Sunday, April 21, 2019

Transmigrating with a Cleaver ch 3.2 - But I Have A Boyfriend

It was a tough business. They would love to avenge their lost teammates too, but they’d need at least a level 4 mercenary to kill a gu dian. They weren’t able to afford the cost of one. They could only afford level 1 mercenary like Cheng Yun just to make them feel safer, and maybe to scare away a bandit or two.

Seeing that he couldn’t turn them down, Qiu Luo accepted the money. Chen Yun came over at this moment and asked, “Uncle Feng, what are we going to do with these meats, bones, and organs?”

Feng Buping thought about it for a second and said “Let’s load the feathers and the bones onto our carriages, we will be able to fetch a good price for them when we get back into town. We will then be able to split it with Xiao Luo. Let’s just toss the organs away. I will barbeque the meat in a bit and split them with everyone.”

“Let me take care of the gu diao leg. I will make a Beggars’ Gu Diao dish for everyone to try!” interjected Qiu Luo immediately, “Actually, I am a chef…”

The cooking style in this world was very simplistic. It’s either barbeque or hodgepodge. From Qui Luo’s perspective, that’s just a big waste of delicacies.

The merchant group didn’t a variety of spices, just coarse salt and dried red pepper, and some sort of spice that’s very similar to white pepper.

Luckily Qiu Luo wasn’t going for a recipe that required a lot of spices, he much prefer the meat’s original flavor.

Qiu Luo sliced the thick gu diao leg into several pieces before smearing salt and spice on top of the sliced surfaces, then he wrapped the meat with some large, wide leaves. Finally, he coated them with a thick layer of mud.

Everybody crowed around and watched at first but only Chen Yun was left after half an hour. That couldn’t be helped, Qiu Luo’s method was too complicated, everybody else had lost their attention span.

Chen Yun helped Qiu Luo dug a big hole in the ground and placed the gu diao meats inside evenly. They covered the hole back up with mud before starting a huge fire above it.

Everybody else in the camp had already gone to sleep. Chen Yun was the only one left yawning next to Qiu Luo.

“Why don’t you go get some sleep too. I will wake you up when the food is ready,” Qiu Luo felt bad seeing how tired she was.

“I don’t want to sleep, why don’t you chat with me?” Chen Yun tried to wake herself up.

Sure! We could chat. No problem there. Qiu Luo have always been a night owl since junior high school. He had set the record of pulling 3 months of all nighters at an internet café and going to school in the day time. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have ended up going to Nan Xiang for chef training…

“Okay, so what do you want to talk about?” Qiu Luo was never good at chatting with girls. Other than being thick skinned, he was not very good with chasing girls. In the words of his buddy, he was doomed to be single for life….

Chen Yun blushed, “You’ve asked me before if I have a boyfriend. I am telling you now, no, I don’t have a boyfriend…”

Qiu Luo beamed, “Really? You don’t have a boyfriend?”

Chen Yun abruptly looked up at Qiu Luo, her eyes sparkled like stars in the sky, “Really!”

Qiu Luo laughed, “That’s wonderful, but I have a boyfriend. Are you jealous?”



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