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TWQQF ch 113 - Lots of Drama; Beautiful Scholar (6)

With the bottles in hand, the three of them couldn’t help but to smile bitterly. They knew there were no chance of them entering the Cheng’s. Cheng Xiao Xiao’s act had left them with no more excuses.

They felt slightly better now that they have been gifted with a bottle of mystical water. Granted, they quickly figured out the real meaning behind all these and decided against proceeding any further.

“Okay, Miss Cheng. We got it, we will spread the words to the public that the Cheng’s will only resume sales activities after three months. Farewell, Miss Cheng!”

“Farewell, Miss Cheng!”

“Till next time, Miss Cheng!”

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TWQQF ch 112 - Lots of Drama; Beautiful Scholar (5)

The other two only just now noticing the fiery lion after they heard his voice. Their eyes bulged out and they were all shocked beyond words.

They have seen fiery lion before, but have never seen one that was a mount of a beast tamer. But from what they could tell, they were certain that this fiery lion was her mount.

Cheng Xiao Xiao did not react to their dumbfounded looks. Looking at them, she said softly, “Fellow deacon elders, I have an idea of the purpose of your trip. I am sorry to inform you that the mystical animals that you came for had already been sold yesterday. I apologize.”


The three deacon elders have regained their composure. Hearing Cheng Xiao Xiao’s words, Elder Lin smiled, “You must be Miss Cheng Xiao Xiao of the Cheng’s. We are aware of the situation you are talking about. The mystical animals might be sold out, but certainly the mystical spring isn’t. May we purchase some mystical spring water from the Cheng’s?”

“That’s right, Miss Cheng. We would like to purchase mystical spring water from the Cheng’s as well. Would that be alright with Miss Cheng?” asked Elder Du full of smile.

Elder Quan was even more courteous than the other two, “Miss Cheng, I am the deacon of Huashan Sect. I represent Huashan Sect to purchase mystical animals and mystical spring water from the Cheng’s. I hope Miss Cheng will consider our offer!”

All three of them were after the same thing. Cheng Xiao Xiao had long been expecting this scenario so she was not surprise and handing this in stride, “The three elders are so courteous. I understand your asks, but currently we are under construction to expand our family house. We are temporarily pausing any sales activities. After sometime, we will make these purchases available to the public. Can I ask you to return then?”

“Well, this….”

The three looked at each other. They didn’t expect such a respond. This was to say that their trip was a complete waste and they felt unreconciled.

Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t pay attention to their thoughts. There was now a jade vine in her hand that appeared out of nowhere. Pointing at the foothill of Mount Wanan and the expansion construction, she continued, “Please take a look, with all these going on, you can see why we have to pause our sales for the time being.”

“…..” Looking at the direction that she pointed at, they could see all the construction activities at the foothill, they could tell the work was in full swing and they were speechless.

Sure enough, the Cheng’s wouldn’t have the time of day to take care of those who were here to make purchases. If they want to buy anything from them, they will have to wait till the construction has been completed and those from the Cheng’s to free up.

But how could they return empty-handed after coming all the way to Willow?

As though she could read their mind, a quick thought and three leather water bottles appeared in her hand and she tossed them toward the three at the bottom of the hilltop.

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TWQQF ch 111 - Lots of Drama; Beautiful Scholar (4)

Master beast tamers were slightly more powerful, they could communicate with vicious beasts and mystical beasts. These vicious beasts and mystical beasts would be able to understand their commands and able to engage and complete in battles.

As for guru beast tamers, not only could they command mystical beasts, they could also make sacred beast to work along side them.

If a beasts tamer’s level was not high enough, not only would they not be able to command the sacred beasts, they would be destroyed by the sacred beasts when they run into them.

The most important point was, if they want to delegate vicious or mystical beasts that they have trained to someone else, they must be master beast tamers or above. A regular beast tamer would have not this ability.

Judging from this, the beast tamer at the Cheng’s was at least a master beast tamer. This was yet another shocking news.

“May I ask what are the three seniors’ business coming to Willow?” Liu Tianshan asked the three old men solemnly.

Same as Liu Danhuang, Liu Tianshan was one of Cheng Biyuan’s disciplines by name. These disciples by name were also charged with the responsibilities to lead the mystical beasts and surveil areas around Willow for intruders when they were not cultivating.

