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TWQQF ch 177 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (10)

Since the little girl in front of him was a martial apprentice, then he must tread carefully. He didn’t want to offend anyone that he couldn’t afford to offend. If that happened, he may even lose his life, let alone passing his days peacefully.

“I am not with any sect!” said Cheng Xiao Xiao as she shook her head, “But, I have decided to send you to the King of Hell. Because you deserve it!”

“Oh, I deserve it, huh?” snickered Flower Monk, “Many in this world deserve to die, can you kill them all? Little girl, this is hell, not heaven. And since you have already arrived at hell, you might as well stay!”

Friday, August 30, 2019

TWQQF ch 176 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (9)

It was exactly as she had speculated, but now was confirmed by Yuteng.

Since she had already ran into this place, she might as well take care of it altogether, so they couldn’t hurt anymore innocents.

“Eh, Bighead Chi, why did you follow us here?” Water Ghoul stopped and asked when he discovered that not only did Bighead Chi not left but had been following them.

Bighead Chi gave him an appeasing smile and said, “Water Ghoul, after all, I was the one who ran into this brat first, right? If it wasn’t for me, she might have already escaped, right?”

“Hrm, I guess you want to be awarded for that. Fine, you have a point there, but don’t go overboard!” Water Ghoul realized that he won’t be able to get rid of Bighead Chi, so instead, he warned him to not try to pocket all the reward himself in a bit.

Bighead Chi nodded with a smile, agreeing to his words.

Watching the interaction between the two minions, Cheng Xiao Xiao found them amusing. Unintentionally, she locked eyes with Bighead Chi and noticed the complicated look in his eyes. Cheng Xiao Xiao raised her brows.

There just might to Bighead Chi than what he appeared to be.

Under the urging sound of Water Ghoul, the three arrived at the courtyard. Just when they arrived at the entrance, they could hear laughter from both men and women. It was obvious that those inside were indulging in both alcohol and other pleasures

“Go away, why are you disturbing me?!”

Soon as they stopped, a voice rich in qi came from the inside. From the voice alone, Cheng Xiao Xiao could tell that this grandmaster was at least a martial spiritualist!

“Grandmaster! It’s Water Ghoul and Bighead Chi!” replied Water Ghoul loudly.

The noises from the inside came to a grinding halt. It wasn’t long before the room door was opened and out came a tough and stocky looking senior monk.

He looked to be around 40 or so. His eyes were sharp like that of eagles. As soon as he noticed Cheng Xiao Xiao standing between the two of them, he asked surprisingly, “Where do you guys find her from?”

“So you are the grandmaster, flower monk?”

The senior monk was even more surprised. Pointing at himself, he asked, “Little girl, you know me?”

“Aren’t you flower monk?”

“How do you know my name is Flower Monk?”

“’cuz you always are in the TV shows!” Cheng Xiao Xiao finally decided to put her faith in TV shows once.

Water Ghoul and Bighead Chi by her side was also dumbfounded when they heard her referring to him as Flower Monk. How was it possible that she knew the nick of their grandmaster?

Very few people in the surrounding area had heard of Flower Monk. Mainly because every time Flower Monk went on a mission, he left no survivors. None of the victims knew who he was.

As for the name Flower Monk, he got that shortly after he became a monk because he never gave up meat, wine, and women. It was only natural that he received that nick.

“TV shows?”

Flower Monk was utterly confused, but quickly he remembered his earlier question, “Little girl, who are you huh? How did you end up in our temple?

“It wasn’t quite a choice; I was sent by the King of Hell!” Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t afraid of Flower Monk at all. Her fly swatter was good enough to swat even martial kings, so what if he was a martial spiritualist?

Flower Monk rolled his eyes and scolded, “Little girl, you think you are funny? If you don’t tell me how you got here, I just might eat your heart!”

“Hrm, I knew you are a bunch of cannibalistic monsters!” snickered Cheng Xiao Xiao.

