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TWQQF ch 348 - The Event of the Statue; Saving Someone (5)

“Dad, where is Eleventh Elder now? I am guessing your intention is to save him and bring him back?” Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t going to let anyone had the opportunity to make fun of her. So she just raised the question directly and pretended nothing had happened.

Cheng Biyuan nodded and said, “The Emperor City Cheng’s don’t have much humanity left in them anymore. What wouldn’t they do for their own gains? Our men inadvertently found out that the Cheng’s had sent out a lot of men heading in the Mocheng direction but we didn’t know why. It was after further investigations by our men before we learned that they were all headed for Eleventh Elder.”

“We didn’t know about this before. Now that we are aware of it, naturally we can’t just sit by and do nothing about it. Why don’t you and Elder Ying take a trip to Mocheng Province and bring them here?”

TWQQF ch 347 - The Event of the Statue; Saving Someone (4)

Mo Xuanzun raised both of his hands and swore that there would never be a next time, unless she allowed him into her room. His second statement made her kicked him again.

The drama between the two was finally over after that. The Cheng’s were quite pleased with the performance; after all, it was quite entertaining.

“Miss, Master asked you to go see him in the study!” announced her father’s houseboy to her!

Cheng Xiao Xiao nodded and rushed over to her father’s study right away.

She ran into Mo Xuanzun on her way so the both of them went to the study together.

When they arrived, her father wasn’t the only one in the study. There were also Manager Zhou and Elder Ying.

TWQQF ch 346 - The Event of the Statue; Saving Someone (3)

“Well then, good!”

This was the first time ever that she saw her own status, and Cheng Xiao Xiao was very much loving it. With a hint of smile on her face, she toyed with the statue in her hand while closely examining his craftsmanship.

After she finished looking at the face of the status, she looked looking further down. When she noticed the clothings on the status her smile froze. Her clear, black eyes stared intently at the slightly opened collar, exposing some of her white flesh in the chest area and a pair of perky….

And a hint of….

She felt odd about it. It was as if….

She looked at it closer, the statue seemed to be wearing….


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TWQQF ch 345 - The Event of the Statue; Saving Someone (2)


For their own safety, Cheng Xiao Xiao decided not to exposer the secret of her dimension. Once the decision was made, Cheng Xiao Xiao looked up slowly and apologetically at them and said, “Abbess, I thought about it for a while and really couldn’t figure out what it was. I am not what else we can do at this point!”


The two of them exchanged a look; it was a hard to swallow answer. After all, they came a long ways to seek an answer, but ended up with nothing.

TWQQF ch 344 - The Event of the Statue; Saving Someone (1)

“Maiden Cheng, do allow me to explain to you the dire situation we are facing here!”

Grandmaster Wudao took a look at Nun Saochen and carried on, “Not too long ago, we returned to our respective monastery in Lingnan and we brought up the breakthrough of Elder Ying to our other school mates in the monasteries and that we are looking forward to Maiden Cheng figuring out the underlying reason here. This is not only our hope, but the hope of all cultivators on this continent!

“Similarly, Nun Saochen also returned to Yuni Sect and brought this up to the abbesses in her monastery. The two apex martial emperor abbesses were all very happy upon hearing the news. Especially the senior abbess of Yuni Sect, given her age, we speculate she has a few more years left. And there is no guarantee… could be a few years, could be a few months, could even be a few days….

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TWQQF ch 343 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (10)

“Miss, Grandmaster Wudao and Nun Saochen would like to pay you a visit!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao was just about to go pay her mother a visit when Yesu came with this announcement. Surprised, she asked, “Didn’t they just leave a few days ago? How come they are back already?”

“Yes, the grandmaster and the abbess just returned!” smiled Yesu.

“Okay, I will meet with them and find out what is going on!”

TWQQF ch 342 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (9)

“What is it? You look like you are up to no good!” As soon she they entered the room, Cheng Xiao Xiao flung Mo Xuanzun’s arm away. She hasn’t gotten used to all the bodily contacts yet.

“Xiao Xiao, I really was looking for you!” Mo Xuanzun pouted as though he was hurt that she didn’t believe him.

“What now? Why are you always following me around?”

Cheng Xiao Xiao ignored him and started walking toward her own building. As she was walking, she asked, “Where you are staying? Should I send some maid to wait on you?”

“No, I don’t need maids. Just houseboys to take care of the courtyard will be sufficient. Xiao Xiao, I am staying in the guest building behind your quarters. You coming over to visit me whenever you have time will be enough!” Mo Xuanzun was grinning from ear to ear and followed happily behind her.

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TWQQF ch 341 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (8)

“Yes, most definitely. Your son in law will immediately send a letter to invite my master and his wife to visit. Rest assured, Mother in Law, I will take care of it all and there will be nothing for father in law and mother in law to worry about.”

“Good! Good!”

The more time she spent with him, the more Mrs. Cheng liked this guye. This whole unfolding of the mother-in-law met son-in-law scene was exactly like the old saying: mother-in-law met son-in-law, grow more and more fond.

At this moment in time, the nervous Mo Xuanzun finally was able to relaxed. He had finally taken care of both his father-in-law and mother-in-law; this wife wasn’t going to go anywhere. Now all that was left was how to bag this wife.

