There is some sort of a stench,” was what he said. He then asked, “Captain Wei,  please take your men into the woods and chopped down some trees, the bigger the better. The rest of you stay away from the river and take a break.”
Wei Xingshan took a quick look at Lin Shuo and he face was full of questions. He didn’t ask anything but just looked at Anne.
Anne didn’t even look at him before she said, “Don’t look at me, just follow Mr. Lin’s words.”

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 10.1 - There's Something In the Water

Lin Shuo did not sleep that night.
Unlike the mercenary on guard duty, he had on him the roe deer skin and he sat away from the camp fire in the shadow in the corner of the camp ground.
The starling bird didn’t go looking for fun in the woods that night, but stayed on Lin Shuo’s shoulder like he was supposed to.
And a recurve bow leaned against a boulder next to the man and the bird.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 9.2 - No Relation

Anne walked over to Lin Shuo carrying with her two packs of MREs in each hand, “Mr. Lin, Ba-ye, take a look and see what strikes your fancy.”
The starling cocked its head and finally spoke, “Woman, we don’t eat stuff like these.”
“It looks like Ba-ye is finally feeling better,” smiled Anne. “But Ba-ye, certainly you must eat something!”
“Xiao Ba was right, we don’t eat stuff like these,” said Lin Shuo as he shook his head. “These are not nutritious enough.”

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 9.1 - No Relation

Wei Xingshan looked desperately at his own chest. There was only one thought in his mind, “It’s all over!”
He was done for!
Then he saw the arrow as he looked down.
He saw the shiny, black arrowhead, and the shaft of the arrow vibrating at a high frequency and making a buzzing noise from being stopped abruptly.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 8.2 - Improper Discharge

The bear, on the other hand, stopped standing on two feet. It bent over and starting running away madly on all fours and disappeared quickly.
“Did they notice us?” asked Wei Xingshan gently.
“Perhaps,” replied Yang Ta sadly and put down the camcorder in his hand.
“Humans are the scariest animals of all,” said He Zihong as he shook his head. “Let’s keep moving forward.”
“Let’s take a different path,” said Lin Shuo, pointing to the east. “We will go this way and take a detour.”

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 8.1 - Improper Discharge

Commercial fishing is prohibited in the Heilongjiang region between June and July in the summer time.
There weren’t a lot of boats in the river around noon time, so the three speed boats splitting the waves as they approached Dzhalinda drew a lot of attentions from the locals.
 The speedboats parked at the commercial fishing port of Dzhalinda and 20 or so muscular, armed men disembarked the boats.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 7.2 - Invitation for Zhui-ye

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Lin Shuo and his small hunter team started trudging through the deep, old forest. At the beginning everybody still has very solemn look on them. But not long into the journey, the beautiful sceneries and their state-of-the-art weaponries made them relaxed and let down their guard gradually.
The sceneries at Outer Khingan in the summer are, indeed, very delightful. Especially in the day time, before the temperature rises.
Lin Shuo walked in the front; Wei Xingshan was okay with that.
In fact, he’d very much like to see him stumble.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 7.1 - Invitation for Zhui-ye

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Chapter 7.1 - Invitation for Zhui-ye

An hour later, the team was ready to go.
The mercenaries were all armed and loaded. Even the researchers He Zihong and Yang Ta, who now possessed basic knowledge of gun-handling, were armed with hand guns after a crash curse from Liu Qing. Each of them was armed with a handgun on their waist
Ten or so people stood in the courtyard waiting for Lin Shuo to come down.
Just a few minutes ago, Lin Shuo confirmed the full names of each team member with Anne before he returned to his own room.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 6.2 - It Will Have To Do

“Shuo-ge! Shuo-ge! If you castrate me now, I won’t recover right away. Then I will definitely mess up!” The starling was so scared that his voice was hoarse and he shat himself.
“No more next time?” Lin Shuo stopped and asked, starting at the starling.
“Never again!” The starling shook his head violently from side to side.
“I’ll give you one hour, you get back into the woods and replenish all the energies you have spent last night!” said Lin Shuo as he flung the bird high into the air.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 6.1 - It Will Have To Do

