Sunday, April 28, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 5.1 - Hugging Left and Right

The rapid-talking female voice confused Qiu Luo. There was an upgradable system attached to this cleaver? Was this like the legendary buy-one-get-one-free deal?

“Oh, that smells so good!” came a mesmerizing voice from the woods that startled the two.

Before the voice completely dissipated, an young girl in a white dress walked out of the woods elegantly.

She looked to be around 17, 18. Her eyes bright and clear and her look could make men give away everything. Her hair band was full of beautiful silver ornaments, and her hair fell on her shoulder like a waterfall. Her naked wrists and ankles were adorned by silver bells that made music-like sounds when she walked. She was pretty like a fairy walking out of a painting.

“Who are you?” asked Chen Yun as she drew her sword. Anything out of the ordinary meant something was wrong. Why would there be such a beautiful young woman suddenly appearing in the middle of nowhere? Something was definitely not right!

“Can’t a pretty girl like you tell? I am just a helpless girl.” The young girl stopped at 3 meters from them and looked at them with an attractive smile.

Qiu Luo, who was mesmerized by the beauty just a moment ago, suddenly shuddered. He studied the uninvited guest quietly, then with a deep voice, asked, “What can we do for you?”

On the surface Qui Luo still appeared to be relatively calm, but in reality, the back of his clothes were already drenched in cold sweat. The alert from the system’s female voice had shocked him to his core!

Class S ingredient phoenix gallbladder detected, Cow-Dissembling Chef still in its cooling period and cannot be activated again.

With a soft and pitiful look, the girl said, “I have been walking most of the night. I am hungry and thirsty when I smelled this amazing aroma. Might you be able to treat me to some of your meal?”

Qiu Luo shouted in his mind, “I don’t trust one word coming out of you! You are an up-to-no-good beauty!”

Naturally, he couldn’t let any of his thoughts be read. The one in front of him belonged to the top of the food chain in this world!

As it turned out, upper level mystical beasts could transform and take on human form. Luckily the cleaver came with detection capability, otherwise, he just might have inadvertently offended and died without even knowing what happened.

“As fate has brought us together, of course that will be fine!” said Qiu Luo as he forced a smile, “As long as you don’t mind our place being crude and simple, do have a seat.”

“Qiu Luo…” Chen Yun, next to him, was just about to say something before he shot her a look and shut her down.

The girl witnessed the exchange but said not a word, she merely sat elegantly down on a rock.

Qiu Luo took out a piece of gu diao leg and sliced it up with his dagger. He stuck a toothpick on one slice and handed it over to the young woman directly on the leaves, “Come, try my beggar’s gu diao leg.”1

Chen Yun saw Qiu Luo being so respectful to the young woman and assumed that he was fond of her. Grumpily she sat on one side and sulked.

The young woman accepted the meat, bowed slightly at Qiu Luo and said, “Thank you for your generosity, my name is Silver Wind. You can call me Silver.


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