Wednesday, April 10, 2019

TWQQF ch 49.1 - The News Leaked

“Xiao Xiao, we heard you are becoming more and more capable!”

Zhou niangzhi teased, then turned to look at Zhen niangzhi, smiling, “Zhen niangzhi, I heard your Danhang was here to help out today eh?”

“Yeah, that kid. I have no idea why he wanted to come help out. But since he volunteered, I have no reason to stop him!” replied Zhen niangzhi was a smile, while looking at Cheng Xiao Xiao up and down. She was quite happy with her.

How could she not know what was going on in her son’s mind. Even though she hasn’t seen Cheng Xiao Xiao a lot, but she knew she’s a fair maiden. In the past three years, everybody had a pretty good idea what kind of family the Cheng’s were. But they also understand that most families didn’t really measure up to them.

Not to mention that the girl in front of her was as pretty as a flower, with a distinguished air of elegance. If her son could score her, it’d definitely be a good deal for him.

All the women had a pretty good idea what was going on. Mrs. Cheng seemed a bit uneasy. Certainly she wanted her daughter to find a husband, but she’s from a higher class family; for now she was not interested in a family like that of Zhen niangzhi’s, where they couldn’t even provide three meals a day on a regular basis.

But since they never really brought up the subject, she couldn’t really turn anything down This was Cheng Xiao Xiao’s second time round, she could tell what was going on in Zhen niangzhi’s mind. Looking at her own mother, she said, “Mom, why don’t you go chat with the other dainiang in the courtyard? I’ll be back after I picked some vegetables!”

“Okay, we will let you be!” said Mrs. Cheng, then to the village women next to her, “Zhou niangzhi, Zhen niangzhi, why don’t you follow me?”

“Okay, let’s go to your place!” said Zhou niangzhi with a smile.

Zhen niangzhi was just about to start walking before she stopped and said to Cheng Xiao Xiao, “Xiao Xiao, don’t take too long. Come and chat with us soon!”

“Okay!’ said Cheng Xiao Xiao with a smile.

While it was bustling inside and outside of the Cheng’s, inside the Ning’s in town was quite the opposite. Inside one of the quarters, Ning Xunzong was in a discussion with his two shi xiong while lying in bed.

Shi xiong Zhou, is that true?” Ning Xunzong’s eyes beamed. He looked a bit pale, but there was joy could be seen between his brows

“Of course it’s true, would I lie to you?” replied Shi xiong Zhou a bit impatiently.

Shi di Ning, don’t worry. We all got the message. School of Divine Condor will be sending their representatives When they got here, we will explain to them the situation of the Cheng’s!” Shi xiong Gu laughed coldly.

With their recent defeat at the Cheng’s, they were dying to get even. Nevertheless, they dared not take any actions right now since they weren’t a match to the Cheng’s. All they could do was to wait for backup.

Thinking about the Cheng’s made Ning Xunxong felt painful all over. Granted, he was literally in pain all over. Thick hatred beamed out of his eyes, through gritted teeth he said, “When the envoys from School of Divine Condor got here, the Cheng’s will wish they were dead. Especially that scoundrel Cheng Xiao Xiao, I am going to smash her into minced meat. That’s the only way to retaliate!”

“You are right! We can’t let her off easily!” Recalling she had also smacked him with the fly swatter, his tone was murderous.

The other one also have murderous intent oozing out of him. Deadly air fill the entire room.

Contrasting their murderous intent, Innkeeper Zhu was hysterical and perturbed. By now he was curtained that the two deacons plus the man he sent last night had all been killed by the Cheng’s.


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  1. Hoping those idiots from the school get what they deserve soon, and hopefully it won't be a small punishment. Best if they never appear again, really annoying how they picked the fight, got the beating the deserved, yet believe they were treated unjustly.

  2. Somehow...i can see this idiots make them even more stupid...dealing on one family with entire clan and faction....sigh