Saturday, May 11, 2019

TWQQF ch 64.2 - Sweeping The Enemies

A turbulence could be felt overhead. The shadow of an angry snake appeared in the air!

The giant python that had been forgotten was enraged. It didn’t even wait for Cheng Biyuan’s command before he rushed forward to meet the crowd.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A swift sweep of the snake tail and a group of people was swept into the air must like leaves being swept.

The faces of the four standing nearby turned purple immediately. The Cheng’s father and daughter hadn’t even made a move yet. Just the snaked had already rendered all the students and their men useless.

“Oh Oh Oh—”

Everybody’s eyes turned red from anger and lost their abilities to think clearly. They attacked in sheer frenzy.

Flashes of swords and knives, nobody could tell who’s who. Among the gusts of wind one could hear clearly one of two clanks from metals clanging together and everybody charged at the giant python.

Cheng Xiao Xiao’s look remained the same, a sharp look from her eyes. Cheng Biyuan maintained his cold look, not a shred of warmth could be seen in his eyes. One could tell he was fed up with these people who came here to rob and steal under the false pretense of justice.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The attack of over 100 individuals came like a storm. The giant python offered no break and in merely a few round, everybody was swept off their feet; a hundred something individuals lying on the ground, rolling around and moaning.

Those that were left had lost all their courage and turned pale, barely holding up their weight to not collapse on the ground and shivering from fear. They felt that it was impossible to defeat the giant python in front of them. Forgetting their own self-esteem, they stood to the side and looked at those on the ground with pale faces.

The giant python could have easily eaten all of these people. It didn’t eat all those moaning on the ground because it was given the order not to. Barely any time has passed before it had successfully completed its mission and returned back to behind Cheng Biyuan.

A series of determinations, attacks like thunderstorm, and the entire troop was wiped out. Lung Yuze, Xue Xingchen, Xu Yiyang, Mu Qingtong all stood there with a dark face, speechless.

Cheng Biyuan just looked at the few that were still standing with a scornful look on his face. No words was necessary!

Nobody said a word and the atmosphere was musky and awkward.

“Dad, big sister—”

A familiar voice. Everybody turned and looked at the voice. Once they had gotten a good look, their pupils dilated suddenly. They saw a small silhouette sitting on top of a white tiger, hoping toward them quickly.

The person and the tiger arrived in no time. Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled at him tenderly. Cheng Biyuan took a few steps forward and rubbed his son on the top of his head, all the coldness was gone from his face. Tenderly he asked, “What’s the matter, Bin Bin?”

“Dad, big sister, we were patrolling on both sides of the mountain and, sure enough, had discovered intruders. The snakies had bit about 60 or 70 of the to death and we haven’t seen any additional intruders for a bit.” Cheng Zheng Bin smiled happily. He felt that he was already a grown up and could contribute to the family!

“Very nice! Well done!” nodded Cheng Biyuan approvingly.

“Dad, big sister, Bin Bin—”

Another cry from the back of the house. This voice was familiar to Long Yuze and the lot; it belong to the eldest boy of the Cheng’s. They were all stunned when they saw the Cheng Zheng Yuan appeared riding on a ferocious azure wolf king.

Shocking, shocking. Too shocking!


The scream of a female student brought everybody back to reality.


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