Friday, May 31, 2019

TWQQF ch 81 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (14)

Now he had heard the latest news about Cheng Biyuan, it’d be lying to say he wasn’t surprised. He would never in a million years have guessed that that useless son-in-law would turn out to be a beast tamer. He was certainly shocked by that.

Even though he didn’t have high hopes for this son-in-law, he did recognize his unusual talent. If it wasn’t for that one accident, he certainly would have accepted him as his son-in-law. After all, the happiness of his daughter was important to him.

He never would have thought that even after he had turned completely useless, his precious daughter still wouldn’t give him up. He was angry and resentful. He felt that it was Cheng Biyuan who ruined his daughter’s life. In a fit of rage, he had announced that he’d never let him step foot in his house.

That was equivalent to announcing that he’d never admit that he was his son-in-law!

The recent development had left him feeling a lot of mixed emotions. He wasn’t sure how he should feel or what he could say.

“Old man, I don’t care what you think. My daughter will always be my daughter. And I don’t care how powerful our son-in-law is, as long as he’ll cherish my daughter and willing to spend the rest of his life with her, I will be okay with that. You figure out the rest!”

The old madam usually treat her husband with utmost respect. She’d never object to any of his decisions. Even when he exiled their daughter, all she did was hid in the room and cried, and gave him cold shoulder for over a year.

There was nothing she could do about it. She had also complained about how useless her son-in-law was in the past. But she had missed her daughter more and more as days and years went by. Every time she thought about her smart and lovable daughter, she’d break into tears all over again!

That was precisely the reason why he remained silent every time he saw that his wife was missing their daughter. Even if he won’t accept that son-in-law, he still want his daughter back.

Now, his son had risen again. Not only did he became a prestige beast tamer, even the two grandsons whom he had never seen before, were also beast tamers. It’d be lying to say that he wasn’t happy about it.

And that was why, after hearing his wife’s words, he didn’t jump up and started shouting, but remained silent instead.

“You, say something. I am telling you. I want to see my Qin’er. I want to see my Qin’er’s kids, my grandsons and granddaughters. Do you hear me?” Old madam wiped away her tears and tucked on her husband’s elbow and shouted.

“Okay, get a grip!” Luo Zhengde was both angry and helpless. Looking into his wife’s hopeful eyes, he grudgingly said, “Yeah, well, Cheng Biyuan’s status was no longer the same as before. Would he even let you see them?”

“Yes, of course! As long as you tell Qin’er, Qin’er will come to see me. Old man, don’t you miss Qin’er? It’s been over ten years, you still want to hold out for that worthless face and never let me see Qin’er again till the day I die? Let me tell you, you damn old man. I don’t care what you say, I will go look for Qin’er myself if I have to!”

“You! Now you are just being silly!” This was the first time he saw his always tender and genuine wife becoming completely unreasonable. Luo Zhengde was angry and humored at the same time, “Hrm. As I have said before, I will not let Cheng Biyuan step foot into our house!”


Looking at her husband, the old madam understood that when all was said and done, the old man still couldn’t put aside his pride. She flicked him on his forehead with her fingers and said, “You old man, you are not young any more. We have so many grandkids already and you still couldn’t just put aside your pride? You won’t let him come, but you never said we won’t let him return home. Besides, they are not living in the Cheng’s house in Emperor City. We can just go visit them directly in Willow Village!”

“I’m afraid they will be moving back to Emperor City. Don’t forget what kind of person old man Cheng is. Remember the humiliation he put our Qin’er through? I am going to get even with them!”

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