Friday, May 17, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 10.1 - Only one bed?

“Hi, how are you?” Qin Luo quickly grabbed that slender little hand, “My name is Qin Luo, and she is…. my girlfriend Chen Yun.”

Looking at Qin Luo who was almost drooling at the girl, Chen Yun subtly reached out her right hand and pinched his waist hard!

Qin Luo took a big gasp; the strength of a female swordsman was no joke!
Qin Luo sneakily let out a small green light to alleviate the pain on his waist while he reluctantly let go of the petite hand.

You pretended that she didn’t see any of the exchanges. Smiling lightly, she said, “We can split the earnings evenly, what do you say?”

“No problem!” replied Qin Luo quickly, either way you look at it, he stood to gain a lot.

“But, why do you want to join force with us?”

“Because I am afraid of dying, it makes me feel better to travel with a level 4 white mage.”


Qin Luo walked back over to the long hair receptionist from earlier and asked, “Hi, pardon me, what do I need to do to take on a mission?”

“Hi, one-star missions are free, two-star ones cost two gold coins, and three-star ones are five gold coins. Just hand me the fees and the badge of the captain and I will register you.”

Now that they have added of a strong teammate, he wasn’t going to let the opportunity goes to waste!

With thick skin, Qin Luo asked, “If I take on all three of the zombie missions, can you give me a discount?”


Under the insistent of Qin Luo, the long hair beauty finally asked her superior and ended up only charging him six gold coins total.

The mission began at 12 midnight. Qin Luo and You made plans to meet at outside the church at 11:30 before they parted ways.

The day was still young, Qin Luo decided that he should feed himself first, but there was no way he would touch any of the barbeque meat on the side of the streets.

The entire city of Ning Zhou didn’t even have one restaurant, that made Qin Luo’s balls hurt.

Qin Luo said to Chen Yun, “By the way, are there any food markets where we can grab some food and cook at your place?”

Chen Yun replied, “No food market, but there are butchers.”

Qin Luo was ecstatic, “Okay, let’s head to the butchers!”

There was a butcher place not too far from the square. When Qin Luo and Chen Yun walked inside, they were surrounded by piles of meat the size of a small mountain.

“Feel free to take a look around. I give discount for large orders,” said a stocky, topless man waving a knife with a thick back. He was standing amidst the mountains of meat without even looking up when he heard their footsteps.

Qin Luo casually looked around. Most of them were commonly-seen meats, similar to pork and beef.

His original intention was to look for some meat to make a dish that will enhance their ability, but Xuanyuan cleaver was not responding to any of these at all.

“Hey, shopkeeper, you got any mystical beasts’ meats?” asked Qin Luo.


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