“Young man, I am deacon elders of Huashan (Mount Hua) Sect, one of the top 9 sects. I would like to meet with Master Cheng!” said old man Quan courteously.

Old man Lin followed suite, “I am Wushan (Five Mountains) Sect’s deacon elder and would like to meet with Master Cheng. Can you please pass on the message?”

“I am deacon elder of Shendong (god east) Sect, I made a trip in the hope of meeting with Master Cheng!” Old man Du had also introduced himself.

The villagers of Willow were no longer the same as before, especially Cheng Biyuan’s dozens of disciples. They were well aware of all the powers on this continent.

When he heard that they were deacon elders from the 9 top sects, he dare not be rude. Courteously he cupped his hands and said, “The three elders, please wait here. I must report to my master first before I can let you through. I hope you will understand!”

“Of course, of course….”

“No problem, no problem, we appreciate you making a trip for us!”

“We understanding, thank you for relaying our messages for us!”

“No problem!” Liu Tianshan was quite fond of the three courteous elders in front of him and decided to report to his master.

When he was turning around, a soft voice came from the hillside next to him, “Shi xiong Tianshan….”

Shi mei….” Liu Tianshan stopped in his path and smiled at the individual on the hillside, “Shi mei, these three seniors1 would like to meet with master!”

“Understood!” nodded Cheng Xiao Xiao.

The three deacon elders looked up at the source of the voice. They saw a young girl, about 15-16 years of age. Her face was jade like, her mannerism elegant, her look nonchalant and cool, she looked nothing like a village girl.

From the exchange between the two, the three deacon elders figured out who she was. Of course, they were more surprised and baffled by how did she appear there.

With their martial king cultivation, they should be able to detect any movements or noises within a 10 mile radius.

However, this girl in front of him just appeared out of the blue without being detected by them. All three deacon elders were in awe.

“Oh, um, that is….”

When old man Lin saw the fiery lion standing next to Cheng Xiao Xiao, he was shocked speechless.


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1.      Rank/age/generations are emphasized a lot more in Asian culture than Western culture. Here when Liu Tianshan used the term “seniors” he wasn’t being rude and calling them “old men”, but a respectable way of referring to them as someone of a generation that was senior to theirs.


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TWQQF ch 110 - Lots of Drama; Beautiful Scholar (3)

Right now, it was shocking that all beasts that had appear at the Cheng’s had been mystical beasts. Especially that level 3 fiery lion, it could evolve into a sacred beast at any time.

Sacred beast, that was dazzling merely to think about it. They have only existed in the legends!

Regardless of what Innkeeper Zhu was thinking about, the fiery lion had delivered Cheng Xiao Xiao to little Yuteng’s whereabout.

On the hillside on the way into town, Cheng Xiao Xiao saw little Yuteng who had transformed into tens of thousands of vines fluttering in the wind. Jumping off of the lion, Cheng Xiao Xiao was in no mood to take in the beauty of it. She looked around and asked, “What’s the situation? Did you say someone is approaching?”

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TWQQF ch 109 - Lots of Drama; Beautiful Scholar (2)

“Mom, we are doing all these to ensure a better future!” Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled beautifully at her mother.

“Haha, you are right!” Thinking about the days to come, Mrs. Cheng also put up a happy smile. “Oh, by the way, Xiao Xiao, I almost forgot to ask you. Didn’t you say the villagers will be heading out of the village today? What kind of arrangements have you made? Will that cause any trouble?”

“Mom, I have already assigned that to Yuteng. Don’t worry, it will be fine!”

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TWQQF ch 108 - Lots of Drama; Beautiful Scholar (1)

To those of you who are wondering if the story is going to go anywhere, the author had already promised drama in the title of this chapter. LOL


“Cheng Biyuan and Luo Yuqin were both legend to be handsome and beautiful. Their daughter must be fair!”

“I’ve heard that Cheng Biyuan’s oldest daughter’s name is Cheng Xiao Xiao and she’s quite pretty. We’ve got to check that out for ourselves, hahaha….”

“Hehe, you wish. You think she will have an eye for you?”


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TWQQF ch 107 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (20) [BONUS CHAPTER]

“Cash?” Ning Xunzong paused for a second and quickly got the hint. With a look of enlightenment, he stood up high-spirited, “No problem, let me go get some cash from the accounting!”

