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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 12.1 - Are You Hungry, Little Thing?

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Inside the small yard, the young man, who still have on his bamboo hat, sat in front of the table along with Chen Yun eating their hearts out.

Qin Luo, on the other hand, stood to one side as he held in his arms a German-made Mauser rifle, dumbfounded.

How was he able to actually produce a 98K?

Who the heck was he?

And why didn’t I ask for a AWM or a Barrett, was I stupid?

“Oh wait!!” Qin Luo suddenly came to and shouted loudly, “Save me some!”

He turned around, just in time to see the young man holding the tub with both hands while licking it sparkling clean…

“That was so delicious, just a bit light on the quantity!” said the man as he put the tub down, seemingly still not entirely satisfied, “I apologize, I ate too fast. It seemed I was eating twice as fast as I normally do…”

Chen Yun, also embarrassed, said, “Yeah, I also felt that I was eating faster than usual….”

Qin Luo’s face darkened, this heng gone fish was way too powerful. These two had polished off the entire tub of fish within a matter of minutes!

If there weren’t anyone around, Qin Luo strongly believe that this self-proclaimed mysterious merchant would have swallowed the tub as well…

And he had planned on saving some fish for tonight… now even the soup was all gone!

Standing next to the young man, Qin Luo looked at him with the saddest eyes, like a much-abused daughter-in-law.

His look made the young man feel very uneasy, so he laughed, “Alright, how about I give you something additional?”

“Well, you said it! I didn’t force you!”

“No force, no force!” Smiling, the young man produced a small, round, red ball.

Qin Luo examined the little ball on his palm and asked, “What is this?”

“Mystical pet ball. You see that red button on top of it?”

Qin Luo nodded. There was, indeed, a button on top of it.

“You press the button and throw it at any mystical beast, and it will turn it into your pet and never, ever leave your side!”

“That amazing?” Qin Luo was a bit skeptical. Any mystical beasts? That meant he would be able to convert dragons and phoenixes into his pets?

“Of course! I already told you I am the most powerful merchant in the Gan Yuan world!” said the young man full of self-confidence. “You can always try it out if you don’t believe me.”

“Oh, I am trying!” said Qin Luo as he depressed the button and throw it over the wall, “Like this, right? Do I need to shout out any command verbally as well?”

“Meow~!” suddenly a pitiful cat meowing sound came from the other side of the wall!

Both of their faces turned dark, “Oh crap!”

They ran outside the yard, just in time to see a small, orange cat floating in midair waving its paws frantically. The mystical pet ball turned into a rainbow and circled the cat with great speed.

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