Friday, April 26, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 4.2 - The Cleaver Levelled Up

“Yes, you go!” Qiu Luo has secretly decided that he would help Chen Yun earn this money. Then this little beauty would be so appreciative that she just might marry him… kekeke…

Out of the blue, Chen Yun asked, “By the way, how did you kill the gu diao today? You dissembled such a ginormous mysterious beast in such a short time. Do you know the dissembling spell of a dark mage?”

“This…” Qiu Luo felt a bit uneasy, “Would you believe me if I said I didn’t really understand how it happened?”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to share,” Chen Yun didn’t seem to be surprised by his response. Everybody has their own secrets, including herself!

The was a bit of awkward air and Qiu Luo changed the subject quickly, “Oh right, I haven’t seen you used yours sword yet. Can you give me a demonstration?”

As soon as they started talking about swords, Chen Yun woke up right away and unsheathed her sword with great earnest.

“I only know the most basic set of Cross choreography. Let me show you.” Under the bright moon, the handsome young girl stood proudly with her sword, her aura changed drastically!

The next moment, air in the empty field was stirred up by the sword. Even those it’s just the basic set, it was still very domineering – hack, chop, pick, and stab – all unreserved fatal moves.

Such domineering style played out by the petite and elegant Chen Yun gave an indescribable sense of beauty.

“Beautiful!” Qiu Luo clapped so hard that his palms were about to turn red. If Chen Yun was on earth, she could easy take out 18 men with no problem!

Judging by the time, the gu diao leg should be almost ready. Qiu Luo cleared away the remnants from the fire from above the pit. The originally moist ground was now cracked from the fire.

 A few chunks of steaming clumps of mud were dug out. Qiu Luo cracked the mud shields one by one and a saturating aroma of tasty meat filled the area.

Qiu Luo tore opened the tree leaves and exposed the golden brown tenderly cooked meat. Taking the dagger handed over to him by Chen Yun, he swiftly sliced the gu diao leg up into even slices.

Starving, Qiu Luo didn’t even care if it’d burn his tongue, he quickly picked up a piece of meat with the dagger and put it inside his mouth.

The perfectly cooked gu diao leg was tender and juicy, leaving a delectable taste in one’s mouth. This was impressive even to Qiu Luo, who had tasted many delicacies in his lifetime.

Right when Qiu Luo was asking Chen Yun to join him in the feasting, a female voice that he had heard previously rang inside his head!

“Beggar gu diao leg completed. Color: 3.5 points. Aroma: 4 points. Taste: 4.2 points. Inspiration: 3 points. Style: 3 points. Total: 17.7 points. Rating: Excellent!

“Experience gained: 177 points. System is now level 1. Current experience level: 77/500. Xuan Yuan cleaver’s detection radius increased to 5 meters. Special skill Cow-Dissembling Chef’s cool down time decreased to 22 hours (previously 24 hours). Another 19 hours 21 minutes 18 seconds before it can be activated again…”


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