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TWQQF ch 340 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (7)

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“Talk, why aren’t you talking? You can shout me; you can cry; you can plead with me. Why aren’t you talking? Why? Quick! Say something!”


Nobody could hear the vicious commands from inside the small quarter, but no response ever came.

Cheng’s at Willow Village.

Nobody had gone to disturb Cheng Xiao Xiao after she’d breakfast; that has surprised her. She took the opportunity to flash into the small room that had been repurposed as storage unit and transported more goods from the dimension.

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TWQQF ch 339 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (6)

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The First Elder thought about it for a bit and added, “Okay, perhaps leave one or two that he cares about; otherwise it’d still be problematic if he disobeys us in the future!”

“Yes, First Elder!”

“And you guys, stop focusing only on cultivating and indulging; pay more attention to what was going on in the outside world and be less ignorant!”

“Yes, First Elder!”

All the elders got up and bowed to the First Elder respectfully.


With a twist of his body, he was gone from the hall.

When he reappeared, he has arrived at a building within the forbidden region of the Cheng’s residence.

The First Elder was the only person allowed in this area. Nobody else, including the current Cheng’s Housemaster was allowed to step foot inside here. Anyone who tried to enter this area without permission would be killed on site!

Several younger generations of the Cheng’s had already been killed for this very reason, yet nobody dared say a word. Nobody dared to step on the First Elder’s toes.

He entered into a small building and saw a beautiful woman sitting inside the reception pavilion. She was clothed in light green palace outfit, roughly around 30 or so years old. Her beautiful face still very fair, as though time has no effect on her.

If Cheng Biyuan was here, he’d be shocked. The stunningly beautiful woman sitting right here right now was his mother – Fang Shuyun, the one that has supposedly been beaten to death by his father.

“HOHO, not bad. You looked good today!” said First Elder with a big smile as he walked over and brought her into his arms. His shriveled-up palm running up and down her tender and beautiful face.

Fang Shuyun only sat there like a puppet, showing no reactions to his touch. Even her beautiful eyes were listless, no signs of activities.

“Shuyun, I got more news on your precious son, do you want to hear about it?”

The words “precious son” seemed to have stirred up something in her but quickly she returned back to her original state.

The First Elder did not notice the change in her, his hand had moved onto other parts of her body. He smiled and continued, “Your precious son was quite lucky. Back when all his cultivation was wiped, he was saved by the dean of School of Divine Condor. And now? He was a martial king. He is the son of my precious Shuyun afterall, such incredible talent. HOHOHO…”

Fang Shuyun remained motionlessly like a wooden statue. Yet her fingernails hidden inside her sleeves had dug deep into her palm without being detected.


Calling out her name, the First Elder gripped her chin. He looked intently at her with a smile on his face and said, “Do you know, that precious granddaughter of yours is all grown up too. I’ve heard that she was fond of the youngest genius mathematician of Temple of Divine Plans. That was quite something. I bet she was as stunning as you, how else could she have scored someone from Temple of Divine Plans? Tsk tsk, what a shame. I shouldn’t have let her go way back when. I should have kept her here so both of you could be here to serve me, wouldn’t that be nice, huh? HAHAHAHAHA…”


“Shuyun, how come you are not talking? I thought you love hearing news about your precious son? How come you don’t talk anymore when I tell you about him, hmm? Do you think that now that your son has made it, he will come and save you? Shuyun, I certainly hope you are not that na├»ve. Let me get lay this out for you, everybody thought you are dead, including your precious son. He wouldn’t know you are here, you get that?”




The stoned beauty just listen to him quietly, making no sounds or movements.

After laughing for a quite a while, the smile was gone from the First Elder’s face and replaced with a ferocious look. He stared viciously at her and said, “Shuyun, you belong to me and nobody can take you away from me. Do you hear me? So what if your son is now a martial king? If he dare shows up in front of me, I will squish him like an ant and kill him effortlessly. Hrm!”



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TWQQF ch 338 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (5)

Emperor City Cheng’s!

The Ninth Elder had returned!

Emptied handed. He returned with nothing more than his darkened face!

Before long, all the other elders learned of what had transpired!

Instantly, the entire hall was filled with a scary sense of gloominess, just like the look on everybody’s face.

Never in a million years would they have expected Cheng Xiao Xiao to have get to befriend the genius mathematician of the Temple of Divine Plans. That wasn’t even the most important point; the most important point was that the genius mathematician wanted to marry Cheng Xiao Xiao!

TWQQF ch 337 - The Hidden Truth; Bad Guye (4)

“What kind of bonus?” asked Cheng Xiao Xiao with a smile.

“Lots of things, like high end animals, fertilizers, golden glove, seeds, fries, gold coins, etc.”

“That’s it?”

Cheng Xiao Xiao was both surprised and disappointed. Those all existed when she was playing the game way back when, why were they showing up as daily bonus now?

“Hehe, young mistress, these are good stuff. Just think about it, with the fertilizer, we can harvest right away. The golden glove is the most amazing, if I harvest while wearing them, we can double or triple our produce. Isn’t that so wonderful? It’s just like cloning, but easier!