After they have deboarded the plane, there were more travelling to do.
Three days later, Lin Shuo and the group finally arrived at Dzhalinda – a small town in the far east of Russian.
This border town sits on the north side of Heilongjiang, and borders Meho, China by just that. The residents mostly have black hair and darker color skin like that of Asians. Most of the residents are fishermen or lumberjacks.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 5.2 - Old Rival

"I was once in combat with it six years ago,” Lin Shuo decided to divulge a bit of information. He felt that Anne was too overconfident about his ability.
This was, naturally, not a bad thing for Lin Shuo. But as one of the leaders for the troop, her mentality might not necessarily be a good thing.
“Have you heard of the incident at Mount Kunlun six years ago?” asked Lin Shuo.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 5.1 - Old Rival

Four Season Hotel was one of the tallest structure in Chun Ning.

August was usually the hottest time of the year here, but this was shortly after day break, the temperature was vey comfortable.

Lin Shuo took the elevator to the top of the building, leaning up against the railing, he could enjoy the panoramic view of most of the city.

Looking at the rows and rows of modern architectures, Lin Shuo lamented.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 4.2 - New Members

After finished saying that, Yang Ta let out a deep breath, and said again, “Mr. Lin, this is practically a miracle in the field of biology. Given that Professor He and I have been in this field for our entire lives, we can’t possibly give up the opportunity to witness this creature in the flesh.”

“We understand that this mission will be extremely dangerous,” He Xihong chimed in, “And that’s precisely why we know that even with the help of Mr. Lin, it’d still be very difficult to capture this creature live. So if we want to witness this creature in its flesh, we must go on this mission in person.

“If only I can just catch a glance of it, my life would be worthwhile even if I die in Heilongjian.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 4.1 - New Members

The fleet of SUVs drove on the rugged, mountainous paths on the border of southwest China for over seven hours.
At around 1 PM, they finally arrived at the suburb of a small city.
Nobody stopped, they merely turned onto the highway and roared on.
Another three more hours on the road and one could finally see the high rises in Sang Shing through the car windows.
By now, the sun was about to rise.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 3.2 - Farewell

The adults sat on the bamboo folding chairs or folding stools with their palm leave hand fan and kids ran around the locust tree.

Bamboo folding chair
Photo credit: jd.com

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 3.1 - Farewell

Lin Shuo carried the bleeding rooster with him and pushed open the red painted door.
Ever since he moved here six years ago, he has been pushing open this wooden door on the 1st and 15th of every month.1
Chopping a rooster’s head off and offering the strongest and most yang chi to the item sitting on top of the incense table.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 2.2 - Negotiation

“Ugh…” Anne was speechless for a second but quickly added, “We have absolute faith in your ability, Mr. Lin.”
“Okay,” Lin Shuo nodded, “Since you have so much faith in me, I wouldn’t want to beat around the bush either. I’ll make an exception and come out of my retirement this one time, ten million dollars, live or dead.”
“Ten million!” Wei Xingshan cried out aloud before Anne could respond, “Buddy, are you insane?
I will have you know that even my elite mercenary group, three teams totally 15 in headcount signing our lives away only get ten million dollars in total!

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Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 2.1 - Negotiation

Hearing Lin Shuo started talking, Anne smiled brightly.
“My name is Anne, I am in charge of the Asia branch of Global Lifeform Research Organization. Global Lifeform Research Organization is a national public service organization, our purpose is to research mysterious lifeforms worldwide and develop their applications thereof.”
My companion here is Wei Xingshan, head of the Asia Mobile Unit.”
When she finished the introduction, Wei Xingshan had finally recovered from the shock from the starling. Standing upright, he gave Lin Shuo a perfect military salute.

TWQQF ch 56.2 - Assigning Pets to Family

Mrs. Cheng, who was sitting next to them, recovered from the shock, thought for a second and asked tenderly, “Xiao Xiao, do you have snakies? I like snakies!”

 “Mom, you like snakes?” Cheng Xiao Xiao was fairly surprised, most women were afraid of snakes. She didn’t expect her mother to like them. Smiling, she said, “Mom, of course I have snakes. Why don’t I give you a silver jade snake for your pet?”

