Wednesday, May 15, 2019

TWQQF ch 66.2 - Throw Them All Out

“I guess we must have a match with Master Cheng then!” Xue Xingchen wasn’t exceptionally loud, but you could see he has a quick temperament.

Xue Yiyang remained silent except for a bizarre smile on his face. Almost simultaneously, both of his arms reached toward Cheng Biyuan’s chest like two agile snakes.

Soon as he took his move, Xue Xingchen dealt out a blow with his open palm. The two attacked Cheng Biyuan with lightning speed, giving him no chance to react.

“What a dirty move!” Shouted Cheng Biyan, a swift move to his side and he dodged both attacks.

While dodging, Cheng Biyuan did not reach for his sword. Reaching out with both his palms open like to metal hooks, they smacked the two men solidly on their chest thunderously.


An unknown number of ribs were fractured. Two shouts and both of them spilt out a mouthful of blood. With their chest flattened, the flew backward like kites detached from their string and hit solidly against the wall.

The two weren’t able to react at all. Definitely instakill!

The crowd was shocked all over again. Even two martial spiritualists were no match of Cheng Biyuan, not to mention the mythical beasts waiting nearby. The outcome was definitely a total wipe out. Almost everyone who came this time had sustained injury.

“Leave your properties and we will let you live, or else….”

The cold voice made everyone angry and ashamed. They came with the intention to take advantage of the Cheng’s. Nobody had expected it to end this way.

Nobody uttered a word. Long Yuze gazed intensely at the fair-looking maiden, who possessed unmistaken grandeur, in front of him. After a while, he stopped his stare and started fishing out everything he had on him.

Even the most powerful had submitted. Nobody else dare to hesitate any further but to start fishing out everything that they have carried with them and placing them on the ground!

“Smart move!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao coldly glanced at all the odd-looking items on the ground and gently ordered, “Yuteng, throw everyone three feet outside of Willow Village, live or dead!”

“Yes, young mistress!”

As soon as the conversation ended and before anyone could react, vines appeared out of nowhere. Like lightnings in a dark sky, they wrapped around each and every single person and, before they could even make a noise, sent them flying though the air.

A hundred something people disappeared in no time.

With the exception of Cheng Biyuan, the Cheng’s brothers was stunned wordless. They couldn’t believe their eyes. They had no idea when their sister had became so powerful.

“Big sister, who is Yuteng?” asked Cheng Zheng Bin curiously with his big, round eyes.

Cheng Zheng Yuan was equally curious.

“Alright, you will find out some other time who Yuteng is. Now go and collect all our loots!”

Under Cheng Xiao Xiao’s command, the two young ones happily ran over to collect all the items on the ground, letting out an occasional happy shriek. Needless to say there were a lot of treasures among them.

Cheng Biyuan wasn’t as happy. Frowning, he seemed to be pondering about something.

“Dad, are you worried that they will come for revenge?” smile Cheng Xiao Xiao as she asked gently.

Cheng Biyuan was a bit surprised at her reaction. He couldn’t help but to ask, “Xiao Xiao, are you not worried?”


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  1. Shouldnt you just think about that a bit earlier...? ��

  2. "....and hit the wall"
    What wall might that be?
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