“Cough cough cough…”

Shi xiong Gu fake coughed. After he got Ning Xunzong’s attention, he said slowly, “Shi di Ning, don’t forget that we are sneaking out secretly. Don’t attract any attention, even those from your family. You get that?”

“Yes, yes, I understand?” After he was reminded, Ning Xunzong recollected himself and put his smile away and walked outside of the room with fake calmness.

TWQQF ch 106 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (19)

“It wasn’t our fault that he was injured!” said Ning Xunzong, displeased. “It was the Cheng’s who injured him. He should be mad at them. Let me put it this way, if we don’t inform him of the three geezers’ plan, wouldn’t he be more upset at once he finds out?”

“We can just pretend that we don’t know about it either. You want to report to him you can go by yourself!” replied shi xiong Zhou impatiently.

Ning Xunzong, who was just about to say something else, kept his mouth shut. He had always listened to shi xiong Zhou’s words and never thought about disagreeing with him.

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TWQQF ch 105 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (18)

“It looks as thought someone had beat us to it and stroke a deal with the Cheng’s!” Old man Lin’s heart sank.

“These people acted fast!” frowned old man Quan, and then he asked again, “Brother Ning, were you men about to find out more details? Who were these people that were able to strike a deal with the Cheng’s?”

“They are with Lai Yue Inn in this town. If I am guessing correctly, the one behind these are Green Mountain Manor!” said old man Ning slowly.

Old man Du exclaimed uncontrollably, “What? Green Mountain Manor?!”

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TWQQF ch 104 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (17)

The old patriarch was still mad after he got spittle all over him, he continued angrily, “We have been so poor that we couldn’t feed or cloth ourselves. We can’t afford medicines when we are sick; our youths can’t afford to get married. And you want to talk about our ancestor’s accomplishment? Are you kidding me?!”

After hearing that, Liu Erping finally quiet down. He knew that the old patriarch was smarter than everyone else. What he said made sense, so he didn’t say any more.

Cheng Biyuan didn’t know what went through the old patriarch’s mind. And even if he did, he would have just laughed it off. After all, these were not things that could be changed over night.

“Xiao Xiao, do you think it will be dangerous letting the villager go out tomorrow?”

Cheng Biyuan felt that his family had attracted all the unwanted attention for all walks of life. If that led to any villagers being harmed, he’d feel very bad about it.

Walking next to him, Cheng Xiao Xiao understood her father’s thoughts. Softly she said, “Dad, but that can’t be the reason we forbid them to leave the village for the rest of their lives. And even if they stay in the village for the rest of their lives, it still doesn’t guarantee that they will be save forever. Nobody can predict accidents!”

“You’ve already said all you could. They more or less understand the situation here. If they really got themselves in any sort of trouble, that’s on them, not us!”

“That being said, we can’t just stand by either. Otherwise, how can we live here carefree?” Cheng Biyuan had on a very austere look.

Cheng Xiao Xiao thought about it some and suggested, “Dad, why don’t we send the mystical beasts to guard the path between our village to the town? If anyone try to harm the villagers, they can protect them secretly. If something happens inside the town, there’s not much we could do!”

“Perhaps. Have fairy Yuteng arrangement some protection on the path. We will do our best to protect the villager!”

“I understand, dad!”

“We are employing a lot of people right now. Once we’ve cultivated all the barren land, you can grow whatever you want. And let’s find another spot and we will dig out a pond. The mystical fish taste fresh and smooth and everybody loves it!”

“Dad, you can supervise them to have that done!”

“Xiao Xiao you give this some more thoughts. What else do we need? You are the only one who knows what your ideal paradise looks like!”

“Hehe, dad. You have been around longer than me. You can decide!”

The two of them walked and chatted at the same time as they headed toward home.

Somebody has been to Willow Village!

This new spread like wild fire in the town of Daling. Even the skeptics couldn’t sit tight anymore after seeing the mystical animals in carriages showed up in town!

Of course, even more people inquired this mysterious group how they were able to get inside of Willow.

Everybody knew that Willow has been barricaded with mystical beasts guarding all roads leading into the village, making it almost impossible to enter. Now not only was someone able to get inside, they had further stroke a deal with the Cheng’s. Naturally everybody who had been waiting around time were getting anxious.

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TWQQF ch 103 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (16)

The few village women exchanged looks with each other. Shi da niang was the first to speak, “Xiao Xiao, we are okay with your conditions. As long as you will let the girls return at age 14, we don’t have any other asks!”