Soon as she was done saying that, a pure white, jade-like snake appeared around her wrists. Mrs. Cheng was ecstatic.

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 1.2 - Have a Smoke, Baye

The beauty was visibly shocked by his action. She didn’t have enough time to stop him verbally so she had no choice but to life her leg immediately and the tip of her heel hit his knee almost right away.
The sturdy man just felt that his entire leg went numb with a tingling sensation. He let out a soft hrmph and stumbled a few steps. Startled, he said, “Miss Anne, you…”
“Wei Xingshan,” interjected the beauty coldly, “Let me remind you this. You must be polite to this Mr. Lin. We are here to ask him a favor. It will be our honor if he will join us.”

Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 1.1 - Have a Smoke, Baye

“Shuo ge2-- Shou ge!”
A starling with a fully-black body and gold yellow hair on the top of its head flew inside an adobe house. Fluttering its wings, it landed on the shoulder of a young man.

Adobe house
Photo credit: baidu.com 

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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 4.1 - The Cleaver Levelled Up

“HAHAHAHA!” Looking at the dumbfounded look on the beauty, Qiu Luo laughed so hard he also had tears rolling down his face, “I am just kidding, I am not gay.”

Looking at the mean, laughing Qiu Luo, Chen Yun sighed and said, “Even though I don’t have a boyfriend, but I have a master.”

“A master? What do you mean by that?” Qiu Luo had a bad feeling all of a sudden. Scenes of all sort of female servants from movies all over the world flashed passed his head.

TWQQF ch 56.1 - Assigning Pets to the Family

“Master, the instructors and students from School of Divine Condor are here!”

“Young master, the instructors and students from School of Divine Condor are here!”

Everybody inside the Ning’s house started scrambling around with the announcements from the servants. The entire family rushed to greet their special guests.

The welcomed the eleven guests hospitably, especially Ning Xunzong. He was practically dancing up and down in joy, along with his two scholar brothers.

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TWQQF ch 55.2 - Gifting of Pets

Cheng Zheng Yuan let out a long breathe and said determinedly, “Big sister, let’s work becoming the most powerful and special individuals!”

“Ho ho ho….,” laughed Chang Xiao Xiao happily and asked again, “Of course, we will be the strongest!”

Casting a glance at him, she suddenly thought of something, “Zheng Yuan, what kind of beast do you like?”

“Beast?” Asked Cheng Zheng Yuan, perplexed.

Monday, April 22, 2019

TWQQF ch 55.1 - Gifting of Pets

“Zheng Yuan, you are growing up. Even though you are not yet of age, but you are pretty mature. Some things we need to keep from Zheng Bin and Lan Lan, but we should loop you in. You are a boy, and will be the backbone of the family, we can’t keep hiding things from you.”

Cheng Xiao Xiao brought her brother out so she could talk to him in private. Pointing at the villagers in front of them, she said, “Zheng Yuan, you should know that our well had only been there for a couple of months.”

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TWQQF ch 54.2 - Here Comes Trouble

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Deacon Bai observed how the Cheng’s were surprised at first, then quickly regained their composure and felt mixed emotions. After all, there was a beast tamer among them. They would be able to handle any number of people who show up.

 Not to mention, he recalled a few days ago when he was trapped by the jade vine, they seemed to be following her order as well. Which meant that they couldn’t begin to see the depth of her power.

No matter who is coming, there is nothing to worry about. He feared their fate would be much worse than what happened to him if they try to rob from the Cheng’s.

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 3.2 - But I Have A Boyfriend

It was a tough business. They would love to avenge their lost teammates too, but they’d need at least a level 4 mercenary to kill a gu dian. They weren’t able to afford the cost of one. They could only afford level 1 mercenary like Cheng Yun just to make them feel safer, and maybe to scare away a bandit or two.

Seeing that he couldn’t turn them down, Qiu Luo accepted the money. Chen Yun came over at this moment and asked, “Uncle Feng, what are we going to do with these meats, bones, and organs?”

