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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 8.2 - Nurses Are In High Demand

As I have said, these few chapters were uber short, so where's the second part. :-)


“Hmmm, level 4, huh?” Qin Luo stroked his chin, “May I ask how much can a level 4 mercenary make on a mission?”

The chubby old man explained, “The lowest tier pricing for a normal level 4 mercenary is 20 gold pieces, but since your profession is rare, it will at least be doubled!”

And since the guild collect processing fees directly from the employer, all the earnings from going on a mission go into the pocket of the mercenary.

Qin Luo couldn’t be happier when he heard that, “Oh shit, that means 40 gold pieces per mission. They will be able to purchase Chen Yun’s blessing right after just two to three missions!”

 The chubby old man produced a gold badge adorned by four aqua blue gems and handed it over to Qin Luo, “Take this with you to the mission hall and register with any of the receptionists and you will be able to accept any missions or be hired. Since your skill set is so unique, I will even waive the 2 gold pieces material cost this time.”

“Oh wow, thank you so much, Sir!” Qin Luo was ecstatic, he didn’t expect nurses to be in such high demand in this world, “Next time you have back pain, feel free to come and get me…”

Chubby old man, “…..”

 The two of them went over to the crowded mission hall and Qin Luo’s eyes beamed immediately when he saw the couple scantily dressed pretty women receptionists!

“Hi, how are you. What can I do for you?” asked a beautiful receptionist with long hair.

“Hi, can you please register me?” said Qin Luo as he handed over his badge to her.

“Surely!” The long hair beauty purposely stroked the back of his hand when she took the badge from him. Her silky smooth skin made him feel amazing.

All the receptionists here had amazing eyes. The rare golden badge had already caught their attention, not to mention the four gems on top of it!

There wouldn’t be more than five level four rare occupation mercenaries in the entire city of Ning Zhou!

If they could get onto that thigh, they wouldn’t need to stand here day in and day out and be groped by others while forcing fake smiles.

A few minutes later, the long hair beauty returned the badge to Qin Luo with a smile, “Okay, you have been registered. Would you like to be added to the open employment section?”

Inside the mercenary committee there were two ways to get on missions – one could go look at mission listing and pick from there; alternatively, one can also list themselves as available for hire and let the employers pick them. Of course, the mercenaries would still have the rights to decline once they were selected by an employer.

Qin Luo turned and looked at Chen Yun, “What do you think? Should we do that?”

Chen Yun, “Okay, I will list myself too. Hopefully we can get onto the same mission.”

“Okay, I will do the same!”

As soon as Qin Lin’s message was added to the board, the entire hall started clamoring!

“Oh damn, a level 4 white mage!”

“Where? He’s mine!”

“Don’t even think about it. I am paying 60 gold coins!”

“And I am paying 80!”….



1. She was thinking about a wet nurse.


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