Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 2.2 - Gu Diao

The man never made a noise the entire time. Qin Luo gripped his cleaver in rage. He had finally experienced what it was like to be a human here on the bottom of the food chain.

The sadness of losing a team member spread around the campsite. The gu diao let out a satisfying burp and continued to look for its next target.

Several seconds later, another man was tossed into the air and became the gu diao’s dinner.

All the veins popped out on Qin Luo’s forehead. He had never thought of himself as a zealous youth, but what was happening in front of him disturbed him greatly. He bit his lip so hard that it was about to bleed.

Should he just stay and watch his companions be eating one by one by this mysterious beast and not even have the courage to fight back?

Qin Luo, having this inner conversation with himself, did not notice the light golden glow that was now illuminating from the Xuan Yuan cleaver.

After swallowing four people, the gu diao’s stomach was already sticking out, but the greedy beast didn’t want to give up on his preys. Its vicious and sinister eyes continued to looked around until it finally locked onto where Qin Luo and Chen Yun was.

The gu diao’s huge claws were covered in thick calluses and it made no sound when it walked. Suddenly, light was gone in front of Qin Luo, and the moon above his head was blocked by the terrifying, giant figure.

Much like a rooster picking up a worm, the beak of the gu diao reached out and grabbed Chen Yun’s collar with lightning speed. The girl’s face was pale, her hand that was holding onto the sword shook for a second or so, and she finally let go of the sword.

The gu diao let out a proud cry and tossed the delicate girl into the air. A few clear tears fell from the corner of Chen Yun’s eyes and they sparkled under the moonlight.

Right when the gu diao was about the enjoy the sensation of a human slipping down its esophagus, a cleaver shimmering with cold lights chopped fiercely into its thick leg.

A roll of its eyes and the gu diao had discovered Qiu Luo by his feet. It was enraged. It gave up on Chen Yun altogether and started pecking down at Qiu Luo. The gu diao had decided to pecked this ant-like creature who dared to challenge him into minced meat!

Class F ingredient gu diao detected, would you like to activate Cow-Dissembling Chef?” a pleasant woman voice suddenly rang in Qiu Luo’s head.

Qin Luo, who was already blinded by anger, shouted out, “Activate!”

The giant beak with a foul stench stopped abruptly when it was just half a meter from Qin Luo’s head. The motified gu diao discovered that it could no longer move!

After the ability was activated, Qin Luo turned into a blur and danced around the giant body of the gu diao.

Qiu Luo discovered that he was in a zone, and that time felt as though it had slowed for him. Swing the Xuan Yuan cleaver spontaneously, he had bled, defeathered, and deboned the gu diao.

His movements were so smooth and natural it was as though he was merely prepping a chicken in the kitchen.

Within two seconds, the 7,000 – 8,000 jin gu diao had been turned into several heaps of meats and a pile of bones, stacking neatly on the ground.

Just when Qin Luo was standing high-spirited in the middle of the piles of meats, the falling Chen Yun landed right onto him…


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