Friday, April 12, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 1.2 - Hi Beautiful, What's Your Name?

Parked along side was a few horse-drawn carriages full of cargoes and seven to eight tents of various sizes could be seen. They looked like a group of travelling merchants.

“Uncle Feng, you are back!” A young woman in plains clothes carrying a sword at her side came up to him and smiled, “And who is this?”

The young woman has red lips and white teeth, starry eyes and a pearl-like nose, much better than the standard looks that were products of plastic surgeries on earth.

Before the old man could say anything, Qin Luo’s eyes shone with lights. He rushed forward and grabbed the young woman’s small and delicate hands and said, “Hi, how are you. My name is Qin Luo. Uncle Feng picked… brought me back. What’s your name, my beautiful? Do you have a boyfriend?”

“ARGH!!” shrieked the young woman and Qin Luo was tossed away like a cannon ball…

After dark, campfires were started in the open area. Qin Luo sat next to the fire with bruises on his face. Next to him was the apologetic-looking girl with unusual strength.

From the earlier conversation, Qin Luo started to learn more about this world.

All sorts of powerful beasts ruled this plane of Gan Yuan and mankind were but a lowly lifeform that struggled to survive.

The landmass of Gan Yuan was divided into five continents: north, east, south, west, and central. Dongsheng (east) was ruled by the phoenix clan; Nanping (south) was ruled by the cthulhu clan; Ximeng (west) was ruled by the giant ape clan; Beiyao (north) was ruled by the dragon clan; and Zhongying (central) was ruled by the kunpeng1 clan.

Legend had it that in the abyss of the ocean surrounding the Gan Yuan landmass there were even more powerful beasts but those were all legends. There were no official records of any of them.

There were many other species that were in the same predicament as mankind, such as the dwarves, the fairies, the orcs, and the wingmen, etc.

Qin Luo was very worried after hearing all this. What had he done in his past life that he’d have to come to a place that’s ruled by mysterious beasts when he had the opportunity to transmigrate!

In all honesty, mankind on the Gan Yuan landmass was already quite powerful. Using the pretty young woman Chen Yun sitting next to him as an example, she was merely a level 1 swordsman. Never mind how skillful was her swordsmanship, her strength was at least five times that of Qin Luo’s.

She wasn’t used to physical contacts with men, hence the slight overreaction earlier…

The old man’s name was Feng Buping, the guide of the merchant group, and Chen Yun was the only hired mercenary.

“Come, come, come, try out my cooking!” said Uncle Feng as he bought over a plate of delicious smelling barbequed meat.

As a chef, Qin Luo wasn’t too interested in any kind of barbeque that required almost no skills. But his stomach was growling so now was not the time to be picky. After thanking Uncle Feng, he picked up a piece of meat that looked quite well done and took a big bite. Suddenly his face turned dark and he spit the piece of meat out.

Shit! This was way too salty! Uncle Feng, were a fish in the ocean in your previous life?

Uncle Feng and Chen Yun were happily devouring the meat next to him. As the starving Qin Luo debated whether he should try another piece, an eerie baby-crying sound came from the deep part of the dark forest!

The trees around them started rustling in the windless night. The swaying of the tree branches look like a ferocious beast that could make one tremble with fear. The crying sound came closer and closer, and one could almost make out a dark shape in the woods….



1.            A legendary giant fish that can transform into a giant bird.


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