Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 4.1 - The Cleaver Levelled Up

“HAHAHAHA!” Looking at the dumbfounded look on the beauty, Qiu Luo laughed so hard he also had tears rolling down his face, “I am just kidding, I am not gay.”

Looking at the mean, laughing Qiu Luo, Chen Yun sighed and said, “Even though I don’t have a boyfriend, but I have a master.”

“A master? What do you mean by that?” Qiu Luo had a bad feeling all of a sudden. Scenes of all sort of female servants from movies all over the world flashed passed his head.

“I guess you are indeed from a different world,” said Chen Yun with a desolate look. “The city of Ning Zhou has an irrational rule that every adult girl must receive the blessing of her master before she can date and get married. If they violate that rule, their entire family will be banished from the city and never to return again!”

In a world that’s rampaged by mysterious beasts, a commoner who lost the protection of the city wall might as well have gotten the death sentence.

Qiu Luo’s heart sank, but holding out the last shred of hope, he asked, “What do you mean by ‘blessing’? Do mean you have to… sleep with your master?”

Seeing Chen Yun blushed and nodded, Qiu Luo felt like the sky had fallen down for him.

Finally he had the opportunity to transmigrate, even if he wanted to date a girl had to picked up someone’s used toy? What kind of ridiculous rule is this? Dare you stand out! I will turn you into braised meat!

The city of Ning Zhou was divided into 9 major district, and each district further divided into 4 regions, giving a total of 36 jurisdictions. And the ruler of each of these jurisdictions were the masters with the rights to bless all the females in their respective jurisdiction.

Of course, this blessing right could be purchased with the consent of the ruler along with 100 gold coins.
But this was an astronomical amount for a regular family!

For example, each of the member of Feng Buping’s merchant group would only make 1-2 gold coins after a trip to Mount Chongxi and risking their lives!

Chen Yun was born into a poor family. She was supposed to receive her blessing when she turned 16 this year. Luckily, the late ruler died from illness three years ago and the current ruler was only 14. This had given Chen Yun a sliver of hope!

She worked really hard to become a mercenary and hope that she could save up 100 gold coins before the ruler become of age.

Qiu Luo was secretly impressed by this girl’s determination in beating her fate. He asked, “How much have you saved up so far?”

Chen Yun counted with her fingers, “I’ve had two missions earlier this year, that came to one and a half gold coin. After completing this mission, I will have two and a half gold coins!”

Qiu Luo scratched his head, “This progress… seems a little on the slow side…”

Chen Yun smiled bitterly, “I am just a level 1 swordsman. I’m lucky to be employed by anyone.”

“But I can sense that my Gan Yuan qi was about to break through. Once I’ve became a level 2 swordsman, I will receive two gold coins per mission!” Chen Yun made fists with her hands to cheer herself on.


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