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Hunters of the Forbidden Region ch 8.2 - Improper Discharge

The bear, on the other hand, stopped standing on two feet. It bent over and starting running away madly on all fours and disappeared quickly.
“Did they notice us?” asked Wei Xingshan gently.
“Perhaps,” replied Yang Ta sadly and put down the camcorder in his hand.
“Humans are the scariest animals of all,” said He Zihong as he shook his head. “Let’s keep moving forward.”
“Let’s take a different path,” said Lin Shuo, pointing to the east. “We will go this way and take a detour.”
“You mean the big guy we just saw? The bear?” frowned Wei Xingshan. “Didn’t it run away already? We can just keep going as normal. We have to cover 20 km of mountain road. With our current speed, we will get to our destination right before it gets dark. If we take a detour, we will have to camp out in the wilderness. It’s not safe.”
Lin Shuo lifted his eyes and glanced at Wei Xingshan, “You thought that bear was a big guy?”
“Oh?” Wei Xingshan was a bit confused, “What do you mean? A 4-meter bear is not considered as big?”
Lin Shuo didn’t bother explaining. He just took a look at the northwestern direction and said, “There’s a bigger one in that direction.”
Yang Ta adjusted his spectacles and said, “That’s not possible, the giant brown bears are the largest land-dwelling animals in the Outer Khingan region.”
The scholar seemed to have recalled something as he was saying that and added, “Granted, the target of this current operation notwithstanding.”
After saying that, Yang Ta paused for a second, looked over at the northwestern direction nervously and muttered to himself, “Can it be?”
“No, not him,” said Lin Shuo, shaking his head. “It would save us a lot of time if it is.”
“Liu Qing,” Wei Xingshan turned his head and looked at the vice captain of the mobile unit. “Take a look at the northwestern direction with the drone.”
“Yes, Sir!” Liu Qing placed her large backpack onto the ground and retrieved from it a square box.
Inside the box was the latest Russian military drone. It quickly lifted up into the air and slowly flew in the northwestern direction.
Images taken by the drone displayed on the portable monitor in Liu Qing’s hands.
Wei Xingshan arranged a few of them to stand alert and the remaining rested at their current locations. Everybody surrounded Liu Qing trying to take a peek at the monitor.
Displaying on the monitor, one could see all the lush vegetation of Outer Khingan. The verdant tree crowns formed a sea of dark green.
The green waves swayed with the gentle breeze sending beeping sounds through the monitor’s built-in speaker.
After 10 or so minutes, images on the monitor looks like they were from a nature documentary. There were no signs of this “big guy” that Lin Shuo was talking about.
After the drone had flew over wide river, Wei Xingshan couldn’t contain himself anymore. He turned and looked at Lin Shuo disgruntledly, “Mr. Lin, care to explain?”
Wei Xingshan wasn’t the only one, all the other mercenaries turned and looked at Lin Shuo as well.
Lin Shuo was unphased. He lifted his foot and started walking, “Believe it or not, I am going east. You can follow if you like, or just go your own way.”
“Lin Shuo! You wait right there!” Wei Xingshan quickly moved in front of Lin Shuo, blocking his way.
The giant took a step forward and stood immediately in front of Lin Shuo, “Lin Shuo. I have had enough of you! I am the mobile leader of this mission, I decide on which path we take. You must follow the team’s arrangement. This is no time for individualism!”
“Are you confused?” asked Lin Shuo nonchalantly.
“What do you mean?” shouted Wei Xingshan angrily.
“We’ve only just witnessed a tiger some 400 meters away and your crew couldn’t control their firearms,” said Lin Shuo as he looked around at the mercenaries. “If we ran into something they have never seen before, do you think they would be able to control themselves?
“We are surrounding by boulders and tree trunks, once they start shooting  uncontrollably, you think we could control where the ricochets go?
“Your people are not ready at all. If we run into something like that, how many do you think will survive?
“I am not responsible for their lives, but aren’t you?”
Lin Shuo’s words made Wei Xingshan paused in his way.
Lin Shuo didn’t want to waste more time with him. He walked around the giant and continued walking forward by himself.
“Who do you think you are talking about?” A mercenary under Wei Xingshan jumped out before he could respond and blocked Lin Shuo’s way.
This mercenary pulled out a crossbow from behind him, pointed it at Lin Shuo’s head, and said fiercely, “You are right, I can’t control my own hand, you want to see?”
“Wang Yong!” Wei Xingshan looked very concerned at the unfolding event and shouted loudly, “Are you seriously pointing a weapon at one of our own? Have you lost your mind?”
“Captain Wei, you stay out of this one. This guy is way too arrogant. You are the captain so you couldn’t do anything to him. I don’t want to enable him more.” After saying that to Wei Xingshan, the mercenary by the name of Wang Xong turned and look at Lin Shuo in a provocative manner, “Sure, you are quite capable, I will give you that.
“Back in China we didn’t have our weapons, I put up with your arrogance. But now we are armed! I suggest you watch your own when you talk to us. You say I can’t control my own firearm? Let me tell you, if I can’t control my firearm, you will be the first one I shoot!
“So you think you are all that? But can you stop a bullet?”
“Wang Yong! Put down the crossbow!” shouted Wei Xingshan.
Wang Yong smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, Captain Wei. I know what I am doing.”
“No you don’t!” Shouted Wei Xingshan as he sidestepped in front of Lin Shuo, “How long have you been a solider? You don’t fool around like this!”
While they were talking, all of a sudden Wang Yong turned pale, “Oh my god! Watch out, Captain Wei!”
Way before he said that, an arrow had shot out from the crossbow.
Nobody knew whether it was from mechanical error, or that Wang Yong’s hand shook from nervousness of yelled at by Wei Xingshan but the German crossbow discharged!
An arrow from this crossbow is much stronger than a bullet from a handgun and ranges up to 200 meters. At this distance, once it’s discharged, it will kill for certain!

Wei Xingshan turned completely pale. Slowly he looked down at his own chest.


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