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Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 9.1 - Level 5 Female Swordsman

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Qin Luo had a big smile, and Chen Yun was just stunned beyond words.

His price continued to rise until it finally stopped at 120 gold pieces. A blonde man wearing fancy armor walked proudly over to Qin Luo.

Arrogantly, the blond man said, “So you are Qin Luo?”

“Yes, I am!”

“I am Lancelot, son of the lord of the 9th district. Go sign the employment agreement and follow me out!”

Qin Luo wasn’t thrilled with his manners, but this arrogant son of a rich man was certainly offering him a lot of money. That Qin Luo was happy about.

Qin Luo checked out the mission briefing. Turned out it was a 3-star mission. The location was an abandoned old church located in the old town of 13th district.

The briefing continued to describe the fact that a large quantity of zombies appeared three nights ago and ate all 500 plus residents of an entire residential district!

It wasn’t until the next day when other people from nearby came over that the calamity was discovered. The military started investigating about this right away and learned that these zombies came from the old, abandoned church.

The investigators from the military had further uncovered that there was a secret passage way inside the church that led to a magnificent ruins of an old city, which was also where the zombies came from!

In the following two days, the military had sent over 1,000 soldiers to the underground ruins, and the outcome was disastrous. About half of the soldiers remained underground forever.

This had caused a lot of headaches for the military. Especially when it was already deep into the fall season, the mystical beasts that lacked food in the winter time tend to form into groups and attack the city of Ning Zhou. The military was already facing a lot of pressure to increase their defense in preparation of winter time, so they had no choice but to release a series of missions among the mercenaries.

One-star difficulty – Trade in three brain nuclei of a zombie for one gold coin.

Two-star difficulty – 500 gold coins for discovering the origin of the zombies.

Three-star difficulty – 2,000 gold coins for destroying the origin of the zombies.

After reading the briefing, Qin Luo asked, “Can you hire my girlfriend also?”

Lancelot wasn’t too happy about that the fact that Qin Luo has his own conditions, but he was in desperate need of a white mage, so he begrudgingly nodded, “Okay, what is her class and level?”

“Swordsman, level 1.”

“Are you kidding me?!” asked Lancelot, enraged. “My entire troop are made up of level 4 or above professionals. Why do I want to bring a newbie with me? What if she dragged us down with her?”

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