Wednesday, May 29, 2019

TWQQF ch 79 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (12)

“Why did you bring him up again?”

Mrs. Gu’s face dropped immediately and her pitch raised, “I have said it in the past. I don’t care how close you are with him, I am never going to let our Jun’er (Gu Junxian, their eldest son) marry a girl who had been banished by her family. Gu Gaoyi, don’t you ever forget that. You are the oldest in the family, and our Jun’er is the oldest grandson. He will become head of family at some point. How is he going to face the world if he were to take a village girl as his wife? He would never heard the end of it just from your side of the family! I disagree. I vehemently disagree. You need to send someone over to Cheng Biyuan soon and nullify this marriage arrangement.”

She rambled on and on, and leaving Gu Gaoyi rubbing his temple with a headache. In a not-so-happy manner, he said, “Look at you going on and on about it. I wasn’t going to talk to you about Jun’er’s marriage. This is something else!”

“Oh? What is it?” As long as it has nothing to do with her precious son’s marriage, she immediately returned back to the tender, loving wife that she was.

“Oh, you…” Gu Gaoyi shook his head, “You stay indoor all the time so you haven’t heard the news on the streets yet. You still remember words had it that they have discovered a mystical spring in Willow?”

“Yeah, of course!” Mrs. Gu’s eyes beamed immediately, “Ye, is it true there’s a mystical spring? If so, you better send someone to buy some soon, for Jun’er. He’s almost martial master. With the help of the mystical spring water, he’d certainly become a martial master right away. Then, he will be the youngest martial master right away!”

“I wouldn’t say he’ll be the youngest. Many students at School of Divine Condor became martial master at the age of 14 or 15. Don’t forget that Jun’er is already 17!”

“Yeah, yeah, stop picking on me. Would it kill you to say something nice?”

“Alright, alight…” Gu Gaoyi’s headache returned, “Let me finish and stop digressing!”

“Okay, go ahead!” Mrs. Gu stopped talking.

“We have received more news about the mystical spring. But you’d never guess, Cheng di is also at Willow Village!”

“WHAT?” Mrs. Gu couldn’t be more surprised, “This has nothing to do with uncle Cheng, right?”

“Nope, you are wrong! It certainly does!” Gu Gaoyi looked at his wife with an inexplicable smile, “It has everything to do with him, because the mystical well belongs to Cheng Biyuan and his family!”

“Oh!” Mrs. Gu was stunned. In disbelief, she said, “That’s impossible. How is it his well?”

“Of course it is. Why would I lie to you?” smiled Gu Gaoyi, “And there’s more. You will be shocked by this one. No, I should say, many were shocked by this one!”

“What is it?!”

“Through the instructors and students of School of Divine Condor, along with the Long’s and Xue’s of Emperor City and Xu’s of Huang, Cheng di along with his two sons are all beast tamers!”


Mrs. Gu’s eyes widened and she jumped straight up from the chair. She shouted in disbelief, “This, this is all true??”

“Why would I lie to you?” Gu Gaoyi rolled his eyes unhappily.

“This, this is, simply, simply too unbelievable!”

Mrs. Gu sat down again and mumbled to herself. Obviously she wasn’t taking the news very well. Her pretty face turned from blue to white then back to normal. It was quite colorful.

Gu Gaoyi saw the look on his wife’s face. Naturally he knew what was going through her mind. He let out a sigh helplessly.


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