“Go ahead and tell me, little girl, which sect are you with?” Flower Monk could tell she was a martial apprentice. He may not care about a martial apprentice, but he was well aware that anyone that could cultivate were not ordinary individuals. Most commoners would never have the opportunity to cultivate.


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Resplendent Apothecary ch 22 - Never Stopped (1)

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Having a pretty good idea of how Mrs. Gu was, Li’jie reminded the kids to be sure to keep their mouths shut and not to cause Gu Ming and Gu Ye to get a beating at home after eating their pheasant meal. All the kids nodded solemnly and promised they wouldn’t speak a word of it.

Nonetheless, Mrs. Wu, who was extremely disgruntled at not being able to get her hands  on the pheasant, had already told the entire embellished version of the story to Mrs. Gu.

When Gu Ming and Gu Ye arrived home, Mrs. Gu had already have water boiling, just waiting for the pheasant so she could start pick off it’s feathers! She immediately noticed that the two of them have nothing in their hands, their bellies were quite rounded, and Gu Ming even let out a burp inadvertently. Even Mrs. Gu could figured out what had happened. The enraged Mrs. Gu grabbed the broom and smacked it down straight onto Gu Ming and Gu Ye.

TWQQF ch 175 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (8)

Moustache guy saw Cheng Xiao Xiao and his eyes widened. He asked, surprised, “Where did she come from?”

“Eh? What do you mean? Isn’t she from one of the rooms up front?” Bighead Chi was dumbfounded. He looked at Cheng Xiao Xiao strangely.

Moustache man shook his head and said, “No, we have seen all the girls in the rooms up front. On top of that, none of them come close to the quality of this one!”

“Then she…”

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TWQQF ch 174 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (7)

“I will have to teach you how to use the appliances here. These items are not the same as what you have seen before. You wouldn’t know how to use them if I don’t teach you!”

“Yes, Lu Zhu understood!”

All the appliances came with the villa were contemporary, there were no way people from the past would know how to operate them. Cheng Xiao Xiao had no choice but to hand hold and teach her everything from scratch, otherwise, she’d be the only one that would be able to cook.

After spending a day in the dimension, Cheng Xiao Xiao realized that they were fully capable of taking care of themselves and she didn’t need to worry about anything else. After telling the to focus on cultivating, she left the dimension.

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Resplendent Apothecary ch 21 - Geniuses Are Everywhere (2)

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Mrs. Wu was caught by surprise, she stuttered for a bit and said, “I…. I hit it with a rod… .that’s right! I hit the pheasant with a rod in my hand and broke its wing, which was why it wasn’t able to take off!”

A sly smile crossed Gu Ye’s face and she said, “If you have indeed hit it with a rod, the would be in the pattern of a stripe, but the pheasant in my brother’s hand has a round wound!”

“Ohhh? Oh! I was misspoke, I hit it with a rock. That’s right! With a rock!” Mrs. Wu backpaddled immediately while staring at Gu Ye with her beady eyes. This brat normally wouldn’t even dare to make eye contact with anyone. Whatever have happened to her?

TWQQF ch 173 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (6)

After the purchase, she clicked on decoration and converted the tiny cottage into a white villa. Right after she finished clicking, the sight in front of her shifted, the inside of the house had changed completely.

Not only did the living room expanded a lot, even the furniture was upgraded from what the ones before. Cheng Xiao Xiao looked across the room and couldn’t help but to smile, “You surely get what you paid for. Now this finally looks like a home!”

As she was talking, she started looking over the new house. Other than the living room, the first floor has bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It was roughly 180 square meters.

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TWQQF ch 172 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (5)

Lu Zhu opened his eyes and, after a slight pause, asked immediately, “Mistress, this place is so gorgeous. This place belongs to you?”

“That’s right, this is my place. Do you like it here?” Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t notice any negative effect on the kids and she felt better.