Feng Buping thought about it for a second and said “Let’s load the feathers and the bones onto our carriages, we will be able to fetch a good price for them when we get back into town. We will then be able to split it with Xiao Luo. Let’s just toss the organs away. I will barbeque the meat in a bit and split them with everyone.”

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TWQQF ch 54.1 - Here Comes Trouble

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“Nonsense! Don’t you try to play dumb with me!” Old man Cheng was furious, he shouted at his son while pointing straight at his nose.

Normally, a small location like this would never get the time of day with the Cheng’s head of household, but the news today was too shocking. And now that his son seemed to know something about it, but was holding out on him. He couldn’t contain himself.

Cheng Bihua was dumbfounded bit a little bit, he wasn’t sure what he was asking, but he was a smart man after all. He figured out quickly what this was about, “Dad, are you referring to the incident in Willow Village?”

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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 3.1 - But I Have a Boyfriend

Those who survived were all stunned by everything that had just happened in front of their eyes. Their brains couldn’t process the information right away.

Tears were streaming down Qin Luo’s face as he squatted down while holding his head. Chen Yun, on the other hand, adopted the Carp Flip1 technique and got right back up as if nothing has happened.

“Are you okay?” asked Chen Yun, concerned.

TWQQF ch 53.2 - Big News

Should they inform them now?

Thinking about those mythical animals, old man Ning felt a burn in his heart. He just might have better odds putting his trust in his old friends than in the School of Divine Condor.

“Master, we don’t do the negotiations. We let Mr. Lin and the lot to deal with the Cheng’s, then we ask for a share from them. That ought to be the best solution!”

Thursday, April 18, 2019

TWQQF ch 53.1 - Big News

“We will see.” Cheng Xiao Xiao did not agree right away but gave an obscure answer.

Deacon Bai was a bit surprised, but didn’t say anything. They couldn’t afford to offend the Cheng’s.

They sold them the 300 mythical animals raised in the ranch, loaded them all into 5 separate horse-drawn carriages along with 100 jin of rice. They received 8,000 taels of silver. Not too low, but not too high either.

Seeing them off, Cheng Biyuan patted the stack of bank notes he had put away in the inner pocket and smiled happily. Mrs. Cheng smiled tenderly and Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled lightly.

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TWQQF ch 52.2 - One Problem Solved

Chatted with the four older men for a bit, Cheng Xiao Xiao turned and walked into the bamboo forest. Liu Danhang wasn’t going to let this opportunity goes to waste and followed her in.

After dozens of steps into the bamboo forest, one could still see the villagers retrieving water from the well through the bamboos, but Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t care. She stopped and looked at the person who followed her in, “Okay, you can speak your mind now.”

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 2.2 - Gu Diao

The man never made a noise the entire time. Qin Luo gripped his cleaver in rage. He had finally experienced what it was like to be a human here on the bottom of the food chain.

The sadness of losing a team member spread around the campsite. The gu diao let out a satisfying burp and continued to look for its next target.

Several seconds later, another man was tossed into the air and became the gu diao’s dinner.

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TWQQF ch 52.1 - One Problem Solved

“Mom, Dad, I was going to tell you that Innkeeper Zhu will be bringing his people over tomorrow to trade with us. We will sell a batch of our mythical animals and food. We can’t store them all. Not to mention that we can use some cash for other goods!” said Cheng Xiao Xiao nonchalantly.

“Innkeeper Zhu?” Cheng Biyuan paused and asked suspiciously, “Xiao Xiao, didn’t you imprisoned their beacons? Why is he bring people over? Are you saying that his master are sending someone?”

“No, dad, let me tell you what happened?” And she carried on to tell them the entire encounter.

Monday, April 15, 2019

TWQQF ch 51.2 - Has Fiancee

The entire family sat around and enjoyed dinner together.

Shortly after dinner, the young ones were rushed by the parents to rest in their own quarters after playing for a short while.

Cheng Xiao Xiao had matters to discuss with her parents so she stayed behind. Cheng Biyuan looked like he had something to say to her as well. Under his wife’s suggestive look, he began, “Xiao Xiao, I really shouldn’t anything, but if you are not interested in Liu Danhang, you should let him know sooner rather than later. Don’t let him have false hope!”

