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Transmigrating With A Cleaver ch 9.2 - Level 5 Female Swordsman

This mission meant only too much for Lancelot. If he could complete it successfully, he would have more pull when the time come to determine who would be the next lord of the 9th district. Even though he was the eldest, the right of succession was never about who was born first, but who had the most accomplishments.

The lord would have the blessing rights to all maidens in the district. Just thinking about it was enough to get Lancelot excited, he wouldn’t let Qin Luo muck this up for him!

“Then, never mind, I am declining your offer,” said Qin Lin nonchalantly.

“I beg your pardon?”

“NO. NO. NO. NO. NO…”

“I….” Lancelot was so angry he was about to draw his sword right then and there, but he was stopped by his companions standing nearby.

“Young master, don’t be rash!” said a short man with a pointy mouth and cheeks like that of a monkey. “Drawing one’s weapon in the hall is strictly prohibited. If you draw your sword now, you will be antagonizing the entire mercenary commission…”

“You have balls, buddy!” said Lancelot as his handsome face turned from pale to red, then back from red to pale, “You watch your back in the future! And, no one should dare to hire this rascal! You don’t want to cross me!” said Lancelot as he stomped out of the mission hall with his companions.

The few remaining folks who wanted to hire Qin Luo originally shook their heads and left. They did not want Lancelot as their enemy.

Qin Luo and Chen Yun then waited for over an hour at the mission halls but nobody approached them.

Chen Yun said to Qin Luo, “Be patient, my longest dry spell was three months!”

“Three months!” Qin Luo was startled, “That’s a very long time!”

“I am merely a level 1 swordsman who isn't even allowed to take on a mission by myself. There’s not much I could do.”

Qin Luo beamed, “Can a level 4 take on a mission?”

“Of course!”

“Okay!” Qin Luo slapped his own thigh, “Then we will take on the zombie mission ourselves!”

Chen Yun was startled, “Just the two of us? Isn’t that a bit reckless….?”

Qin Luo paused too. She might have a point there.

A level one newbie swordsman and a level four newbie white mage. Sure, they might be able to take on one or two zombies, but what if the zombies prefer group fights?

Qin Luo has almost no attacking moves. Certainly the Xuanyuan cleaver was powerful, but that crazy long cooling period made his balls hurt. Besides, zombies probably doesn’t fall into “food” category…

“Pardon me, but can I join too?” came a languid voice from behind them.

Qin Luo turned around and saw a woman with a smoking-hot body and her face covered.

“Oh crap, is this… the legendary F-cup size breasts?”

Qin Luo stared straightly at the incredible bosom that was about to burst out of the tight-fitted black garb and almost had his breath taken away!

“Hi, my name is You,” said the woman as she reached out her slender right hand. “Level 5 swordsman.”


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