Little Yuteng, who was sitting on the crystal fruit tree, flew over. Looking at the two new visitors, she said, “Welcome to the dimension of the young mistress. How are you? My name is little Yuteng and I manage this dimension. Other than young mistress, I make all the decisions in this dimension!”

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Resplendent Apothecary ch 20 - Geniuses Are Everywhere (1)

Not knowing that she was being investigated, Gu Ye was being “interrogated” by her brother on the reason she climbed up the cliff while picking up pine cones. Finally she gave in, pulled out the purple ganoderma plant, and whispered softly, “Shhhhh, don’t let Mrs. Gu saw it, or there will be nothing left for us!”

Gu Ming looked around them and urged Gu Ye to put away the purple ganoderma plant quickly, “Keep it somewhere safe and sell it to Shopkeeper Qian secretly next time he comes to collect herbs. You have not recovered 100% yet, we will trade them for some flour and rice and store them in a secretive cave and they will last you for a little while!”

TWQQF ch 171 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (4)

Qing Zhu and Lu Zhu accepted the water bottle from Cheng Xiao Xiao. They exchanged a look with each other and, seeing that their Mistress had already started drinking her water, could wait no more with their now burning throats. They quickly twisted open the bottle and started gulping down the water.

The three of them each drank over half a bottle of their water right away. The nice, cool mystical water immediately made them feel better. Cheng Xiao Xiao looked at them; then, she said to the seemingly somewhat saavy Qing Zhu, “Were you worry that I have poisoned the water?”

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TWQQF ch 170 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (3)

When he saw the Cheng’s mystical well, other than being amazed, there were also a complicated look hidden deep within his eyes. Then when he saw the Cheng’s range and the big stretch of mystical fields, he was amazed over and over again!

That afternoon, young master Zhu found an excuse to go and wander around mountain range of Mount Wanan.

Now that the entire province of Qing’an belonged to the Cheng’s, young master Zhu couldn’t help but to ask for permission from Cheng Biyuan. Cheng Biyuan had no reason to stop him so he agreed that he could go look around, and feel free to seek help from any servants as he sees fit!

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TWQQF ch 169 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (2)

But when he tried the Cheng’s iced tea, a surprised look appeared on his face and he couldn’t help but to ask, “Master Cheng what kind of herb have you added to the iced tea? It was so smooth and comforting!”

“HOHOHO….” laughed Cheng Biyuan. ”You are right, we added some flower petals in the tea. The iced floral tea was my eldest daughter’s invention. Pardon us!”

“Iced floral tea. Excellent, there’s floral flavor in the tea, along with a hint of sweetness. It seemed complicated for iced tea, yet so tasty. This is wonderful!” said Zhu Xiangyu after a few more serious sips.

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Resplendent Apothecary ch 19 - Right Up Her Alley (2)

“Peak Jiuchong locates in the deepest part of Mount Cangmang and is full of wild beasts. Mister must be careful!” Who wasn’t drawn to pretty things in life? Even Li’jie couldn’t help but to give him advices.

Ling Juechen took a quick look at her and nodded ever so slightly before he turned back to Gu Ye and said, “Don’t worry, I brought with me two very skillful martial artists, those beasts won’t be able to hurt me! You be careful in the future, don’t be so naught now….”

As he was saying, he reached out a finger and touched Gu Ye on her nose, his look and voice filled with pampering.

TWQQF ch 168 - The Experiment Was Successful; Wandered Into Thieves' Den (1)

When the Cheng’s didn’t find Cheng Xiao Xiao after they woke up, they understood that she had already taken off.

The Cheng’s father and brothers were fine, but Mrs. Cheng was apparently in a foul mood and didn’t even want to have breakfast. It was as though her spirit had left with her daughter.

Cheng Biyuan wasn’t sure what he could say, so instead going to supervise the construction, he stayed behind to sit in the courtyard with her.

The two of them sat and chitchatted in the courtyard and before long, Liu Danhuang hurried in. Cheng Biyuan was surprised by that and asked, “Danhuang, what happened?”