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TWQQF ch 51.1 - Has Fiancee


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Cheng Xiao Xiao went into the mountain again. She didn’t have anything specific in mind but did hope that she could run into something that could level up the dimension. She knew it wouldn’t be an easy feat in this quite well frequented Mount Wanan.

Innkeeper Zhu had been feeling apprehensive the last few days. He has been pulling his hair out and looking depressed behind the counter. He kept and eye out and looked in the direction of the front entrance frequently, hoping to see the emergence of familiar faces.

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 2.1 - Gu Diao

In the dark forest with thick trees, the baby’s crying noise became louder and louder. Uncle Feng’s face turned a sickly pale. Quickly he pulled out a piccolo and blew out a short and sharp note.

Before Qin Luo could figured out what was going on, Chen Yun had already extinguished the fire with mud. And the rest of the group did the same. A few seconds later, there were no more lights at the camp ground, just the light from the moon shining on the empty space quietly.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

TWQQF ch 50.2 - Let THem Go

As a matter of face, she did have an order for them. Standing ten steps away, Cheng Xiao Xiao said in a deep voice, “We have accumulated some mythical beasts for sale. We were going to take them to Lai Yue Inn anyway before you came and ruined everything. Now you go and get some rest. Bring taels and horse-drawn carriage tomorrow for the mythical beasts. We will trade this one time for now. We will see about future business tomorrow.”

“Yes, Miss Cheng. We will go and prepare that right away and be back first thing tomorrow morning!” Deacon Bai was surprised and delighted, he cupped his hands and thanked her.

“Now, get!”

Friday, April 12, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 1.2 - Hi Beautiful, What's Your Name?

Parked along side was a few horse-drawn carriages full of cargoes and seven to eight tents of various sizes could be seen. They looked like a group of travelling merchants.

“Uncle Feng, you are back!” A young woman in plains clothes carrying a sword at her side came up to him and smiled, “And who is this?”

The young woman has red lips and white teeth, starry eyes and a pearl-like nose, much better than the standard looks that were products of plastic surgeries on earth.

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 1.1 - Hi Beautiful, What's Your Name?

Inside the auditorium of Nan Xiang Polytechnic there were waves and waves of applauses. On the rostrum hung a banner that said “The 8th Annual Nan Xiang God of Cookery Championship”. An old man with a full head of white hair was handing the award to the newest Nan Xiang God of Cookery.

The old man handed the champion a thick-back cleaver with the characters “Xuan Yuan” engraved on it. Qin Luo proudly raised the cleaver about his hand and another round of applause erupted…

Another hour later, Qin Luo, carrying the cleaver with him, was on his way back to the dorm, humming as he walked.

TWQQF ch 50.1 - Let Them Go

With a cold look, Cheng Xiao Xiao walked over to the cage. Stroking the snakies, she regarded the three regret-filled faces and said to them, “I have never offended you. You thought I was a push over, so you could do whatever you want, right?”

“…….” The three just kept shaking their heads. Before the fear was more fear in their eyes!

They knew, no matter how strong you are, if you were placed in front of a beast tamer, your only option was to run. Nobody has yet has the ability to stand up to a beast tamer!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

TWQQF ch 49.2 - The News Leaked

Not knowing what the Cheng’s capable of, he feared to take any more actions. He had no choice but to wait for orders from his employer. He had already informed his employer of what had been going on through the fastest mean possible.

From this point on, everything was out of his hands other than to wait. Naturally, he felt regretful that they weren’t able to negotiate a deal with the Cheng’s. Had that happened, he’d be set for the rest of his life. Now that things had escalated to this point, he’d had to accept the fact that it wasn’t meant to be.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

TWQQF ch 49.1 - The News Leaked

“Xiao Xiao, we heard you are becoming more and more capable!”

Zhou niangzhi teased, then turned to look at Zhen niangzhi, smiling, “Zhen niangzhi, I heard your Danhang was here to help out today eh?”

