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TWQQF ch 54.1 - Here Comes Trouble

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“Nonsense! Don’t you try to play dumb with me!” Old man Cheng was furious, he shouted at his son while pointing straight at his nose.

Normally, a small location like this would never get the time of day with the Cheng’s head of household, but the news today was too shocking. And now that his son seemed to know something about it, but was holding out on him. He couldn’t contain himself.

Cheng Bihua was dumbfounded bit a little bit, he wasn’t sure what he was asking, but he was a smart man after all. He figured out quickly what this was about, “Dad, are you referring to the incident in Willow Village?”

“Bullshit, of course! You thought I asked you in here to have tea?”  Old man Cheng was so angry he even let out profanity. He was certainly frustrated.

“Dad, you were so obscured in the way you ask. How would I know what you were asking?” griped Cheng Bihua. Looking at the very concerned father, he had to spill, “I just know that Willow Village in Qing’an Province was where the brother went.”

“WHAT?” Old man Cheng was utterly shocked, but regained his composure quickly. He looked extremely disturbed with deep hatred in his eyes. It looked as though someone had ate his flesh and drank his blood.

After a while, when he could better control his emotion, he glanced at this second son and coolly asked, “You followed that bastard?”

“Dad, I just wanted to see where he went!” Cheng Bihua was a little embarrassed under his father’s sterm look.

Old man Cheng had a pretty good idea why he did what he did. Of course he knew what went through his mind, but he had no more emotion attachment with his older son, so he didn’t care if he was live or dead, so he didn’t comment any further.

Feeling relieved, Cheng Bihua smiled happily, “Dad, don’t you worry. The fact that there’s mythical spring at Willow Village had to be a lie. If it was there, I would have discovered it already!”

“You sure?” asked Old man Ning with a deep voice, looking at his well-spirited son.

Cheng Bihua reassured him, “Dad, don’t worry. I won’t lie to you. If there was a mythical well, I would have told you already. Words wouldn’t just be getting out now.”

While he was making this reassurance, little did he know that the mythical spring only appeared after he was gone and that when Old man Cheng found out the truth, he’d beaten him half to death.

Not getting the mythical spring was part of the reason, the other part was even this son had lied to him.

The Cheng’s located at the foothill of Mt. Wan’an had no idea that words have spread throughout the entire Dafeng and everybody was heading their way. Gradually, more and more visitors were arriving at the small town.

Innkeeper Zhu and his lot were always in the know of things; when they heard of this news, they were not only shocked, but also worried deeply. If everybody was here to fight for the mythical animals, how would they be able to stand a chance?

Thinking of that, Deacon Bai and the lot dare not waste any more time and rushed toward Willow Village again.

“What? The whole world knew already?” Cheng Xiao Xiao was so surprised she slipped and shouted out loudly.

What did she meant by “the whole world”?

This was the first time everybody else had heard of this term; but they could more or less figured out what she meant by that. Deacon Bai nodded, “Yes, Miss Cheng, I think you will be having quite a few visitors soon. I heard that the representatives from School of Divine Condor will also arriving in the next couple of days.”

“Thank you, I understand.” After the surprised, Cheng Xiao Xiao had returned to her old nonchalant self.

She was, indeed, surprised that she had caused such a ruckus. But it made sense, after all, what she had was well sought after.


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  1. Uh oh sounds like trouble. I think I would hide everything back in the dimension again until everyone is gone. And just say the well dried up and purchase ordinary animals to throw them off.

    1. Our MC is no coward! LOL. That being said, I do like the idea of purchasing ordinary animals to throw them off. :D

  2. IF she wasn't retarded she'd remove the well.

  3. If she wasn't a retard, she would never even have thought of exposing the well