“Yes, Xiao Xiao, me neither. Bring February Flower back with you to help out with your house work!”

“I agree. Xiao Xiao, if little Spring Flower won’t listen to what you say, feel free to teach her a lesson. I don’t mind!”

Under their promises, Cheng Xiao Xiao sighed secretly. Little Yuteng was right, this was not a bad way to test out the individuals.

She believed their thinking might change in a few years. Cheng Xiao Xiao felt for certain that most of them might even want to say. If these mothers thought they could arrange their lives for them, they might need to rethink that.

“As long as everybody is happy. Mr. Cheng, anything else you want to discuss?” asked the old patriarch courteously.

“Matter of fact, old patriarch, I do. I would like to purchase all the uncultivated land in the village. I hope that you can provide us with an estimation when you have some time so I can buy them from you.”

Cheng Biyuan brought up another issue. Now that the Cheng’s were expending their resident, they need more and more space. So he had decided to purchase all the uncultivated land belonging to the village.

“Do you mean that, Mr. Cheng?” asked the old patriarch incredulously.

It wasn’t just the old patriarch that found that hard to believe, even all the villagers there thought they  have misheard. Willow has a lot of uncultivated land. If the Cheng’s were really going to buy them all, they are looking another lucrative income!

Thinking about all the money that they could make, everybody was so eager that they want to agree to Cheng Biyuan’s asks right away.

Cheng Biyuan nodded seriously at the old patriarch and smiled, “Old patriarch, I won’t joke about something like this. As long as you give me a fair price of the village’s land, I will buy them all from you.”

“Okay, Mr. Cheng. I will take your words for it. Don’t worry. Starting tomorrow, I will walk around and take a look at our surrounding area and quote you a fair price!”

“I thank you in advance for your trouble!”

“Ha Ha Ha. We are family now. No need to be so polite. We should be thanking you for your generosity!”

“Oh, you don’t need to!”

After settling all the open items, the Cheng’s father and daughter bid the old patriarch farewell. The old patriarch walked them out and saw them off.

After they were gone, the old patriarch stroked his beard and smiled, “God is finally giving Willow His blessings!”

“Uncle, I am worry that the entire Willow will be owned by Mr. Cheng in the future!”

The old patriarch turned around after hearing that, looked at his oldest nephew and shook his head, “Oh, Erping, you are on the other side of 30 already. How could you still be so silly? What’s the big deal about Willow Village? What’s wrong with us trying to tie our fortune to Mr. Cheng and hope for the best? Do you want to keep on hunting everyday? You have been doing that for the last twenty plus years, how many days did you have enough to eat? Don’t be so fixated on the old ways if Mr. Cheng has the ability to give us a better future. Think about it, yeah?”

“I know what you mean, but what about all the accomplishments handed down from our ancestors?”

“Bullshit!” The old patriarch was so angry he cussed at him. Pointing straight at his forehead he scolded, “Are you stupid? There will always be ancestors everywhere! What ancestors if there are no more people? When you have earned everything, you can go anywhere you want, and your ancestor’s accomplishment will travel with you. You get that?”


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Translator’s rambling:

It might be customary back then for peasants to sell themselves into a big family, but Cheng Xiao Xiao was a “modern” person. How did she feel comfortable with that so easily? =.= And why wouldn’t the girls choose to stay as maids instead of getting married and having families of their own. Ugh! Okay, maybe because of poverty and going hungry. LOL

Also absolutely no idea what the author was trying to say in the last paragraphed. I translated it as best I could. Hope it make sense to you! ;)


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TWQQF ch 102 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (15)


“Patriarch, did I say anything wrong? Do you mean that our daughters should be someone else’s maid for the rest of their lives? Of course they will come home and get married when they reached the right age. It’s not like we are selling our daughters to the Cheng’s. Now Xiao Xiao is just trying to bully us!”

An Hung niang interrupted the old patriarch and complained disgruntledly. The other villagers looked at each other. Nobody was really familiar with how this was supposed to work exactly, but they have somewhat heard about it in the past that when a poor peasant enter to work for a big family, it was more or less like signing their freedom over for the rest of their lives.

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TWQQF ch 101 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (14)

The villagers expressed their opinions one by one. They all seemed to want to leave the village and didn’t believe there would be any danger!

Old Patriarch didn’t say anything but looked at Cheng Biyuan, waiting for his opinion.

