Sunday, April 7, 2019

TWQQF ch 47.2 - Each Has Their Own Plans

“Young master, it’s not just them. The few boys today will return too. You really need to work on your cultivation. Otherwise even the fly swatter won’t do you much good!”

Said Yuteng with a big smile. Speak of flies, Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but smiled herself. She never would have thought that a fly swatter could be used as a weapon, treating humans like they were flies. What’s even better was that once the fly swatter locked onto a target, there were no way for them to escape.

Of course, there were always limitations. If they were to run into any advanced level martial master or beyond, it would be much tougher for Cheng Xiao Xiao to swat them.

Everything must be backed by actual ability!

Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t say much more. She went over and sat under the crystal tree and started her meditation. Soon, she was surrounded by spiritual air.

Little Yuteng continued to swing her little legs on top of the crystal tree. Her crystal clear eyes watching over the dimension. Everything was natural and tranquil.

The Ning’s!

Ever since early evening, everybody was running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The young master had sustained severe injuries!

 When everything has settled down, it was nightfall. The whole family looked upset and ignore the two guests from Divine Condor. For the simple reasons that they were unscathed. The only one injured was Ning Xunzong.

When they have heard the entire story, all the outraged folks of the Ning’s quieted down. Nobody suggested to avenge right away.

Not only did they realize that they were the ones at fault; even if they weren’t, they also realized that they were no match to the Cheng’s.

Old man Ning looked like he had aged several years. It could have been a wonderful thing, but it had turned into a cluster. And these was all caused by his grandson. He couldn’t even go scold or strike someone.

Ko Yang felt very awful seeing the condition that old man Ning was in. After all, he was the one who started all this, now the young master were injured (even though he brought that upon himself), but he still didn’t want to see his master being so sad. He couldn’t help but say, “Master, let’s give up for now!”

“Give up?” Old man Ning smiled bitterly. “We’ve made a mess out of something good. But this is out of our hands now. The two in our guest quarter aren’t going to give up. They are going to relate the news back to those at Divine Condor!”

“Well….” Ko Yang knew what he said was true, there was nothing he could say.

“Aye, this was my mistake. I shouldn’t have let Zong’er acted impulsively. At least we had some relationship with the Cheng’s. Now…”

Old man Ning felt unsettled and continued to talk, “When those from Divine Condor came, we would have nothing to do with the Cheng’s anymore. We have just handed this great thing away!”

“Master, had young master not come back, we might still be able to purchase mythical animals from the Cheng’s, now…”

“Now we have severed all relationships with them!” Old man Ning finished the sentence for him. With a helpless look, “One misstep and we have ruined everything!”

While the two were talking, the two shi xiong di were writing in their own guest quarter. Not only were they recounting the incident at the Cheng’s to the instructors at Divine Condor, they were also writing to their own, respective family!

The night was quiet!

Innkeeper Zhu was worried sick for a day and a night. Those he was waiting for still hadn’t shown up. He gritted his teeth and with his lips closed he let out a strange shout.

This was a code. Not too long after that, a man in dark appeared in his room. After receiving his instructions, the man in black disappeared.

“Hopefully they can gather some news at the Cheng’s!” mumbled Innkeeper Zhu!


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    1. In this case I think it's also ridiculous arrogance and a sociopathic disregard for others. In our own society the greedy rise to the top because they are able to be greedy without directly stepping on others toes, but here the very concept of working together occurred only to the Ning's patriarch - not even including the protagonist herself.

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