Friday, April 12, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 1.1 - Hi Beautiful, What's Your Name?

Inside the auditorium of Nan Xiang Polytechnic there were waves and waves of applauses. On the rostrum hung a banner that said “The 8th Annual Nan Xiang God of Cookery Championship”. An old man with a full head of white hair was handing the award to the newest Nan Xiang God of Cookery.

The old man handed the champion a thick-back cleaver with the characters “Xuan Yuan” engraved on it. Qin Luo proudly raised the cleaver about his hand and another round of applause erupted…

Another hour later, Qin Luo, carrying the cleaver with him, was on his way back to the dorm, humming as he walked.

“Hah, and they said this cleaver was used in Emperor Xuan Yuan’s royal kitchen. That’s too much, was it really necessary to make up a story like that?” As he waved the cleaver in his hand, the cold lights reflected from the blade of the cleaver looked like butterflies flying around his hand. A few startled female students screamed when they witnessed that.

Qin Luo laughed evilly in his heart. Even though the action looked very dangerous, any cooks with 1-2 years of experience could do it easily.

When he walked passed the soccer field by the dorm, a sudden event occurred!

A giant fireball dragging with it a long burning trail was falling in high speed along with loud thunderous noises.

All the students and instructors looked up at it. Even Qin Luo looked up and using one hand to shield the lights from his eyes.

“How odd, why would there be a shooting star in board daylight? I wonder if it’ll land on any unfortunate soul….” Qin Luo felt that something was going horribly wrong. Oh shit! Why do I feel that it’s coming towards me??

Right when Qin Luo was about to turn and run, it was already too late. The fireball landed squarely on him!

Along with a loud booming sound, a small mushroom cloud appeared above the soccer field.

After a long while, only after the smoke had dissipated, did a courageous instructor approached the center of the explosion. All he saw was a 7-8 meter deep hole created by the impact earlier, and the body of the student who was flaunting his cleaver just a moment earlier was gone entirely….


“Hey kiddo! Wake up, kiddo!” Qin Luo slowly opened his eyes and saw a gentle-looking old man with a full head of white hair rocking him back and forth.

“Didn’t I die?” Qin Luo still feel very groggy, “Is this heaven or hell. Oh god, I am so thirsty, can you at least give me my bowl of Meng Po Soup1 first?”

The old man wasn’t sure what to say that that, “Kiddo, why do you keep saying that you are dead at such a young age? You are at Mount Chongxi, and the sun is about to go down. If you didn’t wake up just in time, you would have turned into dinner of mysterious beasts!”

“Mysterious beasts?” Qin Luo’s eyes brightened and he sat up right away, “You mean I didn’t die? Just transmigrated?”

“Mister!” Qin Luo gripped the old man’s scrawny hands and, with stars in his eyes, asked, “We are not on earth, are we?”

The old man was baffled, “What’s earth? We are in Dongsheng continent, so, no, we are not on earth. Are you coming with me or not?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Let’s go!” Qin Luo stood up abruptly and an object fell on the ground with a clanking noise.

Qin Luo looked down and found himself looking at the Xuan Yuan cleaver.

The old man asked, “Is this…. your weapon?”

Qin Luo quickly picked it up and smiled at him, “No, this is my livelihood.”

The old man, with a bundle of fire wood in his arms, led the way through the woods and arrived at an open area.



1.            Meng Po soup – the legendary soup that one gets after one dies so you will forget everything that happened in your current life before you reincarnate into your next.


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  1. Hello, I saw this your new translation and went to NU to check the genre. I saw that it is mature. Can I ask whether it is mature because of violent scenes or not?