“Yeah, that kid. I have no idea why he wanted to come help out. But since he volunteered, I have no reason to stop him!” replied Zhen niangzhi was a smile, while looking at Cheng Xiao Xiao up and down. She was quite happy with her.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

TWQQF ch 48.2 - Village Women Came to Visit

They needed to figure out something for selling their goods. They couldn’t retail them. If they wanted to wholesale, they would need large customers, but where were they going to find large customers where they were?

They had soured the relationships with both of their large customers. Now they would need to figure out something on their own.

Thinking about this, she asked her mother next to her, “Mom, does dad have any close friends? I think it’s best we will look for a large customer. After all, we have expanded, and pretty much taken care of everything we need. A customer that we are familiar with will be best.

Monday, April 8, 2019

TWQQF ch 48.1 - Village Women Came to Visit

“Eh, more visitor?”

Little Yuteng, who was sitting on the crystal tree sensed another intruder into the Cheng’s territory. She did not disturb Cheng Xiao Xiao but flashed out of the dimension by herself.

Under the moonlight, a black silhouette sneaked around. He didn’t touch any properties of he Cheng’s, but cautiously seeking all over as though he was looking for something.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

TWQQF ch 47.2 - Each Has Their Own Plans

“Young master, it’s not just them. The few boys today will return too. You really need to work on your cultivation. Otherwise even the fly swatter won’t do you much good!”

Said Yuteng with a big smile. Speak of flies, Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but smiled herself. She never would have thought that a fly swatter could be used as a weapon, treating humans like they were flies. What’s even better was that once the fly swatter locked onto a target, there were no way for them to escape.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

TWQQF ch 47.1 - Each Has Their Own Plans

“Of course they will. They won’t be giving up so easily!” said Cheng Biyuan nonchalantly.

“What…” Mrs. Cheng seemed worried, helplessly she asked, “What are we going to do? Aye, when can our family be peaceful?”

“Mom, don’t worry. This is nothing. Doesn’t matter who they send, we don’t need to be afraid. We will guard what belongs to us. Nobody can take them away from us!” Cheng Xiao Xiao tried to comfort her.

Friday, April 5, 2019

TWQQF ch 46.2 - Swatting Away


A swing from the fly swatter and the two was blow off their feet again. The flew backward and slammed on the ground.

Even the two shi xiong weren’t much help. This was when Ning Xunzong realized that he had, indeed, underestimated the Cheng’s. This was when he remembered his grandfather’s words, that the Cheng’s were no ordinary people, definitely not your ordinary villagers.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

TWQQF ch 46.1 - Swatting Away

His oldest daughter made it back!

Cheng Biyuan did not hesitate, he navigated through the net of swords and got out of her way!

He finally got a good look of the odd fly swatter in his daughter’s hand. He saw her swinging it gently and a strong wind blew from nowhere. Before the three could respond, all three was blew off their feet by the fly swatter.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

TWQQF ch 45.2 - Asking For It

“Oh, little boy, you have no idea. Better get the hell out now if you don’t want to die!” With a murderous fury, Cheng Biyuan lunged at them.

Even though he had just broke through to martial master, but he had been in many deadly battles in the past 30 years. His ability to fight was way above those of the kids in front of him.

Not to mention that he had killed martial masters when he was still just a martial scholar. He was not worried in the least bit about 3 junior martial master and 3 common servants.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

TWQQF ch 45.1 - Asking for It



The dogs started barking violently. They vicious side surfaced and their look threatening. They looked as though they were ready to spring forth and attack at any given moment. Ning Xunzong’s words had obviously enraged the two dogs.

Mrs. Cheng regarded the three arrogant young men in front of her, she felt worried and disturbed. Just looking at them you’d know that they were here to cause trouble, especially their outfits, they made her worried.

Monday, April 1, 2019

TWQQF ch 44.2 - Arrival of Evil Guests

After lunch, Cheng Biyuan started watering the bamboos with the villagers again. The villagers were even more efficient and more driven after lunch. One of the smiled and asked, “Brother Cheng, how come the rice at your house is more delicious? Even the water from you well tastes sweeter!”

“It didn’t just taste sweeter. I was so tired before, and after a few sips of that water, I feel energized all over again! I am starting to think those are sacred water from fairies!”

“Yeah, they do taste better than the well water from my house. I wonder why?”