Monday, May 6, 2019

TWQQF ch 62.1 - Scolding the Crowd


A ferocious and ruthless roar rang in the air and a five feet long giant python appeared in front of everyone. The savage head size of a wooden tub and it’s eyes the size of fists glaring at everyone there.

Endless fierceness exuded from its body. It’s unrivaled ferociousness shocked many of the students and some even started to scream.

“Oh, a giant python!!”

“Oh my God, it’s a giant python!”

“Snake! A giant Snake!!”

The appearance of the python brought screaming from the students. While they looked on dumbfounded, the giant python swing it’s tail straight at Mu Qingtong’s chest.

Fast and brutal!



Everybody heard a loud, crisp sound so loud that the ringing in their ears threatened o tear their eardrums.

Before they could react to that, another loud shriek: “ARGH—”

With the shriek, a splash of blood and a body flew away at rapid speed and landed solidly in the Cheng’s vegetable garden and stopped moving.


Even the martial spiritualist couldn’t put up a fight but to be thrown out like garbage by the giant python!


Roared the giant python proudly. The happiness in its voice also contained a hint of pleasing. And it turned and looked at Cheng Xiao Xiao.

Cheng Xiao Xiao arrived just in time to witness that. She casted a look of approval at the giant python and couldn’t help but to cuss as she looked at the vegetable garden, “That damn bastard, couldn’t he die further away? Waste all my vegetables!”

“Young mistress, should I go finish him off?” Little Yuteng had been holding back this entire time. It has been itching to act.

“No rush!” replied Cheng Xiao Xiao and turned her attention back to her father. She saw flashes of sword blade left and right, and his opponent ducking from side to side, but wasn’t able to lose it. He was both distressed and angry.

“Stop! I am going to strike back if you don’t stop!”

Hearing his shouting, a cold look flashed through Cheng Biyuan’s eyes. He said nothing but responded with his sword.

The long sword continues to flash, swishing through the air, and dishing out fatal blows one after another!

“I am going to kill you—” Huang Zijian was no match to Cheng Biyuan, and he wasn’t able to escape, so all he has left to act with all his might.


Chengn Biyuan let out a cold hrm; his sword turned more vicious. A second later his sword pierced his opponent’s shoulder and blooded started pouring down onto his clothes. Huang Zijian’s sword was already broken into halves.

Cheng Xiao Xiao let out a sigh of relief when she saw that her father has won. She was a little worried about him.

The entire fight lasted only briefly, everything happened all in an instant!

Right then, the students of Divine Condor finally started recovering from their initial shock. The startled students rushed over to check on Mu Qingtong. Some rushed over to stand by Huang Zijian. They were all scared but stood there and looked at Cheng Biyuan angrily nonetheless.

Long Yuze and the lot continued to stare the giant python behind Cheng Biyuan. The only emotion they could feel was fear. The Cheng’s have mythical beasts?

Did the Cheng’s have a beast tamer among them?


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  1. oh the snake (python) can roar? myb because it had evolved once became dragon...(i guess).
    Anyway~ thnx~ for da chapters

  2. aa 5 foot long python isn't giant atall.