Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 5.2 - Hugging Left and Right

“You are welcome. My name is Qiu Luo, this is my companion, her name is Chen Yun,” Qui Luo felt a little relieved. The young woman seemed very courteous, maybe she wouldn’t suddenly jump up and devour them…

Silver Wind smiled and nodded. Using the toothpick, she placed a piece of gu diao leg into her cherry-shaped mouth.

“Mmmmm, delicious!” Silver Wind’s eyes beamed, she had never had anything so tasty before!

She have had gu diao once before, it was so disgusting she almost spit it back out. What kind of magic did this human used to make the gu diao taste so good??

Even though Silver Wind’s mannerism was elegant and gentle, the dozens of gu diao leg meats were still gone in no time. Quickly, Qiu Luo handed her another portion.

“Thank you!” Silver Wind quickly accepted and thanked him. Out of thin air an exquisite little silver wine bottle appeared in her hand, “It will be rude of me to just take your food without giving something in return. Here, try this Hundred Flower (wine)!”

Qiu Luo wasn’t shy either. He took the wine bottle from her and took a large sip. The smooth alcohol went straight down and reached his entire body, and the flowery taste lingered in his mouth!

“Good wine!” said Qiu Luo as he handed it over to Chen Yun, “Here, try a sip!”

Chen Yun snagged the wine bottle from him and started chugging it.

“Aye, slow down! At least save me some more!” said Qiu Luo, feeling the pain.

“Don’t worry, this wine can never run out,” said Silver Wind with a smile while picking out another slice of meat to put in her tiny mouth, enjoying its taste with her eyes squinted.

When Chen Yun finally put down the wine bottle, her limpid eyes suggested that she was already a little drunk.

Qiu Luo took over he wine bottle from her and just when he was going to take another sip, he saw Silver Wind smiling at him out of the corner of his eyes.

“Eh, you should have a sip too,” said Qui Luo, a bit embarrassed, and returned the wine bottle back to Silver Wind.

Silver Wind didn’t seem disturbed by the fact that the two of them had just drank straight out of the bottle. She took the bottle from Qiu Luo and, just like them, drank straight from it.

And just like that, the three of them enjoyed the gu diao leg, while sharing the wine.

 Qiu Luo had always been a light weight when it came to drinking. A few rounds later he was already a little dizzy. If he was still on earth, he would have found some excuse and skidaddled out of there right about now.

But now, there were two beauties on each of his sides. Even though one of them was somewhat dangerous, but she was also incredibly beautiful and also seemingly very nice.

As the only man here, how could he leave!

The three of them continued to drink till oblivious, even Silver Wind was starting to be affected!

Chen Yun was the first to pass out on the ground, followed by Silver Wind. Qiu Luo struggled onto his feel and stuttered, “Try to outdrink me? Hah, in your dreams!”

With the last bit of his soberness, he carried both women into an empty tent one after the other and fell asleep in between them…