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Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 10.2 - There's Something In The Water

“What’s not right?”
“There is some sort of a stench,” was what he said. He then asked, “Captain Wei,  please take your men into the woods and chopped down some trees, the bigger the better. The rest of you stay away from the river and take a break.”
Wei Xingshan took a quick look at Lin Shuo and he face was full of questions. He didn’t ask anything but just looked at Anne.
Anne didn’t even look at him before she said, “Don’t look at me, just follow Mr. Lin’s words.”
Wei Xingshan had no choice but to order his mercenaries to follow Lin Shuo’s instructions. The soldiers followed commands well, one by one they put down their bags, picked up their hand axes, and head into the woods.
The last one to leave was Wang Yong. Before he walked into the woods, he said with a smile, “Captain Wei, we didn’t get very well last night. The food wasn’t nutritious enough. Since this is Mr. Lin’s order, we will naturally carry out the heavy laborous task like logging, but can we going get some game meat at night?”
“You get the hell out of here!” scolded Wei Xingshan along with a switch kick to his butt, sending him into the woods. Then he picked up a hand axe himself and followed his men.
It was still a bit of time before noon. According to the current path, their destination was 5 kilometers from the other side of the river. So nobody was in any particular hurry. The mercenaries entered the woods to chop down trees, the rest of the crew sat down to rest a little bit from the river.
“Mr. Lin, why did you tell the crew to go chop down trees?” Liu Qing came over and asked.
“Just to be safe,” said Lin Shuo nonchalantly as he looked at the surface of the river.
“Can you be more specific?” After asking her question, Liu Qing elaborated, “You see, these kind of survival experience is very important for our profession. If you don’t mind sharing, it might save our lives some day.”
Lin Shuo looked up and glanced at the woman.
Short hair, wheat color skin. She was far from Anne’s attractiveness, but her features were fair and pleasing to the eyes. And she was good at articulating.
“There’s something in the water,” said Lin Shuo slowly as he looked down.
Everybody there turned a bit pale upon hearing his words.
“What is it?” asked Yang Ta.
“I don’t know yet,” said Lin Shuo as he shook his head, “But better safe than sorry.”
Everybody rested for about 2 hours before they heard noises from the woods. The mercenaries were back. The men were dedicated to their task, Lin Shuo said the bigger the better. Two in a team, the men carried back 7 Korean spruces. All the branches had already been cleaned off with just the trunk left. The diameter of the trunks were all above 30 centimeters.
Drenched completed and in the front was Wei Xingshan carrying the largest Korean spruce all by himself. Smacking it down in front of Lin Shuo, he asked, “Will, Mr. Lin, is this big enough?”
“It’ll have to do,” said Lin Shuo as he quickly looked up.
“Now what?” asked Wei Xingshan as he tried to catch his breath.
Liu Qing caught on and asked lightly, “Mr. Lin is going to reconstruct the bridge?”
“Mmm,” nodded Lin Shuo.
“But that will take so much time,” asked Liu Qing, baffled.
Lin Shuo frowned slightly, but before he said anything, Anne chimed in, “I think Mr. Lin intents for us to be able to plant our feet when we crossed the bridge, am I right?”
Lin Shuo was a bit surprised, he casted Anne a glance and nodded, “That is right, otherwise, whether we cross using the steel chains or zip wire, there’s no room to dodge. We will be like fish in barrels. And I wouldn’t be able to help any of you without being able to plant my feet.”
“Is it really that dangerous?” asked Liu Qing.
Lin Shuo slowly looked over everyone and said, “There’s a village 5 kilometers from here. Rationally speaking, this path should be heavily travelled and this bridge should not be so abandoned. Yet the bridge was completely rotted out and nobody attempted to fix it. Does that make sense to you?”
“That make sense,” Wei Xingshan seemed to have caught on, “It wasn’t that nobody was using this bridge because it was abandoned. It was because nobody dare take this path, so the bridge was abandoned.”
Lin Shuo casted him a glance, “How did you get enlightened all of a sudden?”
“Hah,” Wei Xingshan laughed dryly and did not bicker with him.
“I agree with Mr. Lin’s method,” old man He Zihong chimed in. “No matter want, fixed bridges and laying out paths are good deeds. Besides, we are going to use it more than once, we will have a return trip. Let’s do this together. Xiao Yang, why don’t you give Mr. Lin a head and measure the width of the bridge.”
“Yes, Professor,” replied Yang Ta before he proceeded to fishing out his tape measure.
With a cautious look, he yanked Yang Ta back with one swift move as he approached the bridge.


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