Cheng Biyuan didn’t want to enrage everyone so he nodded at them and said, “If that’s the case, everybody remember what I said today – starting tomorrow, everyone will be able to come and go freely. If anything happens, its on you!”

“You heard Mr. Cheng. Don’t worry, everyone. Starting tomorrow, you can go wherever you want. Be appreciative of Mr. Cheng’s good will!”

“Old Patriarch! Now that we have settled the issue about leaving the village, is Mr. Cheng going to take our daughters or not. We need an answer one way or another, right?” shrieked the discontented An Hung niang.

“Xiao Xiao, why don’t you take over?” Cheng Biyuan handed this over to his oldest daughter to handle.

“Sure, dad!” replied Cheng Xiao Xiao to her father then casted An Hung niang a glance. She really didn’t want to stoop down to her level, but she has been trying to stir up trouble repeatedly. Cheng Xiao Xiao truly disliked this person.

The old patriarch didn’t expect Cheng Biyuan would fully trust Cheng Xiao Xiao with this matter so he smiled at Cheng Xiao Xiao and said, “Maiden Chen. What are your thoughts? Go ahead, you can say it out loud. Everyone will listen as long as you are reasonable!”

“Thank you, grandpa Liu!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao felt very respectful toward the nice and gentle old patriarch. After all, he played a big role in allowing the Cheng’s to settle down in Willow. More importantly, he has always been a very fair person and the villagers looked up to him.

It was only because of this very fair man in front of her that Cheng Xiao Xiao felt comfortable in spending the time and effort to convince the villagers.

“Grandpa Liu, since An da niang brought up the issues with the young girls first, we can talk about that first. A few days ago we’ve accepted a few girls to be ours and sent the few younger ones home. That did not mean we won’t accept them, it’s just that I feel that there are a few things we need to clarify first.

“Oh, and what is it that you want to clarify, Xiao Xiao?” asked the old patriarch kindly.

All the villagers there who have young daughters perked up their ears and listed attentively.

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TWQQF ch 100 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (13)

“That’s… That’s not what I meant!”

After being yelled at by Patriarch Liu, An Hung naing was less of a shrew, but that still wasn’t enough to shut her up, “Patriarch, what I meant to say was, after the incident at the Cheng’s a while back, now only were there scary animals like snakes and tigers and wolves outside and it was a hassle for us to leave town also. Isn’t it only fair for us to ask for compensation from the Cheng’s? We need our livelihood too, right, everyone?”

Toward the end, An Hung niang turned and asked the villagers. Her purpose was, naturally, to stir up discontent and hoping there she was able to get more villagers to stand on her side.

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TWQQF ch 99 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (12)

In the afternoon, the Cheng’s sold one-third of they mystical animals to Zhu Bo. And Innkeeper Zhu had assumed his new role as the Cheng’s new steward of the servants. They would now all report to him to learn about all the house rules and other knowledge.

After they have finished busying themselves with that. The Cheng’s father and daughter were invited to Willow by the patriarch.

As for the reason, Cheng Xiao Xiao had an idea, but she didn’t let it bother her and arrived at the Patriarch Liu’s house with her father.

Taking a look around after they have entered, they saw the place crowded with the villagers. A better way to put it was that villagers of all ages who weren’t helping at currently at the Cheng’s attended.

“Mr. Cheng and Xiao Xiao are here. C’mon over, have a seat!” Patriarch Liu stood up to greet them!

The others also followed suit and stood up to greet Cheng Biyuan!

Cheng Biyuan returned the greetings individually. Then, as arranged by Patriarch Liu, Cheng Biyuan settled into a seat across from him and Cheng Xiao Xiao sat next to him.

Everybody was seated after them. All eyes were upon Patriarch Liu. The villagers had already gotten used to letting Patriarch Liu take care of all issues, large or small.

Under everybody’s keen look, Patriarch Liu fake coughed a few time and said to Cheng Biyuan, “Mr. Cheng, we have invited you over mainly because of a few young girls in town. And, more and more villagers are now working for the Cheng’s so we would like to get some approvals from you. We hope that is okay!”

“Patriarch Liu, you are so polite. We all live in the same village, we are always open to discussing any issues!” responded Cheng Biyuan gently and cupped his hand at Patriarch Liu.

Upon observing Cheng Biyuan’s manner, Patriarch Liu nodded with satisfaction. The Cheng’s mannerism toward the villagers did not change after the change of the family. Patriarch Liu was pleased with that.

