Thursday, May 30, 2019

TWQQF ch 80 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (13)

It wasn’t just his wife. When he first heard the news, he was shocked speechless as well. If it wasn’t proven by all these prestige families, he would never believe all these were true!

He knew full well Cheng Biyuan and his family’s situation. If he didn’t have this ability before, where did all these came from all of a sudden?

Ye, do you think uncle Cheng will recognize the marriage arrangement between Jun’er and Xiao Xiao?”

“Ugh…” Gu Gaoyi lifted his brows, surprised by his wife’s question.

Mrs. Gu felt a bit uneasy under his look, turning her embarrassment into annoyance, she shouted, “What? What’s wrong with me asking that question? I am even willing to overlook the fact that they are from but a village! Besides, you guys both talked about and agreed on this marriage arrangement. What’s did I say wrong?”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Gu Gaoyi helplessly concurred with his wife. Then, looking at his embarrassed wife, said, “You, you are not a bad person, but sometimes a bit too snobbish. I am not 100% certain they will honor this marriage arrangement.”

“Why not?” Mrs. Gu was downright unhappy now, “They want to take back their words? They’d better not. Us the Gu’s are not to be messed with!”

“Why can’t they go back on their words? Didn’t we regret about it too?”

Gu Gaoyi felt both helpless and filled with regret. It was his wife who vehemently stated that they could not let the two families joined in holy matrimony. In a moment of weakness, he did not object either. So even after they have caught wind that Cheng Biyuan had been exiled from Emperor City, he never sent anyone to look for him.

Let along showing them any support or concerns,  now that their family….

If he just showed up now to revisit the marriage arrangement, he feared they will reject, or have other concerns!

Thinking back to how close they once were, his regret deepened. He never should have been affected by his wife, and matters wouldn’t be as embarrassed right now.

Thinking about that, he casted a glance at his face-loving, money-grabbing wife. Standing up, he said, “Let’s stay put and play it by the ear for now. If we can be joined in holy matrimony, that’d be great. Otherwise, we did wrong them first, we’ll just have to accept it. You need to stop coming up with crazy ideas, otherwise, it will only make matters worse!”

“Fine, I will stay out of it, okay?” said Mrs. Gu begrudgingly.

Gu Gaoyi didn’t pay her more attention but turned around and left.

Mrs. Gu looked very unreconciled. The marriage was that close, of course she wasn’t willing to walk away from it. Certainly, she was aware that she might have been a bit on the snobbish side, but it’s all for the good of the family. Can anyone blame her?

She didn’t think that she had done anything wrong!

Right after the conversation at the Gu’s had ended, inside another deep structure on the Luo’s, a couple in their fifties sat together in their main courtyard.

If one looked carefully enough, one would see that the old woman bore some resemblance with Luo Yuqin. They were Mrs. Cheng, Luo Yuqin’s, parents. Her father, Luo Zhengde, was also the head of household of the Luo’s. Both of them have odd looks on their faces.

After a long while, old Mrs. Luo grumbled unhappily, “This is all your fault. You went too far. Not only have I not seen my daughter for over ten years, and now, look at this big mess. This is all your fault!”

“You…” His wife’s childish complaint made him want to unleash his anger, but seeing the hint of tears in her eyes, he suppressed his anger.

Way back when, for the sake of saving face for the family and his hope for his daughter, he coldly banished his beloved daughter causing them to be apart for ten plus year. It’d be lying to say he didn’t regret about it at all.

But he was a stubborn man, even if he had regretted, he’d never admit fault. Nor would he ever put down his pride in front of someone of the younger generation.

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  1. argh seriously, these people! I don't know who I despise more: The Chengs, the Lous, or the Gus. At least the Lous and the Gus regretted their actions...unfortunately there is no medicine for regret

    You regret but you don't even think about reconciling until you find out about the well and the beasts...@$$holes!!! You're not worthy! But...yep, still despise the Chengs the most

    1. Id say all of them. Some just feel regretful in the face of something of value. Thats all. If not, they'll probably just forget about the banished family and not care at all.

  2. No, its not ALL the Lous and Gus that regret their actions.

    Only certain individuals, like Cheng's eleventh elder in ch78 when all the elders discuss finish and left, only he was last when he stare at the text board on the wall and he said, “Hall of Justice and Honesty”. Justice? Honesty? Eleventh elder repeated that to himself in his mind, an ironic smile appeared on his face.

    So for the Gus its only Gu Gaoyi, while only his wife still don't want to admit and still says its for the family. Seriously..and she still dare to address Mr Cheng as Uncle.

    For the Luos, its only Mrs Cheng's mother that is still unhappy. While her father still stubborn to the core.

    Everyone needs to understand that be it in the old Chinese era or even now. ITS ALL ABOUT FACE, how you going walk around showing your face freely if all people do is keep talking/gossiping behind your back or openly in front of you?