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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 14.2 - Small Head Is Also A Head

“Let me attrack some of them so I can have some fun!” Qin Lin raised his 98K and aimed at a zombie’s head some 400 meters away.

“BANG!” a green bullet spun at high speed and hit the zombie in its crotch…

“Oh hahaha, I did not intend for that to happen!” When Qin Luo saw the zombie rolled in pain on the ground holding onto its crotch, even Qin Luo felt a chill at his lower body.

“That’s what you meant by blowing their heads off?” asked Chen Yun unhappily.

Pulling back the barrel latch, Qin Luo put in another bullet into the chamber and mumbled softly, “Little head is head too…”

“The distance was a little far, these bullets sank more than I had anticipated. Let me lift it higher this time….”

“BANG!” Another zombie’s head exploded like a water melon. White and red stuff flow all over the place.1


Before coming to the old city, Qin Luo had looked for a remote area and practiced with his rifle for some three hours and shot about 1000 times or so. He finally had a faint idea of how to use the 98K.

The crisp sound of a Mauser rifle rang over and over again. The zombies in the front had their heads blown off one after another. Once in a while there’d be an unfortunate one who didn’t get their heads blown off but rolled on the ground moaning while clutching their crotch area…

Finally a group of zombies came at Qin Luo. There were about 100 or so of them!

Qin Luo released some green light to recover a little from his fatigue, then, down on one knee, continued taking out zombies one after another.

When the zombies were about 100 meters from them, You said coolly to Chen Yun, “You protect him, I got this.”

Chen Yun nodded. You thought for a second and added to Qin Luo, “And avoid shooting me!”

Qin Luo paused for a second, then nodded subconsciously. He had other ideas soon as he had heard her words….

The level-5 female swordsman entered the fight, her incredible bosoms undulated as she ran. All the motions were captured clearly with the 8x zoom.

Qin Luo’s nose started to bleed. The next few shots were downright sloppy; one of the shot even landed right at Lancelot’s feet, scaring the living daylight out of the man who was fighting the zombies courageously.

The female swordsman finally encountered the crowds of zombies. She reached behind her and drawn her swords before dashing into the midst of the enemies.

You’s sexy body moved like a fish in the ocean, moving quickly through the hoards of zombies and raising two light yellowish beams of light wherever she went.

Everywhere she passed, zombies’ heads shot up next to her, and their headless bodies slowly fell to the ground.

Her actions was crisp with no extra movements. All the zombies were killed with one switch motion. Her efficiency was startling!

In a mere ten seconds or so, upward of 100 zombies were on the ground. You stood amidst the piles of dead bodies and slowly put her bloodless swords back into their sheaths.

“Remind to never offend this woman….” said Qin Lin to himself as he looked on at the very cool female swordsman with his mouth dropped open.


Random Translator Note:

1. I thought they need to collect these so-called “brain cores” in exchange for $ (to show many they have killed).


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