Stroking his white beard, Patriarch Liu smiled and said, “Mr. Cheng, truth be told, the villagers would like to be employed by your family. As you may know, we only grow limited crops in our village and our main means were hunting in the mountains. Now everyone wish to have a stable job. I know that you have already employed quite a few villagers, and providing them with very good compensation. The rest of the villagers would like to be able to do the same. Do you think you might be able to arrange that, Mr. Cheng?”

“Patriarch Liu, I understand what you mean. I am pleased to hear that everybody would like to work for our family. It is certainly an honor on our part, it’s just that…”

Cheng Biyuan paused for a little bit, then said, “Patriarch Liu, we have just started expanding our family house. We do need some help, but I am afraid I will not be able to provide work for everyone in the village. For now I can only hire basing on my needs. I hope Patriarch Liu and the fellow villagers can understand where I am coming from!”

“What, Mr. Cheng? Are you saying  no to us?”

Sunday, June 16, 2019

TWQQF ch 98 - Expansion of The House; A Deal Was Made (11)

Naturally, Cheng Biyuan understood that Zhu Bo was just being polite. He didn’t let that bother him. He casted a glance at his daughter standing nearby and said softly,, “Xiao Xiao can make the decision as far as the pricing goes. You can go ahead and work with her on that.”

Cheng Xiao Xiao understood clearly that it was now the time to barter. She pulled out the pricing list that she had prepared in advanced. Pushing it over to Zhu Bo, she smiled, “Young lord, please take a look!”

“Miss Cheng was so well prepared. Let me take a look!” After taking over the pricing list, his look was much more seriously. He studied it carefully from top to bottom.

A while later, he looked up and smiled bitterly, “Miss Cheng, isn’t this price a bit high? You see, we will still need to send our people to transport all the merchandise out from here. There’s a lot of overhead on our end. With this pricing, we won’t be making any money!”

“Young lord, I am sure you understand the concept of low profit but high volume of sales. As for the transportation cost, young lord, are you trying to bully me because I am young and na├»ve? Everybody knows that big shots like you has all sorts of means such as dimension pouches, dimension bracelets, dimension rings1, you name it. You practically has an unlimited supply of these, transportation cost is not an issue for you at all. Surely you are joking”

Cheng Xiao Xiao pointed it all out point blank and Zhu Bo smiled with slight embarrassment. After all, he was used to business negotiation, where one naturally try to get the cost down to the lowest possible point.

“Miss Cheng, you are not wrong, but we still need capital. Especially when it comes to mystical animals, we are transporting them out in large quantities and we must have sufficient mystical water and mystical food to provide to them. And we must buy all of those from you, we’d be losing too much money!” said Zhu Bo with fake helplessness.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was unaffected by his words. Smiling, she said, “Oh, I am sure it won’t be difficult for someone like the young lord to figure out how to resolve the cost issue. Am I right, young lord?”

“Ugh, why do I feel that Miss Cheng is a better at business negotiation than I am, this is really…”

Before he finished his sentence, he looked down on the pricing list again. To be completely honest, the prices that she listed out weren’t completely unacceptable. It was merely habitual to try to barter in his line of business. He thought about it for a minute and said, “Alright, Miss Cheng. I’ll accept your prices. But any new species that you guys have in the future, we will continue to work together and remember to give us a discount on the new species, alright?”

“No problem!” She’d worry about those later on. She didn’t care about the pricing in the future. She just needed him to agree to these right now.

Cheng Biyuan, who had been listening along close by, was very pleased. He was very pleased with his incredibly smart daughter. Even though the way she negotiate was still a bit childish, but comparing to all the other shelter girls, she was surely much better.

Granted, Zhu Bo let Cheng Xiao Xiao have the upper hand in this negotiation intentionally. Otherwise, someone as experienced as he was would have easily eaten a newbie like her alive.

Cheng Biyuan had assisted in his family businesses back in the days. He wasn’t a half bad business man himself; he just never dedicated too much time into the business world.

They then spent more time nailing down the details on dates and time flew by and it was noon before they knew it!

Mrs. Cheng, along with some hired village women and maids brought out lunch!

Cheng Biyuan asked Zhu Bo and his men to stay for lunch. It was the fanciest setting, but since all the food contain mystical chi, everybody found them delectable.


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