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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 11.1 - How About A 98K With 8x Zoom?

Just when all sorts of pixelated images were flashing passed Qin Luo’s mind, Chen Yun had already pushed open the door leading to the small yard and said, “What are you waiting for? C’mon inside already!”

Qin Luo wiped away the drools at the corner of his mouth and said, “Coming, coming..”

After entering the yard, Qin Luo was dumbfounded, “Where’s the kitchen?”

“There’s no kitchen, if you want to cook you will have to cook in the yard.”


The place was truly quite crude and simple, Qin Luo had to make do and make a dish of spicy poached fish filet. Luckily Chen Yun had a decent collection of spices, otherwise they really would be having sashimi!

Qin Luo rolled up his sleeves and washed the fish thoroughly before he sliced the fish into perfectly sized thin slices.

Heng gong fish resembled carp, but its meat was that of a pink color. On top of that, it has no bones at all, and its meat was tender and smooth.

Qin Luo placed the sliced fish filet into a big tub and added in spices and some grounded salt. After adding some more fruit wine and mixing them with his hand, he placed the lid over the tub and let them marinate.

As the saying goes, a working man is the most attractive. Chen Yun’s eyes were full of stars as she watched Qin Luo busying himself cooking…

When Qin Luo cooked, his actions were smooth with skill, almost choreographic-like. He washed out the metal pot and placed it on top of the fiery, simple stone stove. Once the pot was heated up sufficiently, he tossed the fatty meat inside of it, and the aroma from the fatty meat filled the air, making Chen Yun’s starving stomach growl.

“Why does it always take you forever to make a dish? I am about to starve to death…”

“This is already a relative quick dish, okay?” replied Qin Luo with a sense of arrogance, “You will see!”

When it was ready, Qin Luo poured the oil along with the residues into a bowl, saving but a little oil at the bottom of the pot. He then tossed in the root portion of a few red-colored plants.

The root of these plants have a similar taste to Sichuan pepper, except spicier. Qin Luo slightly stirred the pot until the oil turned red before he added some water and covered the pot up.

“What is that?” Amidst all this procedures, Qin Luo suddenly noticed some bright green plants inside the small yard.

Chen Yun, her eyes teary from the spice, said to him, “Phoenix grass, something we normally add when we make soup.”

Qin Luo’s eyes beamed. He immediately broke a piece off and put it in his mouth. It was mostly spicy and bitter but also has a hint of sweetness, along with a refreshing smell.

“Good stuff, we can use this as a side dish!” Qin Luo was ecstatic. Quickly, he gathered a few of them, washed them, and cut them up into smaller pieces.


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