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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 13.1 - Scream All You Want

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In truth there were quite a few other teams of mercenaries amidst them that were led by the children of other lords, but the rest were more low-key; unlike Lancelot who seemed to want the entire world to notice him.

Qin Luo had no respect for him.

An idiot like him doesn’t usually live till the first commercial in a TV show!

Lancelot was quite happy right now. Even though he had been enraged by an idiot at the mercenary guildhall earlier, a white mage had finally joined his troop and that made him feel better.

Even though the white mage costed him 1,000 gold pieces, a white mage was worth that amount. And, many a times, you wouldn’t be able to hire one even if you have the money.

So long as he could complete the mission smoothly, so what if it cost a bit more money?

He has with him 3 – level 4 knights, 1 – level 5 thief, and 1 – level 5 white mage. And he was a level 4 swordsman himself. Who could remotely rival the constitution of a team like this?

Lancelot, who was basking in his prideful moment, suddenly saw a familiar face amidst the crowd and looked like he had just accidentally swallowed a fly. And, yes, he just spotted Qiu Luo among the crowd!

Qin Luo looked around for a long time before he spotted You. Dragging Chen Yun with him, he weaved through the crowd to get to You.

“I almost thought you guys are not coming, You, still cloaked in all black outfit, still has her face covered. She had on her back two swords. As it turned out, she was one of those rare dual-wielding swordsman!

Qin Luo, “Of course we are coming, I don’t turn money down!”

He had spent all the money from the sale of the gu diao today. Now all he has left was the pouch of copper pieces from Feng Buping. He was in abject poverty right now.

“Look, I even brought with me a long range weapon!” Qin Luo placed the little orange cat on the ground before he removed the 98K from his back. “In a while I’ll show you what is a headshot white mage!”

It was only after the mysterious merchant ran away before Qin Luo realized he did not give him any ammo!

Luckily instructions were craved on the body of the rifle. As it turned out, bullets for this rifle was made from energy!

On the butt of the rifle hung a black bullet pouch. All one needed to do was to channel one’s inner energy into the pouch and it would form into maximum of five bullets.

Only those had achieved at least level 5 or above in their professions were able to release their Gan Yuan qi, not to mentioned that Qin Luo didn’t even have any Gan Yuan qi to begin with.

Luckily, he has his green light. Just a little bit of that would create 5x 7.92 mm bullets!

Just when Qin Luo was happily going on and on about the 98K, the crowd split and opened up a pathway; it was Lancelot approaching them along with his team.

“Yo, so you are here too, huh?” said Lancelot, his body sparkled in gold. “Who was bold enough to hire you?”

“I accepted the mission myself,” replied Qin Luo with an evenly keeled voice. “Last I checked, you don’t own the mercenaries guild, so you couldn’t stop me from accepting missions!”

“What? Just the two of you? A level 4 white mage and a level 1 swordsman?” Lancelot laughed out loud, “I strongly suggest you two go home and have some milk; you don’t want your asses bitten off by the zombies!”


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